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Congratulations to the poems and sms on the day of the physician.

The third Sunday in June is a date on which the recall if not all, very many. On this day the country celebrates the health worker. There is no person who would not come across in my life to medicine ..

Third Sunday in June is a date on which the recall if not all, very many. On this day the country celebrates the health worker. There is no person who would not come across in my life to medicine. After all, everyone wants to live a long active life, and this should prevent the occurrence of the disease or treatment, if it has already appeared. Health care providers that people trust the most valuable thing they have - it's their health and their loved ones, and that requires physicians to current knowledge, dedication and high best human qualities. Health Professionals' Day is a celebration not only doctors, but medical assistants, nurses, paramedical staff, as any modern device is no substitute for thoughtful and careful attention to the patient. The specificity of this festival is that many of the doctors will celebrate his workplace, treating patients. Established Day of Medical Worker Decree of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR in 1980 "On public holidays and commemorative days."

Medicine tried so hard,

Before ripens,

What the doctor hopes

There is no longer the same as before.

If Doc can not heal,

That computer will help us,

Diagnostics us

Now it will be - the upper class!

Happy physician you

patient wishes,

you who exploits

daily commits

you save us,

from diseases and misfortunes,

and useful profession,

Probably not,

you sleepless nights,

C patients were,

Let gratitude,

and happiness,

Always and everywhere you find it.

Let prestigious work today

stayed in the past, the prestige

But attention not hurt

Day Medica - himself a doctor but ...

work all'm not interrupting

So, celebrates conditionally

in the fight for our lives standing up

give yourself all the polls!

When suddenly become hard

... and so, alas - it is often

chase away evil hands

Can he and it is happy!

Medical practice today

celebrates his feast day,

And this specifically recall

Absolutely everything is not laziness.

poem written and voiced,

left and fill the glass,

Let us in this celebration we

Just what everyone wanted.

People in white coats

your place in the wards

where patients suffer

And without you dying.

and call you back

where disaster struck:

В«Come quickly -

Death standing at the door! "

Health providers, we congratulate,

be loved they wish.

paramedic in glorious day,

Medical away - poem!

People in white coats

Today profession

holiday with you,

Happy Medic you

South Russian wishes,

Let the work brings

you joy and laughter,

Let all your patients

will be grateful to you

and let you heal,

Can anyone

You people are saints,

good to you, reward,

kowtow to you,

you guys on a holiday!

Healers and doctors

Celebrate until dawn,

We wish you wage

and comfortable "house"

Colleagues cheerful, good-natured,

And patients are not anemic

Less yelling and cursing

and vociferous proceedings

robe change 2 times a year,

on backpack and hike!

Medical practice today

Its great to celebrate a holiday,

our poem - the most complete,

We want different gifts,

Let your calling in life

brings you only joy and laughter,

will serve you well your knowledge

And destiny will bring success.

Who gave the Hippocratic oath?

everyone more to pay,

patients and less need

team so be friendly!

his health did not drop,

X-rays more often being drawn up,

injections do not hurt

patient to go happy.

Do not drink too much alcohol,

And then punished so severely,

Let the work is not rude,

Catch a grateful glance.

congratulate those who serve Hippocrates

about them today to say we are happy.

for them and toast and a glass of wine

giving life, health, all in full.

your work is respected people.

And really need something like at any time of year!

you - those who knock us the temperature.

we will issue a special potion.

interest to the work you do not lose it!

work, so less tired!

luck, the mood at 5!

stayut Doctors do not, they are born,

Calling doctors - not to despair of the sick,

diagnose illness, heal the sick -

All of this requires effort difficult.

We all physicians, we are grateful,

Welcome let win insidiously,

Let light be every day

Health to you and let them go away migraine.

the day let the sun shine Medica,

Let sadness, melancholy, like the morning mist will melt

May the joy you give to friends,

success proud the whole family.

Congratulations to all today

Doctors, nurses and those

Whose work - to treat, save,

Who is always ready to help.

noble their work, tough.

those who walked this path,

I sincerely wish we want:

lot of happiness, love and strength!

Let the good life will always

generous gifts on the fate!

Let a smile, joyous laughter

Surround always and all!

you heal us of disease,

But even more useful for all

prevention, so suddenly

not twisted any disease.

We have to dream

in the hands of you not to fall,

But this respect,

Because we know exactly:

health suddenly a problem -

help you always!

You give all the attention

to improve the condition,

pluck us from the clutches of the disease.

no profession more wonderful,

humane and necessary,

What the medical profession,

medical orderlies, nurses,

to help people who fast

And, saving the lives of people

forgets about his!

We want to physician's Day

all who are dear and beloved,

wish happiness in life,

Never lose heart,

believe in the accuracy of the hands and knowledge

Do not be afraid of beginnings!

Who lives we make it easier,

All wounds heal?

Whose noble work

We love publicly?

ur three times

doctor and nurse,


everyone - young and old!

Yelling is the reason -

Viva medicine!

Today is your holiday

Big and beautiful!

Patients will not harmful,

luck noticeable,

wish with love

Himself to you - your health!

Who gave the Hippocratic Oath

And all my life faithful to her holy,

who without vows, loving people

help them hurry hurry,

ease the pain, suffering -

All words worthy confession

Our sincere love

for their efforts.

no noble pursuit,

more people return to health.

And today I congratulate you

Since I particularly love.

Human life you keep

And you want me to wish

that the angel of your bank guardian

And do not give you good cheer.

Great wish you wage

and even more patience,

white doctor's gown To

you wore no regrets!

before you we remove their hats,

you all who gave the oath of once.

you our doctors, Aesculapius,

you so we need all the guys.

Saved many lives, we do.

Praise doctors, praise and honor.

Happy medicine Congratulations

Thank God that you are!

Fewer patients you wish

Himself to you too - do not get ill.

Happy medicine Congratulations

We appreciate you, you should know.

our health you should be grateful

During the warm care and such care,

After all, your approach to our amazing

makes us get better faster.

Today we heartily congratulate you -

nurses, assistants, doctors!

Happy physician solemn word

pronounced today at the table,

Gifts & ready

And we only expect only culprits.

All medicine on your shoulders

I do not lay a tough year,

Let it shortly for you the happiness

With love and luck will come to hand.

Someone tooth, and some liver

Someone's grandfather, someone's son,

It heals the body and soul

Medicine, Medicine.

intravenously, orally -

We can help - just know it.

date with professional

Congratulations, congratulations!

wish a hundred years

bloom - not hurt!

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