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Preparing for anal sex: tips pornstars.

Savannah Samson (real name - Natalie Oliveros), recognized as the best porn actress in 2005, not long ago publicly responded to the question of how best to prepare for anal sex ....

Savanna Samson, one of the most popular stars of the porn industry, in addition to being work by the sweat of the leading company in the world for the production of videoklubnichki, Vivid Entertainment, is also a columnist in several publications (Men `s Fitness magazine, AdultFriendFinder and XCritic) where answers to questions about sex and sexuality.

This is another symptom of respektabilizatsii porn: pornoispolniteli to give a platform for expression, are included along with scientists from experts in the discussion of sexuality, become a guru, teacher sex life. They are, incidentally, are trusted more than scientists (the latter is not excluded, they know about sex only in theory).

In the May column, one John on his own behalf and on behalf of the girl asked the Savannah's "best way" to prepare for anal sex, and also questioned why the girls of porn without hesitation

doing blowjob pornoakteru, whose members have just been in the anus.

Where the staff sexologist at zanyuhannom journal vaguely muttered to something boring about enemas, Savanna Samson has promised to tell all he knows and tell myself that at the dawn of its pornokarery when she, too, suffered by questions and fears about this, she told the other fellow member on the shop floor - Audrey Hollander, Shay Sights, and Brianna Banks.

"I remember I asked Audrey what she was doing to take so deep in the ass and stay clean. And it's right when her husband said to me something like this (I've inaccurately quoted but the meaning is unambiguous): "I eat a big juicy hamburger last night [before sex], I get up, well emptied, prnimayu Imodium, and then not eat until the scenes."

itself Savannah, paying tribute to the enviable digestion Audrey Hollander, can not boast of an equally great "emptying" and therefore does not recommend anal sex to eating meat.

Samson also praises Imodium (known antidiarrhoeal agent, which reduces the tone and motility of smooth muscles of the intestine, slows peristalsis and increase transit time of intestinal contents for 4-6 hours, and in addition, increases the tone of the sphincter), but recommends to eat something light, so during sex, not thinking about food.

"I told Audrey that it easy, like a salad the night before an anal scene, and my colleague, warned:" Well, you be careful with this because vylezut small pieces of lettuce that can catch on the wall of the colon. "

Known pornoakrisa Brianna Banks, the former in 2001, a girl of the month the magazine Penthouse, taught Savannah never put no quick enema immediately before the shooting as "laxative effect" may take longer than expected.

Pornstar Shay Sights has resorted to shooting to anal douche. She uses only warm water and makes it twice or three times.

Savannah said that all these methods it uses only a "professional" field, as in ordinary life, she never these recipes do not use: simply engaged in anal sex when pripret (" although not in the afternoon with a steak). "The fact is that when you start to do it anymore, the body rebuilds itself and the body begins to feel when you can do anal sex, and when better not to not be interrupted in the middle and run to the toilet," - she says.

Answering the second question is curious, John and his girlfriend about blowjob after anal sex, Savannah said: "To not polnovatsya on this occasion, I use the fast - or obychnodeystvuyuschie brand suppositories [antiviral , obezorazhivayuschie rectal suppositories], and they are really fast (for me in minutes), then syringing with warm water (usually enough for three times) plus imodium for extra security and mental comfort. "

However, writing this, ponozvezda probably thought that talked a superfluous, since such complex procedures can be completely deter interest from anal sex. And clarified: "You do not need it. Seriously. My main advice to those involved in or planning to engage in anal sex - relax, do not worry, and most importantly - listen to your body ".

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