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How to arrange the children's room?.

Interior children's room is of great importance for the development of the child.

So, dear parents, come to this issue seriously

Razlozhim everything is provided

Keep in mind that the room should not be overloaded with furniture. Furniture for children should be especially safe, that is virtually devoid of sharp corners.

Classic version sets children's furniture - desk, a wardrobe, a chest of drawers with drawers, shelves or racks. Shelves are very convenient in the sense that they take up little space, but have large capacity. There may be books, and toys.

modern child needs a modern table with a stand for the monitor and your desktop computer. Under the lid table desirable retractable shelf for the keyboard.

ready sets in the store will cost you 20 - 28 thousand rubles. You can, of course, to invite the designer. He would draft a Children's Corner, taking into account all the wishes of your child. For his work would have to pay from 500 to 1000 rubles. The next step - march in a furniture shop, which makes furniture to order. Luckily, in the Stavropol any surplus.

Given the cost of consumables kit children's furniture (no beds), made to order, will not be too different from the value of furniture bought in a store.

Approximately 30 thousand rubles. But these cabinets will not be none.

scientists - light

homework, reading, painting - all of these cases can be delayed until the evening. Decide where your child will deal with it. Well, if a child has his job. Your task - make maximum use of natural lighting. Therefore, it is put near the window. And keep in mind that the light on the working surface should fall on the left side and front. The light falling behind and to the right, will result in the child's eyes will be tired - eyes can quickly has been corrupted.

If a child is engaged in the evenings, be sure to switch the desk lamp.

prices for them in the Stavropol shops ranging from 200 (for the most simple) to 800 rubles. How much is a stylish lamp with a flexible stem.

Very convenient portable lamp-ÐÒÉÝÅÐËÉ cost from 150 to 300 rubles.

Spim correctly

During the day the child spends a lot more energy than his mom or dad. After all, baby does not want to sit idle. All the while he was awake, he learns something, experimenting, and then just run and jump. That is why it is important that the child is well vyspalsya night.

bed can be purchased at the store, and can be ordered. Many stavropolskie furniture stores offer this service. However, for the exclusive to add rublikov ÜÔÁË 700-800. A few days bed for your baby will be ready. During this time you can ÐÒÉËÕÐÉÔ� mattress. High-quality spring mattresses for cots are 2000 - 2800 rubles. As a result of the ready-to-use product you will have to put up to 6 thousand rubles.

If there is a possibility - purchase orthopedic mattress. Inside, he nachinen vzbitoy latex weight (she looks like a chocolate sponge). At a mattress your child will not only be excellent vysypatsya good rest will be provided each muscle. True, it is a pleasure from 8 to ... 30 thousand rubles. But the life of their 15-20 years. A good head for the same orthopedic pads, which cost from 1800 to 3000 rubles.

All the attention - to detail

how well nor been equipped children's room, the mood it creates many lovely trinkets. Let your child on the bed lay a few pads. They are, incidentally, to sew together the forces of any mom. Just try to form they were funny. For example, the sun, a fish or a flower. The walls of the room (until the child is not yet up to the manic doros paste their posters with images of idols) Decorate with bright images. It will suit those who drew the child. Do not forget about colors, just place them higher, for example, on the upper shelves. In such a situation, you probably will grow bright and creative personality.


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