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Happy paramedic - SMS greetings in verse.

Special offer daily health care worker - in this section you will find the universal, and sometimes humorous and funny sms greetings Happy physician for dentists, written in verse, but there are in prose. .

«Hollywood smile"

Hollywood smile -

is everyone's dream!

He is a musician on the violin

you can easily sculpt

And smile as dreaming.

Insert the seal? No problem!

We always knew this -

Work it needs so much to all!

Who is it? Dentist!

this - a professional!

Work it - is not simple and subtle

Finally the day arrived,

When can we congratulate

With his personal holiday

wishes to add:

Only the best!

«You are - a professional dentist!"

How many professions are in the world!

You Work - physician's office.

Do not ENT, not an ophthalmologist, not a rheumatologist,

you - a professional dentist!

today - your holiday, I wish you

In work - good luck, peace - in the shower

And those who come to you as a torture

I wish to withdraw from the snow-white smile!

«dentists from us - Hooray!"

What is more important in our world -

shine teeth - three, four!

toothache relieve us at once,

congratulate dentists now!

you master a drill,

She saws without gasoline

and sees the root of you always,

dentists from us - Hooray!

«Will only dentist"

When patience runs out,

And zagryzet toothache

Will only dentist

His title role here!

bow to Thee for deliverance,

health, strength and love,

love for the unfortunate patients,

to heal them!

«You are the dentist - the highest class!"

you dentist - the highest class!

I congratulate you today,

relieve from the pain at times!

you just love the patients.

In your day I want to wish

to health was the golden

well patients accept,

Well, let the bad go to the other!

«Professional Dentist"

calm, listen, understand

Can any good psychologist,

But these same qualities of a

each professional dentist.

your professional holiday today,

good health because I want to wish

And you and your long-suffering patients,

Also, happiness, success and problems do not know!

«My friend, received congratulations!"

girlfriend, received congratulations!

Your dentist day has come!

You're the best doctor, and this is without a doubt,

Teeth lechish as "excellent", not "good"!

I wish you be always happy,

Good health, good luck and heat

Longer stay sweet and beautiful

order in your life was not evil.

«Do not run out of strength and health"

Do not run out of strength and health

for life so that has always been a long way to go!

congratulate our glorious Dentists

will not let them work all of you!

To get paid for idleness,

I wish all of life zubnikam!

with us to the teeth firmly ill,

We went just to visit you!

«Living in the love and passion!"

Anyone who treats his teeth to us -

thanks you for everything!

We wish you a good,

And could

World, the sun wish

And, of course, happiness!

Never lose heart,

live in love and passion!

«you - a good doctor, you - Dentist"

you - a good doctor, you - dentist

to your patients happy to go

Although the type of forest machines and needles

terrible, but nothing can be done here.

Today - Your holiday wish

catch the tail lucky star,

Smiles patients, good luck without an edge,

I hope you will not soon'll get to! :)

«Your parents frighten children"

your parents scare children,

And adults, too, you are afraid

But if the tooth hurts, then everyone knows

What you need to hurry to a dentist appointment.

You put the seal and the drill channels

fight tooth decay and remove the nerve,

And yet people their teeth roads

You will always work, dear dentists!

«dentist for the machine"

rustled drill -

dentist for the machine,

bleach teeth he strongly

them and heal though!

dentist wish

We health and good

happy holiday to you our congratulations!

Happiness, peace and warmth!

«I will go better in the Nude"

Although I have long grown up and already,

But you, doctors, dentists, I'm afraid.

I'll go better in the negligee,

What in your chair stranded!

But if the tooth had an accident,

All of you are running well, except for masochists!

I wish you health and happiness

And congratulations on the Day of the dentist!

«Favorite Grandma, on the occasion of you!"

Favorite Grandma, on the occasion of your

today congratulates our entire family!

You're the best in the world lechish teeth

Happy dentist! We love you!

«I'm in your work good luck"

for teeth need special care,

Who spits on it, what bad luck!

Him to meet you, your teeth drilled,

nerve removed from the wild pain of walking.

in your work I wish you good luck,

To have only solvable problems.

still wish health and success,

And Happy dentist Congratulations!

«Let the party you bypass the bad weather"

you - Dentist. Your noble work

I want to exalt today.

sound Let this opus free

How to thank "the dentist" doctor.

let you bypass the side of bad weather,

But success will not go away ever.

If tears, only joy,

A smile always wish!

«You dream of a nightmare"

you are afraid. You dream into a nightmare.

Tools - instruments of torture.

But running to you when it is not enough

tied to the door handle of thread.

you to go for an escape from pain,

nature Correction of errors.

you - not the creator of screams and blood,

A happy, healthy smiles.

«We are all living on tooth try"

We are all living on tooth try,

But sometimes he gets sick!

We run with him immediately to the dentist

To order a tooth that has been returned!

Today I am a dental doctor

holiday with a smile will come!

with wine, flowers, delicious cake,

congratulate you and love you!

«Let the path of life will be long"

Let your holy Apollonia

Dust protection their own,

hand was always that easy,

Diamond has skills!

Let the path of life is long,

And it will warm your February

Hello forever, dentist,

you to gold - not steel!

«Day of the dentist is already here"

This horror from childhood familiar to us,

ugly sound of drills and throat lump,

But tooth ache and had nowhere to go,

Just go to the dentist to give up.

dentist Day has arrived

And in this holiday I want to wish

your client about tooth decay did not know

And you could work on the rest!

«Dentists want"

Dentists desire

To clients were many,

congratulate you today,

Happiness in life on the go!

you continue to give to

us healthy smile

always live happily

And make no mistake!

«you - the world's best dentist!"

you - the world's best dentist!

your day today, a dentist!

In your office you do not hear crying,

Because you're a great psychologist!

People come to you as a torture

And when they leave, thank you!

you give the world new smile

Patients are giving your sweet look!

«Life nemila, if the tooth hurts!"

you - Dentist. Profession, this

all over himself every day says:

Know and adults, and children know -

Life nemila, if the tooth hurts!

Only a dentist can fix all -

Will smile whiter than snow,

us He is able to relieve the pain,

happy to once again become a man!

«Teeth lechish you from morning to night"

Teeth lechish you from morning to night,

Even adults are afraid of you very much,

Sound forest machines and sharp needles,

Such is the job you have - Dentist!

Today you are your holiday notes

Day dentist. I congratulate!

I want to work and life success

happiness, health, fun-filled laughter!

«When the chair towards you prisyadesh"

When the chair towards you prisyadesh,

Like the slaughter;

But with a smile, dentist

alleviate the suffering!

to talk to you teeth

profession is empty!

Be happy, healthy,

And cute, adorable you are!

«If the teeth are sick"

If teeth are sick -

That's not nice nothing

order not to drink, so no eating -

Nothing helped.

Only a dentist can

us to deliver the pain,

Because health is not expensive

will praise Him!

«Your work is extremely accurate and jewelry"

your work and jewelry are extremely accurate,

you more likely to say "goodbye" rather than "goodbye."

you people do not like, but it's not your fault -

you are giving relief through suffering.

in your office often moan and scream

But all of you keeps on giving,

Because nobody, except the dentist

aching tooth fails, everyone knows it!

Congratulations, you! Happy dentist!

«I congratulate you on the Day of the dentist!"

you - a nightmare for adults and children!

not meet your patients happy,

But I know there is a good man,

I congratulate you on the Day of the dentist!

I wish that you go from patients

smile of happiness lit up all around,

Let your life be the best moments

will be a pleasant and boron-car sound!

«Happy holiday, a dentist!"

tolerated very often

usually meet with you.

When not saving and paste

Go to diseased teeth.

successfully you treat teeth,

After you their age will be long,

you give happy smiles,

happy holiday to you, your dentist!

«Favorite Mom, on the occasion of you!"

Favorite Mom, on the occasion of your

today congratulates our entire family!

You're the best in the world lechish teeth

Happy dentist! We love you!

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