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Over 11,000 children in Volgograd getaway from the city.

About 11 thousand children in Volgograd receive preferential offers for summer holidays.

in 2011 in Volgograd, recreation and rehabilitation of children is carried out in four areas: the provision of preferential permits with full pay for the cost of the regional budget, profile changes, sanatorium camps, compensation. As REGNUM was informed today, May 3, the press service of the Administration of Volgograd, about this at the next meeting of the commission on minors and protection of their rights on the organization of summer holidays for children and young people, said the chairman of the Committee on Youth Dmitry Pochevalov. In general, he said, about 11,000 children and teenagers in Volgograd will be able to relax and improve health in the country this summer camps, health centers, youth organizations and public institutions under the jurisdiction of the Committee on Youth.

Promotional tour in 2011 are eligible to receive the children into two categories: from single-parent or large families, per capita income does not exceed the subsistence minimum established in the Volgograd region, children who have one parent soldier serving , served in the internal affairs bodies, the system of MES of Russia, died (missing), or become disabled while on duty, children of war veterans.

Such tours to Volgograd allocated 900 pieces. The amount of funding to pay for these trips from the regional budget will be more than 9.5 million rubles. Acceptance of applications and documents to obtain preferential permits would, as in the past year, the department implemented district departments of municipal fees and community outreach.

Profiled change will work in the following areas: Patriots Volgograd "," Philosophy of Sport ", a creative change" Orlyatskoe kaleidoscope, scouting - "Town of Craftsmen" Leadership Change "country school" Professional orientation change profile: "Tourist change" Tell Tourism - YES! "change of local lore -" Comrade, "a change of reenactors" From Vikings to the Greeks. " For parents, the child's participation in one of these core shifts would cost 1.600 rubles (15% of tour price).

currently teaching groups of institutions are preparing for the profile shifts, which can improve your health and relax 2.100 children aged from 6,5 to 17 years. The amount of funding to pay 85% of these permits from the regional budget will amount to more than 19 million rubles. In the sanatorium camps for kids Volgograd allocated 2.300 permits with full pay for the cost of the regional budget. Parents of children aged 6 years and 6 months to 15 years can apply for improvement in child health centers Dubivka, Ergeninsky, Kachalin, as well as in the resort towns of Yessentuki, Anapa, Gelendzhik, Tuapse (Dzhubga).

In addition, for residents of the city of Volgograd and organizations provided partial compensation payments to 4.000 value they have acquired during summer trips to health camps for children of the Russian Federation. Compensation to parents (legal representatives) shall be paid at the rate: 70% - a ticket to a children's summer camp, located on the territory of the Volgograd region, 40% - for a ticket to the Children's Health Camp, located on the territory of another entity of the Russian Federation. The amount of compensation for the organizations is as follows: 50% - for a start in children's health camp area, 40% - for a start in the camp of another region.

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