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Community «lenintsev».

Interview with the head of the Lenin district administration Natalya Khomenko.

Last weekend Leninsky district Stavropol celebrated the 43rd anniversary of the foundation. On today «imeninnika» and its types in the future correspondent «Stavropol truth» told the head of the Lenin district Natalia Khomenko.

- Without a doubt, Leninsky district continues to develop dynamically. For example, just last year by private developers and put into operation more than 66 thousand square meters of housing, which is 59 percent more than in 2003. This suggests that the conditions and standard of living «lenintsev» - and the more than 140 thousand people - has been steadily increasing. A favorable economic environment reflected in the fact that last year the tax collected and transferred to the budgets of all levels of more than two billion rubles. The contribution of the Leninsky district of the consolidated budget of the city is more than 30 percent. Yet it is gratifying to note that the public and private area no delays in the payment of wages.

- Natalya, as you know, utilities always have a lot of troubles the authorities. What's especially utilities Lenin district?

- We have a great economy, which requires untiring care. The total area of the Leninsky district of about six thousand hectares. It is in our territory are concentrated regional authorities and the municipal authorities, municipal and state organizations, so that the utilities companies have no right to give a weakness. In addition to upgrading and maintenance of housing, constant attention, especially in winter, requiring the road. In a region undergoing major traffic flows, for which the transport of passengers from other parts of the city. Of course, the road we are not as long as, for example, in industrial areas, but they have their specificity - steep slopes. Any deadlock due gololeditsy or snow would result in thousands and thousands of city residents do not get time to work.

According to our calculations, to ensure that public utilities were in the area, you need a hundred million rubles a year. Alas, from the city budget allocated only about 30 percent of that amount. Nevertheless, we intend to winter to replace dilapidated network of heating and water-rise buildings, repair roofs and solve all the necessary tasks.

- And where did you take the means? Do not get so that major repairs will be done at the expense of other lines of work?

- Part of the money we get from the introduction of new programs and internal institutional reforms. For example, we eliminated «Service», was not effectively controlling funds allocated to kommunalku, resulting in savings of five million rubles per year. This year öüõ transferred to a more efficient tax system that allows each company housing and communal services of the district to save a month to 200 rubles. To funds spent for its intended purpose, the administration has taken on special monitoring activities öüõ and Daewoo. We clear the way utilities companies carried out their task, and if believe that they are not, take action. District administration has the right to dismiss negligent managers öüõ.

In addition, the improvement of the area we are actively helping residents and businesses. Already traditional became a contest for the best content of the main facade of the building and adjacent territory, and fixed. This year's nomination «Best Enterprise Housing» won first place CBM öüõ-7. Among the schools, kindergartens, cultural institutions and public health recognized the winner of an elementary school - kindergarten number 73, while the university has won Stavropol State University. Fasad of shop «Izobilny» became the best in the nomination «Commercial, commercial enterprises and public services». Building Ltd. «Electromechanical Plant» - the first among the industry, transport, communications and construction. Among mnogoetazhek was not equal to the house of Lenin Street, 118, and in the private sector improved the most recognized on the street yard Raskova M., 35.

- As we know, there is the reform of housing and communal services, which provides that people will fully pay for utilities, to choose a house to serve the enterprise, and so on. What specifically expect from the residents of the Leninsky district of reform?

- To reform the housing sector does not hit people, we intend very soon to open individual accounts for each house. This will allow people to monitor the effectiveness of spending their money. Thus, the house committee will be able to control öüõ, because in accordance with the law by 2007, utilities companies are private, and the state will not be able to fully control. In addition, the introduction of personal accounts will allow residents of homes collaborate and take loans from banks to carry out major repairs of buildings, roof and life-support systems.

- now in the midst of summer vacation. As they pass?

- We have more than one hundred sports and playgrounds at the place of residence. With the guys there students, coaches children's youth sportshkol. A positive evaluation of the work of the Center deserves additional education of children of Lenin district, where the circles and sections of free is about two thousand boys and girls. Forces of the administration of the region and the Center for Employment for the summer holidays employed more than 500 teenagers.

Administration intends to continue to adhere to a socially oriented policy that everyone in the Leninsky district - from baby to pensioner - to live better and more interesting, so that everyone can feel like a worthy representative of our small community: Lenin district.

Nikolai Grischenko

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