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Coaches call for humility.

CAR RFU Spalletti fined for 30 thousand rubles and disqualified coach and physician, "Anji"; inditsent with Karpin will be considered later.

FTC RAF reviewed incidents involving mentors "Zenith", "Anji" and "Spartacus." Luciano Spalletti was fined 30 thousand rubles, the coach and the doctor "Anji" Arsen Akayev and Mahammad Magomaev were disqualified, while Haji Hajiyev escaped punishment. Valery Karpin behavior after the match with Tomyu "will be considered separately. Premier League president Sergei Pryadkin urged teachers to be more restrained, but also said that Rosgosstrakh may withdraw the claim to the Premiership.

Wednesday in the House of Football Taganka a meeting of the Control and Disciplinary Committee (CDC), dedicated to games of the 12 th and 13th rounds of the national championship. In addition to traditional issues, such as using fans of pyrotechnics and profanity, functionaries had something to discuss. Special attention at the next meeting of committee members was given a number of coaches whose behavior could not possibly do not cause problems not only for football authorities, but also for ordinary fans of the Russian Premier League.

One of the experts who have been in the spotlight, was the coach of Zenit Luciano Spalletti. Statement by the Italian in a brief TV interview after the match with Dinamo (1:1) certainly has impressed football fans typical Italian expression and by how annoyed was the coach Petersburg club - in fact see him so infrequently. However, their dissatisfaction with the refereeing Igor Yegorov, who has completed the scheduled game later, the Italian expressed not only in front of the TV camera, but on the field that has not gone unnoticed by the authorities. As a result of unsportsmanlike conduct Spalletti was fined 30 thousand rubles, and warned that in case of recurrence of such acts will be subjected to more severe sanctions.

does not hide emotions lately, and Valery Karpin, apparently tired excuses for stably unstable results led them to Moscow "Spartak". After the match, with "Ruby" (0:0) Karpin called refereeing Vyacheslav Bezborodov "lawlessness", and after a meeting with Tomyu "(1:1) specialist ran on the field to clarify the relationship with the same Yegorov.

CDC could not determine the guilt of the red-white coach, and his behavior will be revisited at the next meeting.

В«This match took place the day before, we still have questions about it - quoted Chairman of the FTC Vladimir Katkov" Soviet Sport ". - We define their respective parties and ruled on the matter at the next meeting.

But committee members have expressed determination to review a brawl that occurred in the first half of the match between CSKA Moscow and "Anji". What was the root cause explanation of the relationship between players and coaches of both teams is hard to say. Everything started with the violations at the Paul Mamaev, who apparently said the abuser. Word for word, and rushed to the field team as a whole.

After the match Berezutski brothers said head coach Anji "Haji Hajiyev swearing obscenities at the army, and he in turn said it was a football player of CSKA started on it" run down ".

Having understood what happened, the FTC banned for four matches trainer "Anji" Arsen Akayev for hitting Alexei Bereztsukogo, as well as physician mahachkalintsev Magomed Magomayev in two matches. The latter, moreover, was fined for abusive language against the Muscovites. The question of sanctions against Hajiyev was not standing, because "in the report of profanity on his part does not say."

However, at the same time, these stories have not been exhausted. Russian Premier League (Premier League) with regard to requests received from members of the media and fans decided to create a working commission to investigate the incidents during the match the Russian championship.

The press office of Premier League, the commission will hold an additional check on the next match: "Lokomotiv" - "Anji", "Dinamo" - "Zenit and CSKA -" Anji ".

outcome of the Commission will be forwarded to the appropriate authorities of the RFU.

his opinion on the emotional coach, said President Sergei Pryadkin Premier League.

through the press, he urged the coaches to be more restrained. "Such incidents do not paint our football - quoted Pryadkin" Soviet Sport ". - I do not envy our coaches, who find it difficult to cope with the emotions. But at the same time I call, and coaches and club leaders to be restrained.

Given such a surge, I think the relevant football authorities will pay attention to what is happening. If the Ethics Committee decides to dismantle the arisen situation, the Premier League is ready to provide all the necessary documents. "

communicating with the media, Pryadkin told about some other non-related discipline at football matches, matters. In particular, the dispute Premier League and the insurance company Rosgosstrakh, before speaking the title sponsor of the league. According Pryadkin, Rosgosstrakh very likely withdraw suit against Premier League to recover 616 175 000 rubles.

В«Today I met with representatives of the company - Premier League president cites RIA Novosti. - I can not say the percentage, but the probability that issue will be resolved in the pretrial order, is very high. And the Premier League, and the RFU are doing to do everything possible, we have something to offer Rosgosstrakh.

recall claim the insurer to the Premiership in the Moscow Arbitration Court was filed in early April. As the base served as a claims Rosgosstrakh to the Premier League because of the lack of live broadcasts several games on the First TV Channel and "Sport". Third person in the request indicates the RFU.

noteworthy and post Pryadkin that the Premier League is considering holding a match between foreign and domestic players in the Premier League.

According Sportbox, such a meeting could be held in late 2011 and will in this case is timed to the anniversary of the Premier League, which this year marks 10 years of age. Leads a team of foreign players will be foreign coach, a team of Russian soccer Premier League - national expert В».

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