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Congratulations to the nurses on the day of paramedic!.

Day of the nurse, yes indeed, the day is also a feast for the medical nurses - the world's a holiday for all nurses working worldwide in clinics, hospitals, pharmacies and hospitals! In Russia this holiday is celebrated since 1993 ..

On this day, all the nurses happy to receive from their loved ones, relatives and friends of SMS greetings with their professional holiday - Day of the nurse.

В«On the day the nurse"

the day nurse

sincerely congratulate you!

As you nice and kind,

All wards know.

Be happy always

you less complex work,

Recreation - at least sometimes!

And forget about the worries.

В«Happy Nurse!"

Happy Nurse I congratulate you -

And in this day of soul desire,

that for patients with mental remained,

irreplaceable, always modern,

To work you brought

joy, your strength economized,

to night shifts - assured,

A decent pay for work!

В«My beloved sister"

My beloved sister,

you today to congratulate,

You're not just a nurse,

You - in the best, I know.

Any deal on the shoulder,

Patients heal glance

Health want to wish -

for happiness no longer needed.

В«bright face, sharp tongue"

bright face, sharp tongue,

golden hands!

all the beauties of nurses

we are celebrating today!

on your holiday you honor,

Good health!

wind will bring happiness

With faith and love!

В«For the nurses'

All care for patients

at you lie down,

in your credentials

with the disease to fight.

wish we won

and patients - a little bit.

let you luck light

illuminate the road!

В«Labor Nurse is worthy of praise"

Labor nurses deserve praise

When you're ill and sad

As bees are good-natured -

you smile and give to drink tea,

And if you want - make a shot,

and put an IV in time.

appreciate today nurses

They work great, we want to celebrate!

В«For the nurses'

Let nurses tender

red sun is shining!

Let there be light hand,

beauty and happiness forever!

let you a glass of

for all medical people!

Patients - healthy steel

And there were no storms and troubles!

В«Nurse - my girlfriend"

Nurse - my friend

You and each other

We help each other,

long have know each other,

your labor, the good and hearty,

earned the most, of course,

warm words of love house

and a decent salary.


I was lucky - my sister

In our hospital, a nurse,

Prick supply if necessary

Always glad to help with advice,

You are constantly on duty,

and tirelessly helping

his patients recover

and brightens their faces!

В«You are doing a good deed"

You are doing a good deed,

It needs patient care -

Prick thou shalt set skillfully

With you health will come,

patient only trust you,

alarm button presses -

he believes and if he knows

nurse will come and save you!

В«Y formidable bastions of Sevastopol"

have formidable bastions of Sevastopol

born mercy in action

There the name of "Dasha" was named in a low whisper,

Native nurse!

How much suffering eased the wounded,

only fulfilling the call of his soul,

Greetings to you all, love the cross marked,

the celebration of Mercy tops!

В«Medical little sister"

Medical nurse

incendiary, like a match.

You - fantasy men.

from inside of you are eager.

At the same time for patients

You holier than all the saints.

Angel on Earth

So be happy in two ways.

В«You, nurses in white robe"

You, nurses in white robe

Rezvov doe to the patient in a hurry:

As health to forget about problems

you decide to challenge for the patient.

the day I'll wish for nurses

more healthy and less patients

Work your always let people worship,

You're working for them!

В«Be happy, beautiful!"

Who makes the injections,

Who from night to morning

calm and cheerful?

course, nurse!

who always positives

will please the sick?

Be happy, beautiful,

Be sun for them!

В«The work is not for weak nerves"

work is not for weak nerves

And not for your fragile shoulders

against the disease - among the first,

Of course, the nurses it!

loyal assistant doctors

For quite a small salary,

you bright and beautiful days

Keeping sufferers in the wards!

В«Happy holiday, dear sister!"

On operations are quick and skillful,

strict, harsh in his post,

Like angels in their robes of white,

May God multiply your beauty!

Happy holiday, dear sister!

let fate brings happiness to you

Always a smile on so little face,

Good and families and homes!


syringe and drip too ...

you in the eye is always sharp,

help us recover

Only a super-nurse.

I want you to work

only wish every success,

sometimes forget worries

And nice vacation!

В«My friend, a nurse"

My girlfriend, a nurse,

And if someone gets sick,

prick put me she

Always measure the pressure,

describe that and where it hurts,

symptoms at once determine

refer to the appropriate doctor

Thank you I want to say.

В«A nurse from God"

Happy nurse you, sister!

you can be, and nevelichka,

But if there are a number of patients,

You lechish their beautiful eyes.

and let the rest of this opinion

Heat will give people a lot.

And let them say about you -

Here is a nurse from God!

В«I would like to wish health,"

My friend, a nurse

I wish health,

To always lucky you

and more people to help,

Worthy - only one, believe me,

who helps people to himself,

is poor now,

Let rewarded for!

В«Patients are always our help"

always help their patients,

To help them come at once:

And perevyazhesh, and lay,

words of support they can find.

you through the wards like a bird

fly. A whole day at work.

Healthy Well whether she, sister!

light and happiness to you!

В«My dear nurse,"

You are our kind-hearted man,

My own nurse.

Patients heal your work -

And I cry to you - cheers!

I know, my heart breaks into pieces

When you can not help everyone.

you want the sea of happiness!

misfortunes let all go away!

В«You're in a white robe short"

you in a white robe short

step from morning to the hospital

You go from house to house -

Patients brighten the face,

my friend, nurse,

You people always helps

Let go right things,

Worthy you better, you know!

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