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В«Previously wrote the music for the people, and now for the show-businessВ».
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Fisting: technique, posture, and other useful tips.
In Volgograd, a brothel covered with "mature" prostitutes.
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Sms greetings from 9 May Victory Day.

Congratulations on Victory Day in verse.

Congratulations on Victory Day


no worthy men

you are not depressed to a person

Noble gray -

Decoration great.

We continue to want to zealously

your soul does not get old

and considering the veteran

But more younger!


Let the days of the war dragged on too long,

let quickly raced peaceful year.

victory at Moscow, Kursk and on the Volga

History will remember forever.

Suppose you are now fathers and grandfathers

Whisky Silver gray.

At age you do not forget the spring of Victory

The day when the war ended.

let many people today are not in order,

We remember all that was then

and pledge their homeland

Conserve for business, peace and labor.


May day light and joy,

Victory, an hour of memory.

Will it be an eternal day mladosti.

your courage and valor.

None of our Homeland

cleaner holiday.

For a generation of young

Neto wiser mentor.

your services before the homeland

appreciate us. In search of conscience,

In search of truth, we all go.

it through all your troubles.

Since the triumph of the winners

will be forever marked.

us, dear parents,

you win bequeathed.

These covenants fine,

dear to us as life itself.

Your eyes burn bright

vigilance light of reason.

Be healthy and happy,

Be beautiful and young,

Let it be quick-witted grandchildren -

you on the shoulder bow our heads.


today and has already Seda

Since then, both have passed the war,

But congratulations on Victory Day

grandfathers and great-grandchildren of the country.

Thank you, dear relatives,

protecting us against then

and defended Russia

inverse At the cost of labor.

We congratulate you with love,

and great-grandchildren will remember the day

Washed clean your blood,

When vengeance blooming lilacs.


threw us a jubilant May

All hearts for love untold.

just died down May Day,

Victory Day has come a long-awaited.

winners we feel.

Prev thinning gray column

parted Giving flowers

the heroes looked admiringly.

"Congratulations - they cry. - Hurray!"

But old men are silent.

They do not need a loud glory,

And our heartfelt "thanks".


Chevstvuem dead and alive,

those who fell defending the motherland,

forever remember their names,

life they have given their lives for us.

Every year a number of shorter

witnesses of the bloody battles,

let the explosions do not rattle,

zastoreloy not disturb the wound.

your heroic deed is not forgotten

Let years running inexorably

But lilac velvet brush

In your honor blooms Burning!


Those who say so, do not believe:

В«passed because there was an order."

stood a few steps from death

By the will of the heart, and - not once!

not waiting for God il messiah

And they took their guns and bayonets

And you defended Russia -

our Native elders!

On the day of joy, light

the day of your victory -

let go of life

Disorders and misfortune!


Day - a holiday throughout the country.

brass band playing marches.

Victory Day - the holiday of gray

of our forefathers, grandfathers and who are younger.

Even those who have not seen the war -

But her wing was offended anyone -

Congratulations on Victory Day, we!

this day - for all of Russia is important.


Let it be forever for you this holiday

Though sadly, the pain of loss and loss

but bright and cheery happiness Envoy

to hope and faith of the cherished door.

honest there is no victory than your victory,

Not in a world more and more victories.

more precious no merit, no wiser covenant

than the one that you gave the descendants forever.

Let your courage be an example to us.

Yes will win us eternal fire.

you were distant times pioneers

We are your bravery as a flag from me.

Health, we would wish you,

and courage in challenging an age of change.

Let grandchildren will be presented that can give you

and wisdom of life get in return.

Let it be for you this holiday is a wonderful,

Happy youth, peace, kindness and beauty.

Let the light of reason in your eyes, clear,

Let come true May your dreams!


Veterans offend: Victory Day,

Let the fireworks and parades in your honor,

you are given free meatless meals

Once a year give anything to eat.

For crust of bread eh fights and battles,

Giving life-health, you handle it? ..

But the people did not flee the highest consideration,

to you warmth comes from the mother-land!

Suppose you have less, you are thinner and whiter

Pants erased, repainted hut ...

God give you to stay on the one hundredth anniversary,

Well, after - it will tell the fate!


Otshumevshie alarm

thickness years distant ...

your first road

begin with the war.

Well, the fight - it means a fight,

What youngster at seventeen!

But the war - such byaka! -

Even Valor victories.

waited milf son,

victory has come an hour!

you come down to Berlin,

Today here he is among us.

Cheerful, happy,

What and years! If only henna! -

As if there was heavy

exhausting war.


Let your palate be clean,

not extinguished the joys of a star.

and the roar of tanks and guns

passes away forever.

over the years things;

We wish you all my heart

Health and health again,

and living a good and great!


the holiday and the memories:

victory, returning home

Enthusiasm meetings, sorrow of parting

with the guys from the company, with a view - a.

Another Life: devastation, hunger, construction,

And at night, nightmares about the war.

and pain, frozen at the bottom of any drinking,

Between "Remember!" and "I'm alive!"

Already half a century the dividing line,

Already almost no one to say:

"Do you remember ..." and, waving his hand at all,

explode song out in a circle dance.

Let our faith, our wishes,

slow the relentless running time.

his experience, wisdom, strength, knowledge

Bring in the twenty-first century.


I understand what it means to win

For veterans who have known all the trouble

terrible war survivors hope

With Victory Day will come inevitably.

We are about the war only in the books read.

Movies watched - and then froze

In horror, anger and pain of the heart.

you're not in the movie, but in the battle to the end.

To death were to save his

home, his city, home and family.

All you dearly, enjoy and holy,

What was in the heart of every soldier.

thank we could b relentlessly.

Is drag on past wounds?

Waiting is not laudatory speeches by veterans,

And that memory has been constant.

Remember and appreciate. For us, you - like the stars

Peace on Earth, your deed is created.

congratulate you on the Victory Day are ready

On holidays, everyday, all over again!


Congratulations Grandpa

With Victory.

This is a good thing,

With her he was not.

was then, as I am now,


Though he has not seen the enemy -

Hated easy!

He worked as a large.

for a crust of bread,

closer in the Victory Day,

Though a fighter and he was not.

Stojko blew all the hardships,

paying childhood

To the world he lived and grew up

grandson of his wonderfully.

To prosper and love

enjoy life

I could not see the war

My grandfather saved the Fatherland.


gray-haired grandmother, my

Though you as cheerful

And your soul is young,

touched and your war.

little girl was small,

When it was raided.

deprived of his grandfather and father

you cursed war.

play with me you all,

not taking a game

that pain to this day is -

not you want to play in the war.

And only on the Day of Victory I

Suddenly I understand why,

always cheerful - sad:

You remember that war.

Sorry grandma, I could not

understand your sadness I had!

I can see, the heart has not grown,

Begging you to play in the war.

And Victory Day each year

Now I hasten to congratulate

All my friends elderly

But first - my grandmother.


Where the grass and the dew from the blood of crude,

where pupils guns glaring,

full-length over the front edge of the trench

rose winner soldiers.

heart beat of a broken rib, often.

Silence - Silence-Not in a dream awake.

And he said an infantryman: - Otmayalis! Basta!

and take violets in the ditch.

And in my soul, longing for light and kindness,

revived the old joy of singing stream.

and bent over the soldiers, and a hole in his helmet

Carefully priladil flower.

again revived in the memory were alive v

Moscow under snow in the fire of Stalingrad.

Four unimaginable for the first time,

As a child, cried the soldier.

It was an infantryman, laughing and crying,

boot trampling barbed fence.

Over the shoulders burned dawn young

heralding sunny day.


you, veterans, now grandfathers -

In the battle was your finest hour ...

greets the Holy Victory

Allow me, dear, you!

enemy you apart tearing projectile

enemy spared to lead you ...

Thank you for all you close-

Defender of the Motherland, a fighter -

man. Grandfather. Father.

you are not young - I'm Seda,

But still slim, youthful ...

My dear grandparents,

property of all power!

on your shoulders so much trouble.

Camps and shootings chapter

but carries a hundred victories

you in the rays of gilded glory.

As the march, heart pounding,

crutches, and doctors - to type ...

you replace the shelves grandchildren

And the country will not give in insult!

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