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Khodorkovsky warned of possible military scenario in Russia.

Mikhail Khodorkovsky was sent to the Vologda region. This is an intermediate step: it is expected that the former head of Yukos transported to penal colony in Karelia ..

The businessman before the stage gave a detailed interview with Western media, which warned of the possibility of Russian military scenario, if the government can not use the "window of opportunity" and not start a real liberalization.

On Wednesday it became known that former Yukos CEO Mikhail Khodorkovsky was sent to jail Vologda region, the so-called "Vologda Central. "Khodorkovsky was delivered a few days ago and is now awaiting a transit stage for further delivery to a place of punishment" - told Interfax a source in the Vologda FSIN. He clarified that Mr Khodorkovsky is in jail city of Vologda from June 12.

in the management of the FSIN of the Vologda region to could not confirm or deny this information, specifying that something can be clarified by Wednesday evening or Thursday morning. "This is a rumor. Neither we, nor the relatives of Mikhail Khodorkovsky until no one informs, although by law it must be done at the time of sending it to the colony "- said, in turn," Khodorkovsky's lawyer Vadim Klyuvgant.

Source RIA Novosti news agency in the Federal Penitentiary Service said that Khodorkovsky's plan was transferred from the Vologda region in Karelia. The country has only one colony -  7 on the lake in the village Vygozero Segezha.

Shortly before the beginning of phase Khodorkovsky gave an extensive interview with Western media. In the long term, Russia may be an event similar to those that occur in the Arab East, I'm sure the only Russian prisoner of conscience, according to Amnesty International, Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Former head of Yukos oil company, gave a lengthy interview with the newspaper Le Figaro, Der Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Il Mondo and The Wall Street Journal, all published in Wednesday's press-center of Khodorkovsky and Platon Lebedev. As told to the press center Maxim Dbar, Khodorkovsky spoke to reporters through his lawyers after the verdict in the second case of Yukos, rendered December 30, but before his appeal the Moscow City Court on May 24.

В«Today we are witnessing the revival of democracy in countries that have long been ruled by authoritarian or dictatorial regimes. And this awakening by civil society in the context of the lack of freedom of expression and opinion in countries where political opponents silenced, or throw them in jail. That you do not like? "- Said in an interview with Khodorkovsky, arguing about the prospects of Russia.

According to the former oligarch, "although the situation in Russia is different, a number of conditions is typologically similar to those that existed before the people's revolution in Egypt or Tunisia. "In Russia, on the agenda are the same fundamental problems as in North Africa and the Middle East: Fair Elections, an independent judiciary, free media, the real fight against corruption", - said Khodorkovsky.

Businessman urges the authorities to "peaceful liberalization", warning that if in Russia there was a revolutionary situation, rely on the security forces do not have to.

According to him, the country faces the task of "not to miss a historic window of opportunity for peaceful liberalization, providing people with political freedoms, the creation of institutions of democratic government and civil society."

time for that "there are not many" - up until "until the new generation did not try the system on a tooth that Khodorkovsky believes inevitable. "If by that time there will not be truly democratic tradition to solve the question of authority, no law enforcers do not help keep the country under control" - sure sentenced the former head of Yukos.

specify, through which social forces and how could undergo such liberalization, Khodorkovsky did not. He confined himself to a statement of fact that President Dmitry Medvedev may have tried to make a difference even with the rule of law, but his efforts were in vain. "I can only say that since Dmitry Medvedev became president, the situation with the rule of law in Russia has not improved. Unfortunately, I know this all too well. Did he? I'd say yes. Succeeded it? The answer should be negative, "- he said.

Addressing the tandem asked him about a possible presidential candidate for the party in power in 2012, Khodorkovsky has agreed to discuss hypothetically: "The question should be: if Medvedev will be elected for a second period will he be able to carry out reforms, which he unsuccessfully appealed all the time after his election? Today it is no answer. "

about the presidential prospects of Putin, Khodorkovsky has not said a word. According to the businessman, the current prime minister "appointed (him) as his personal enemy." At the same time, the former head of Yukos believes that Putin is not the only one who wants the ex-oligarch, remained in prison.

В«my release prevents a group of people who are billionaires and multimillionaires in the defeat of Yukos. And it will stop, regardless of the degree of personal involvement in the process of Vladimir Putin "- said Khodorkovsky.

most famous Russian prisoner has focused on the question of why Western leaders, primarily from "Big Eight" do not have adequate pressure on the Russian leadership, refusing to talk about "respect for the general values.

В«The Russian government gets a pass into the club without any responsibilities and obligations", - complains Khodorkovsky, who argues that the cause is a false notion in the West, the principles of Realpolitik and pragmatism.

in Moscow this use, said Khodorkovsky, leading apocryphal quote by Vladimir Lenin: "The capitalists will sell us the rope itself, which we have them strangled." But, finds the former oligarch, the situation in many natural: "Russia is too powerful a player on the European continent, and European" pragmatism "too seriously affect the psychological atmosphere in our country." At the same time, he expressed the hope that Western leaders were raised in discussions with Russian leaders on "the Yukos affair, yet the political will and take" real action "to put pressure on Moscow.

Part of the interview was devoted to the revaluation of values for the years imprisonment. Khodorkovsky conceded that "not enough quickly realized that money alone is not interesting." "But I started my charity work before the end of 1990, and my first priority had already been an appeal to civil society" - he said. On the question of whether he is now a dissident, Mr Khodorkovsky said: "Amnesty International has recognized me as a prisoner of conscience. Does this make me a dissident? If you're referring to a man ready to sit in jail for a long time because of their ideas, then yes В»

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