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Stavropol fed moldy stuff ?!?!.

The Russian State Duma introduced a bill that is 35 times the fines for overdue realization of products ..

MPs believe that in another massive trade stale product just does not stop. Buyers of such an idea were delighted, but found her and opponents.

victims of unfair trade in a long time to search is not necessary. Simply go to the street. Almost every counter has a story to tell: the sour milk, spoiled cheese, sausage stale or rotten fish.

"All my life I worked, was in charge of boundary trade. And, of course, it's horrible that now

done! What can I say? ", - Complains a local resident.

"I stayed in the store. Near harvested products. While spared, I see the same products are rolling out on the same trolley. I watched was already plywood. That is, erase the old date and a new stick, "- outraged citizen.

Activists of "social control" regularly organize raids in Stavropol stores. Seek delay. They say there were no cases that have returned from a raid with empty hands.

"Yogurt has been expired on May 31. Of course, our comments drew attention, but despite this, an hour later we went to this store, the product and was lying on sale" , - the representative of the Stavropol Union for the Protection of Consumer Rights and Business "Public control" Nelly Saroyan.

This seems to be the answer. Today, retailers sell the moldy stuff simply profitable. Crime and punishment are incommensurable. A fine of twenty thousand rubles for the major retail chains - it's not the money.

One egregious cases occurred in Budyonnovsk. A dozen people were poisoned by charlotte at the supermarket. Then the work shop suspended for five days.

often the same outstanding product even disappear from the shelves.

"We're not sure what's going to be destroyed. There is, in many cases, remarking, and, ultimately, he still gets to the consumer. Because there is no system," - says President of the Stavropol Union for the Protection of Consumer Rights and Business "Public control" Sergei Kharitonov.

The new law is just intended to introduce this system. It provides for the forfeiture of goods improperly, and the maximum penalty increases to 35 times - up to seven hundred thousand. Representatives of the largest shops in the city gathered for a meeting to discuss possible innovations. Many were on their guard.

"The entrepreneur does not want to bear the loss. And do not want to have sanctions that can bring damage to the company. His task to make a profit and it should be commensurate with risk. Because such penalties may be only lead to further corruption work ", - said director Alexander Dyakonov chain stores.

Obviously, such a harsh reaction, or will the majority of other business representatives. Already there is talk that such a law will only increase food prices and lead to more corruption. So it's not the fact that the initiative of deputies of Duma adopt it in its present form. As if realizing this, remove the delay from the shelves in the stores do not hurry.

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