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Performed the world's first full face transplant.

"Dad, you're so beautiful" - her daughter liked the result.

TEXT: SOFIA Neskuchnii

first ever endured a full face transplant appeared on the American public. The patient spoke articulately and said that because surgeons now can smell again. His year-old daughter, after seeing his new face, called him handsome.

In the U.S., successfully completed the first in the history of world medicine operation for a full face transplant. It was the most complete and sophisticated of its kind in peace their number can still be counted on the fingers. One partial face transplant was performed in 2009 in Spain, before the four operations were made in France, one in China and two in the U.S.. Two Frenchmen, who have undergone such operations currently are employed. Chinaman Guoxing Lee, who is on the hunt hit by a bear attack, successfully underwent surgery, but then ran home from the hospital where he died trying to dolechit yourself methods of traditional medicine. The most difficult and most successful is an operation that made the 40-year old American Coney Culp: her face with a shotgun shot her husband. The woman survived, only 20 percent of the face - upper eyelids, forehead, lower lip and chin.

After the operation the woman can talk, breathe through your mouth and nose and eat.

the first owner of a full-fledged "another person" (just like in the movie "Face / OffВ» (Face / Off) with John Travolta and Nicolas Cage) has become an American Vince Dallas, reports The Daily Mail. His face turned into a solid burned after an accident in 2008, when he accidentally touched her cheek high voltage cable. Vince, the first time after the operation appeared in public on Monday, said that one of the major achievements of the surgeons for him - once again regained the ability to sense smells.

patient was told that the first over the past three years, the smell, which he felt was the smell of lasagna from the hospital canteen. In his plans - to go back to university to complete their education.

В«I'm only 26 years old, there is still a lifetime" - he said.

year-old daughter Scarlett Vince acknowledged the work of doctors.

В«Dad, you're so beautiful," - said the girl, seeing a new face of his father.

Doctors Hospital in Boston, where Vince did the operation, noted that the patient's condition should improve - he has yet to complete restoration of nerve function and facial muscles.

one of the wires surgery physicians Jeffrey Janis said the 15-hour operation on a full face transplant, "expands the boundaries of reconstructive surgery."

Costly course transplants paid command the American army. The military hopes that this experience will allow physicians in the future to develop more effective treatments for soldiers with severe maxillofacial trauma. Total after receiving terrible injuries suffered Dallas Vince more than 20 operations.

В«sensations from the face is quite natural. I feel as if it were my own face "- said Vince, whose speech was somewhat mixed, but it is understood.

only important function that the doctors were unable to recover - sight.

Vince appeared before the press in the big dark glasses.

patient was noted that no words can express my gratitude he feels towards the family an anonymous donor agreed to give him the face of his deceased relative. In accordance with applicable law, data about the donor were not disclosed. When the Spanish media published the piece of information about local donor transplant person behind this was followed by numerous lawsuits relatives of the deceased.

Today around the world conducted 12 face transplants, 10 of them were successful. Full-face transplant has become a new landmark of Transplantation and opened horizons for treating severe injuries.

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