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SMS greetings on the day medic!.

Day of Medical Worker - a professional holiday for all physicians, doctors and all those who toil day and night, preserving health and saving many lives! .

On this day, all physicians accept the congratulations of his colleagues, acquaintances, friends, relatives and friends with their holiday - the Day Medic!

In this section you will find the versatile, sometimes humorous and funny sms greetings on the Day of Medical Workers, written in verse:

«Dr. Dolittle Doctor"

Dolittle Doctor,

our respects to you!

soon be let in the morning

cheerful mood!

to glorious life was like,

Your noble!

disease to surrender all

under good hands!

«Day paramedic"

paramedic Day - a holiday essential,

Good luck to all of medicine of the heart!

labor honorable, but the hardest work -

In the battle with the disease go through.

Let await further victories

Let it be a worthy vacation ever!

let you touch the various ills

in luck let will carry trains!

«The whole world wishes you today!"

patients instead of you "Goodbye"

says with a smile, "Be healthy!".

For your daily efforts

whole world today congratulated the doctors!

And you congratulations,

wish you good health and love

and that only the best moments

you in life to please!

«health worker»

health worker, you are the pride of power!

you ever been tired and you do not sleep nights,

On this day we have with a particular meaning congratulate

medical orderlies and nurses, nurses and doctors.

you of a rare breed that prolong life,

return to health and happiness are:

And so we heartily wish you,

To always been honorable blessed your work!

«You are our angels and gods"

You are our angels and gods,

We rely on your ability,

you treat the Heart and hands, legs,

us from the clutches of death, ripping!

bow low to you for the effort,

all doctors - good luck!

And let the universal recognition

very reward you designate!

«love our doctor"

Who can not be imagined without the white coat?

Who deserves more pay?

Who is willing to work from night to morning?

course our favorite doctor!

your holiday today, physicians of the country!

your experience and knowledge we need very,

we are glad to congratulate you and wish

To all came true, what could dream of!

«Congratulations, dear friend"

Congratulations, dear friend,

With a professional with your day!

Helps in curing disease,

We will live longer with the doctors!

I wish you to be healthy,

doctors and health also need

Be always beautiful, and fun

Let lasts forever, our friendship!


Day paramedic arrived,

Neurologist our tired

Today we will relax -

time to celebrate your holiday.

will not let worries in life,

Always, everywhere, all the luck,

you want to thrive,

We can easily do know!

«I want head doctor"

It solves many problems

This is the main, of course, the doctor!

Each day of work will not be gathered,

not understand when you get back home.

Today, the chief doctor

heartily wish for the good wish,

To come to you good luck,

'll never let us down.

«Day medic congratulate bright"

Day medic congratulate bright

for life - a lot of luck!

all the doctors and nurses,

United word "doctor"!

opened a window to the wards,

And today there are patients

their heals your party,

and flower vases too tight!


Someone tell me, if not a pharmacist,

What to buy headache pain?

who always look at the recipe,

It will cost polite to you?

pharmacist shall we wish for

order in life you have always been lucky,

Just prosper indefinitely

enemies, the envious spite.


If throat ache,

What we wish from the heart -

you always, my friend, courage,

By Laura on reception in a hurry.

It relieves pain,

all will survive.

Laura heartily wish

We are always happy to be!

«You're so beautiful in a white robe"

You are so beautiful in a white robe,

And without it you are even more beautiful! :)

Day medic you I desire,

To be healthy body and soul!

«Happy physician, friend!"

Happy physician, friend dear!

you - a doctor from God, I wish you

in this profession to achieve success,

But in real life - health, merry laughter!


In severe cases, sometimes

can not do without surgery,

surgeon will help gold

from all the problems we get rid of.

We want to wish luck,

and human happiness,

and never faint;

And drown in love and passion!


Who helps us not feel pain

Who shows us such love,

Work is full of courage, skill, needles -

course will help the anesthesiologist.

anesthesia he will when the time came,

We have now found inspiration,

We will only congratulate you sincerely,

Good and good luck, health willing!


therapist - all specialist

from any disease saves,

therapist - in the words of those

about you already, he knows a lot.

therapist wish wish

To you lucky in everything,

We hope you to apply -

to healthy children and we were.

«You - trauma"

You trauma just cool,

As a person - you are the ideal

life we wish you a beautiful,

never to lose heart,

wish happiness, good luck,

And less grief and anxiety,

fact that only a life that means something,

Who always by all luck!

«Endocrinologist life saving"

Endocrinologist life saving,

people sick, he always helps

And in the endocrine system hard -

It's like in its atmosphere and theme.

Endocrinologist happiness wish

you on this day of Congratulations.

to let you luck comes again,

let you find love and hope!

«Neurologists wish happiness"

In the nervous system is not easy to understand

What than cure, is there any point to change,

But if the path status for a long time,

you still need a neurologist.

It will help, he learns

points above i certainly will put.

Neurologists happiness wish

Happy holiday to congratulate!

«ophthalmologist congratulations"

you come back to us eye-diamond

to our vision

different sharpness,

never dull.

ophthalmologist congratulations,

I sincerely wish you,

sea of happiness, many years

and deserved victory!

«We want to congratulate ENT"

Ear, nose and throat - problem

As part of the body was got?

ENT will help you safely,

for him - Treatment - passion.

Doctor, we want today

you wish health,

Like Christmas night

celebrate this holiday!

«nurse, a faithful friend"


Everything is around

Your tripping,

nurse, a faithful friend -

everywhere you have time,

There navedesh order,

Here privechaesh smile,

Labor worthy you act!

«A young cardiologist"

cardiologist, you're so -

clever, although young,

all able to overcome,

the Cause sincere help.

sea of those who said

What you thanks,

Work your very noble,

mind Be always free!

«Good health pediatrician"

child for the parents - a shrine,

And if one day he fell ill,

Beret father's daughter or son -

And now rushed to the hospital.

Good, a pediatrician, we health

and help young patients,

and treat children only with love,

his family to love and respect.


Happy urologist congratulate

We want you today,

Congratulations to leave -

you as a doctor, the upper class.

wish you health,

Never lose heart,

And, of course, with love

Every day meet.

«In a bold move forward the profession"

let a day go paramedic troubles,

thing of the past problems

Alerts let you'll never find,

Let them all solved the dilemma.

In a bold move the profession forward,

The taste of the great discoveries!

Let you in life is luck,

And a lot of highlights!

«How much is a good doctor"

How many have good doctors,

such as you - in the Russian unit

from year to year you again and again

People are saving at his hospital.

Day medic wish you all

what you wish for all patients:

Health, happiness, and the bad - nothing

Let life be the best moments!

«Hard work - your reward"

the day I wish you health care provider,

to health you did not disappoint,

To successfully walked through life,

to you in various matters luck!

After hard work - your reward,

in your honor but my compliments!

you - our pride and our joy,

you trust your health!

«Let the happiness in your life you will find!"

Today is a holiday of all people,

What wear white robes,

All nurses and doctors,

Patients who treats the wards!

We ask that failed to help,

to when trouble comes,

came, and do not hurt,

Let happiness in life you will find!

«Beautiful and long life to you"

you to everyone who Hippocratic oath,

fidelity before God gave,

Who in her life true to holy

doctors, nurses, medical assistants!

bow and midwives are low,

from your hands to the world we come!

Perfect for you and long life

on the bosom of mother earth!

«I wish only to be ill football"

All physicians of the country and you are particularly

today on the occasion I congratulate.

not enough words to me all the rave,

to express all that I want to say!

«be ill," I wish only to football,

your patients - do not get ill.

to work on it that you expanse,

Well, in my personal life was all for "five"!

«Above you shines bright halo"

Above you shines bright halo,

Such a sign of holiness daden you!

always so blue sky,

And each day would be gratifying!

you to raise your glasses ordinatorskoy,

To fit was our people,

to all patients feel better,

you happiness in life without the hardship!


emotional injuries heal you,

This, I say, not easy,

All illnesses are because of the head,

answers do you have a thousand questions.

your holiday today, the Day of the doctor

Well I wish you to note!

never know the sorrow wish,

Let the happiness in life you shine!

«Chief doctor"

chief doctor in the whole hospital

He will bring order,

from doctor to medsestritsy

Discipline bring.

Chief physician wish

to you was very lucky,

to living, thriving,

to happiness is gone.

«Happy physician, buddy!"

Physicians have often criticized,

Medicine, they say, is not the same

But I certainly do know

you - the doctor who to go - a dream!

Because important to you

any money, honor and wealth,

patient cure rather

Yes, in fact, rather than on paper.

therefore delighted to congratulate

you on the Day of the doctor, my friend,

move forward, not backward,

And you will find all that are looking for!

«You - Therapist"

You - physician, specialist fine,

We want to wish you good luck,

To see your life was all cool

And do not lose heart.

you - a therapist, you are helping people

all diseases can be easily overcome,

Let everything come true what you dream,

you want to be healthy too!

«Gynecologist - important from the doctors'

Gynecologist - important from the doctors,

Many of the problems he has delivered,

he helped give birth to many children,

and solve different dilemmas.

We wish you well wish

be worthy of a professional

New strive to learn

ahead - let the good waiting a lot.

«good to have a doctor in friends'

good to have a doctor's friends,

can in fact go out of friendship,

If health "ooh" and "ah"

Help pros very useful!

I wish you the super-medic

good health for years,

Let your wife and children

And I do not get sick than ever!

«Darling, you are so robe!"

Darling, you are so bathrobe!

Congratulations, I congratulate you,

you a treasure trove for the patient,

Be healthy and strong. Hug!

«My Favorite"

my favorite gown in white

Happy medic you, dear!

You are strong, kind, brave,

And so easy to me with you!

«The surgeon can easily help"

Kohl you have appendicitis,

Or even what hurts

Our surgeon is easy to help -

All sores destroy,

We wish only the best of luck,

becoming, a friend of mine, richer,

patients helped

Troubles do not know.

«People helping anesthetist"

anesthetist ...

Just know - he

Though sometimes peg,

But in my work love.

people to help

pain you do not know

heartily wish

live and prosper!


In life anything can happen,

an injury -

Traumatologist helps

Whatever you say

wish Surgeons

In life, injury, do not try,

Today, congratulations!

Do not give up!

«Who understands the medications?"

Who understands the medications,

Looking only at the only prescription

will understand it once your diagnosis!

course, this is a pharmacist!

We sincerely wish you,

course, only good!

you today congratulations!

Let no evil in life.


in the pathology of the endocrine system

can best be dismantled,

And even if always in a career long

until you succeed.

endocrinologist I wish

let you luck to come,

I congratulate you today!

Every day, let you get lucky.


Gynecologist help

Births quickly adopt

From eliminates ailments,

Teaches children how to give birth.

We wish you good luck,

grateful patients,

It can not be otherwise!

less insidious foes.


vision so important in life -

And do not be discouraged,

to look away bravely

Or look to kill,

Oculist easy to help

Colors of the World to see,

wish you luck, too,

Do not be sad and do not get old.


No nurse is no hospital,

They - percussion work,

let their faces will be important

Good always lit.

May you always lucky guys

We sincerely want to wish

that if pay is not enough,

Could you raise wages.


Heart - a flaming engine,

If he have any problem,

cardiologist for a long time

you with similar dilemmas

Help is always ready.

We wish him a good,

How many lives saved - not words!

congratulate you today.


If ill child

What parents do not sleep,

urgently, removing from the cradle,

rush to the pediatrician.

you always able to help

In short term help,

Early in the morning, afternoon and midnight

you are ready to help!

«ultrasound technician"

you - ultrasound specialist,

not anyhow, but the super-pros!

In life you have a tremendous optimist

ultrasound - and your calling profile.

During this holiday, I wish you,

Good patient, grateful,

And so for many years and many

Health and radiant smile!

«The urologist will help everyone"

everyone knows, the urologist will help

from illness will be able to save,

All the problems he will be able to settle,

and approach to your special find.

We love you, Aesculapius, congratulations,

Peace, laughter, good luck to the full,

I sincerely wish you happiness,

to be proud of thee a wife!

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