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Volgograd offered petrol for 15 rubles.

Today at Lenin Square held a rally entitled "Gasoline in Russia should cost 15 rubles. The organizer of the event was the All-Russian Political Party "the party does." .

Rally has swept across several Russian cities including Barnaul, Ulyanovsk and Voronezh, and that's got to Volgograd. The purpose of the meeting was the desire to draw the attention of the authorities at exorbitant for our country petrol prices.

В«A friend of the foreigner to learn that the Russians pay for the world price of energy, called it" a crime against Russian citizens ", - the leader of the Party affairs, Konstantin Babkin. - In most countries exporting energy prices are below the world level a few times. Our idea is very simple - the main income from the commodity sector of the economy the state should receive from the export taxes rather than taxes on the domestic market. Thus, to pay more for Russian energy resources to foreign consumers, not citizens of our country. "

During the rally, organizers told volgogradians why gasoline in our city and in Russia, should cost about 15 rubles.

В«The purpose of the rally is drawing the attention of the current government to the high tariffs on gasoline, - the general director of Zavodpromteh" Kiril Kusmartsev. - Over the past two weeks, similar rallies were held in several Russian cities, which are supported by representatives and supporters of the party affairs, farmers and representatives of other industries, public organizations motorists. All were in favor of reducing the tax burden, which directly affects the pricing of fuel. About 70 percent of the cost of petrol is tax.

from each liter of gasoline cost an average of 25 rubles, we pay 15 rubles in the pocket of government officials, with each 10 liters - 150, 100 liters - 1.5 thousand rubles. This is not commensurate with other countries. For example, in U.S. tax component per liter of gasoline - less than 15 percent. While the price of crude oil in every liter of gasoline is about U.S. 65 per cent, per liter of Russia - only 10 percent. Translated into U.S. Dollars in the U.S. gasoline costs 24 rubles. So we try to reach out to governments and to reduce the tax burden At least 15 percent and increase export duties on exported oil. Thus, Russia's budget has nothing to lose, and motorists, agriculture and industry will definitely be a plus. "

But the rally did not attract the attention of Volgograd: the number who came was estimated by pair-three dozen people. The reasons for such a low attendance meeting experts see in organizing the event.

В«The fact that at the meeting were very few people, says more about lack of organization, - the chairman of the regional branch of the All-Russian public organization" Support of Russia Vitaly sugars. - I am sure that the hero-city, there are many motorists who are concerned about the problem of high gasoline prices, for sure, if volgogradians knew about this activity, it would not pass by. For example, I was unaware of this meeting. In general, sensitizing the public should play a role in the pricing of fuel. Let this be a non-key role, but the powers that be will see that people are not silent, and they have a voice. How can Russia, as oil country, have the highest prices for gasoline. Even with the latest developments in Libya, the price of gasoline when translated into U.S. Dollars at an average of four and a half of the ruble. To gasoline prices moved in a dead point in the downward price, you must create the conditions for nefteperabotki inside the country, because 60 percent of petroleum products go abroad and return to us the same goods and services. "

The experts are surprised when they hear that not so long ago at gas stations in Volgograd fuel prices declined on the ruble.

В«Is it really so? - Vitali surprised sugars. - Frankly, not very much that prices are reduced. The ruble is unlikely to greatly affect the consumer's pocket. What happened to him that without him, as they say. In general, I doubt that very soon the price of petrol will drop significantly. "

In addition, Mr. Sakharov's support and private carriers in the issue of lack of faith in lowering gasoline prices.

В«Why do not people go to meetings, but because I do not believe in their effectiveness, as well as they do not believe in lowering fuel prices - said the executive director of the Auto-Alliance Ludmila Grigorenko. - Volgograd put up with a systematic increase in prices: someone is busy and it's easier to pay more than compete with the state, someone does not believe that this issue can generally get the ball rolling. Carriers can say, voted against the increase in gasoline prices that began to move en masse to gas. But there was not all smooth.

quality gas poor to such an extent that every six months on the vans have to change the engine. But even this event comes cheaper than driving on gasoline. Of course, that the prices in our region. And in Russia as a whole gasoline vastly overstated. Shall we ruin fleet of gas if it can be to buy gasoline at affordable price. In the changes hard to believe. In our country, natural resource management rules the narrow circle of people who enriched. While the country and its people only see the price increase В».

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