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11letny student found the graves of 48 soldiers missing bezvesti WWII.

Three years 11 year-old Sasha Ozerov restored historic justice.
It all started with the fact that the father and son from the village Dinskoy Krasnodar looked for their loved ones who died during World War II.

- I'm missing both of his great-grandfather, - says Vladimir Ozerov senior search engine. - On the Internet, came across a website, where you can find out about the fate of many warriors. My whole family glued to the computer monitor and carried away by the search. And they found the same! One is buried in the Rostov region, and another - in the Kuban.

few years ago, Ozerov lawyer to work came to the village Pervorechenskoe, taking with him his son Sasha. The boy was bored, waiting for his father, he went for a walk in the park, where there is a war memorial. Returned the boy to upset feelings.

- Dad, there are buried 149 soldiers, - the child. - A name is written only 14. All of a sudden they start looking for his children and grandchildren, but not listed?

From this day have been added Ozerov hard work. We took a list of names, which is stamped on the plate at the monument to the Liberator Soldier, calculated on him about the battles fought in the February 7, 1943 in the village.

- We were able to raise three very important documents - reports of losses ninth Division, which was part of the 46th Army, commanded by Colonel Evstigneev, - said Vladimir.

Looking schoolboy helped teacher Irina Babkin and veteran Michael Snesarev to three years, carefully studied the history, raised the archives.

- In this work, Sasha won first place at the school of scientific-practical conference - said class teacher. - A boy fascinated by the military theme.

- We have sent a request to Moscow. After inspection and confirmation found the names of fallen soldiers will immortalized, - the head of a rural settlement Pervorechenskogo Anatoly Glovatsky.

names 48 heroes have been found. The boy hopes that they will appear on the memorial. He's going to find out about the other and 87 soldiers.

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