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Sacred Mountain Circassians in danger.

June 27 at the Department of Natural Resources of Krasnodar Region will meet the state environmental review committee for the project "Adjustment of boundaries, area and zoning a protected natural area" ..

Monday, June 27, the Department of Natural Resources of Krasnodar Region will hold a meeting Commission state ecological expertise of the project "Adjustment of boundaries, area and zoning a protected natural area of regional significance", the Sober-bash. "

I was able to read those documents. It was found that changing the zoning of the monument of nature is necessary in order to build on the mountain ski resort Sober: about a third of the territory of the monument, including the top with a unique meadow vegetation, proposed to move into a zone of "intensive recreation." In this area you can cut wood and build capital facilities. Now, in accordance with a valid passport natural monument, is strictly prohibited.

no justification for the selection of the "zone of intensive recreation" project does not contain, although they are clear and are based on a particular commercial interest.

Customer "border adjustment" is registered in OJSC "Company ski resorts" with an authorized capital of 100 thousand rubles. As partners in the construction company listed on the site of administration of Krasnodar Territory and the Seversky district, which is a monument to nature. Also among the partners belonging to the administration of Kuban "Krayinvestbank", which is controlled by him through "Kuban finance company" until February 2007 owned half of the shares of "Company of ski resorts." Now all the company shares owned by certain Dmitry Hamsters, which is its CEO.

August 4, 2010 at the investment forum in Sochi Hamsters made with the governor of Kuban Alexander Tkachev and head of the administration Seversky district Vladimir Musatov agreement of intent of the investment project - ski resort on Mount Sober-bash. According to the Khomyakov, private investment in the project will total about 1 billion rubles.

However, based on design and content of the website, she had no money, and bring them under deliberately unprofitable project in real-world investors would be impossible. Therefore, it is expected that it will be the sole investor in the same "Krayinvestbank" belonging to the administration of Krasnodar region. The unique nature monument will be destroyed only in order to plunder the budget money.

developments around the project of the resort on the mountain Sober-bash confirms this scenario. Otherwise it is impossible to explain the fact that the hastily concocted were made available at the state ecological expertise is not authorized by a public authority, but from a commercial entity. In other words, the businessman Dmitry Hamsters himself ordered the changes in boundaries and mode of the monument of nature, which he needs for his development of land and soon they will be approved by the Governor. A draft decree Alexander Tkachev also included in the package of documents submitted for examination.

Mountain Sober-bash height of 736 meters is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the vicinity of Krasnodar with unique flora and fauna. According to many historians, the mountain was a prominent religious significance among Circassians who lived in her neighborhood. In 1983, the Sober-bash mountain complex declared a nature sanctuary, which prohibits the construction and felling.

Environmental Watch on North Caucasus, considers unacceptable the practice of changing the borders and the regime of the protected areas of Krasnodar Region to implement the dubious and corrupt projects. We're going to organize public protests against the construction of private nature sanctuary Sober-bash. The results of the state ecological expertise and the names of all expert opinion signatories will be published, as was done in the case of the controversial road to expertise Utrish.

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