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Orgasm in the tomograph.

Examining a woman's brain at the moment of orgasm, scientists are trying not only to investigate the nature of women's passion, but find a way to control the pain ..

A long time studying orgasm were mainly sexologists who would rather be called psychologists, rather than clinicians. But in recent years, and representatives of Basic Medicine, joined the research climax of sexual intercourse. And if the pro male orgasm is more or less clearly, the female orgasm is a lot of questions, accurate answers to which doctors have not yet received.

remains unclear although that fact, why not all women can have orgasms.

According to figures published in 1999 in the Journal of the American Medical Association, 43% of women in the U.S. have a problem with sexual life, and 5-10%, and did never experienced an orgasm.

Another question - is the existence of the so-called point G (the point of Grafenberg), a special bunch of nerve endings on the anterior vaginal wall, which determines the weaker sex to achieve orgasm. Judging by the work of Italian scientists, published in 2008, about which he wrote "Times", this point still exists. But this study does not put an end to bitter disputes over the validity of the theory of the German gynecologist Ernst Grafenberg, after which point got its name.

Thus, it may, the study of the female orgasm is not a highly relevant area of science, but of interest to themselves invariably causes.

basis of sexual pleasure, according to most experts, is an emotional component. Therefore, new data on the female orgasm can be obtained to monitor brain activity during climax. On two similar studies of female orgasm in the outgoing week told a popular science magazine New Scientist.

In one study, a group of scientists from Rutgers University in Newark (New Jersey) under the leadership of Dr. Barry Komisaruk found activation of the prefrontal cortex in women during orgasm. This area of the brain and associated structures are responsible, for example, self-esteem and abstract thinking, in general, for various complex cognitive and behavioral functions. "Does the prefrontal cortex is a key role in creating a physiological response in the form of orgasm fantasy or a corresponding physical effect?" - A question posed Komisaruk, before further research, where one of the subjects became freelance journalist Kate Shukel.

В«From creepy bang, I find myself inside the scanner. My head is attached, I'm all in a measure of decorum is covered with a blanket, but that could touch your private parts, in particular, to the clitoris. I'm not here for medical procedures, not to shoot a film for adults. I'm going to cause yourself an orgasm, the scientists using MRI tomograph studied blood flow to the brain "- so begins Shukel Kate report, published in New Scientist.

At the beginning of the experiment The test three minutes, tapping his forefinger on a large. The next three minutes she just imagined that knocks your index finger on a large. After this Shukel first performed Kegel exercises to strengthen pelvic floor muscles, and then presented that performs these exercises. "Workout" was finished the real and imaginary touches to the clitoris, and then instructed the girl to bring himself masturbating to orgasm and provide scientists the time of culmination by raising the free hand.

В«Despite this unusual situation, I was able to do it without any problems", - told the journalist.

results of brain imaging Kate Shukel the moment of orgasm. It is evident that the activity observed in almost all brain. A letter marked activity in the prefrontal cortex, and the letter B - in the anterior cingulate cortex, responsible for the sensation of pain / / Barry Komisaruk

tomography results showed that, during masturbation, the participant of the experiment more than 30 active regions of the brain responsible for feeling, memory, receiving awards and even pain.

It prefrontal cortex showed greater activity when touching and tension in the pelvic area have been imagined.

These results were presented by scientists at the annual conference of the Society of Neurologists in San Diego. There with them acquainted Yannick Georgiadis University of Groningen (Netherlands). During these experiments he and his colleagues found that one component of the prefrontal cortex - the left orbitofrontal cortex - "off". According to Georgiadis, this component might be responsible for sexual control. The observed "off", said the scientist, is the most striking example of the "altered state of consciousness", which has not been seen during any other activity.

В«I would not say that orgasm is" off "consciousness, but would say that it changes the consciousness, - said Georgiadis. - If you ask people how they perceive their orgasm, they mostly describe a feeling of losing control. I do not undertake to say whether this altered state in order to achieve greater pleasure, or is it just a side effect. "

discrepancies in the results Georgiadis and Komisaruk, you may have a simple explanation.

If in the course of the experiment Komisaruk subjects reached orgasm through masturbation, then Georgiadis orgasm was achieved with a partner.

В«Such studies are extremely useful, - said Julia Heiman, director of the Kinsey Institute for Research on behalf of sex, gender and reproduction. - Orgasm is associated with the system of the brain responsible for reward, and probably with many other systems. We can learn much from such studies. "

Confirming the words of Heymann, Komisaruk hopes that his further studies of orgasm will not only help improve the sex lives of many women, but also help to man the power of thought to control pain and other physical sensations.

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