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Volgograd bottom of the ranking of salaries.

If the citizens had the opportunity to choose where to live in New Orleans, wishing to settle in the city of the future there would be plenty. .

There, in the future - the World Cup, multibillion-dollar investment in the economy and the garden city. One can not begin to dream of a time machine, the more so in the present Volgograd, once again took the last line of the economic rankings.

At this time, the researchers evaluated the performance of the average wage in the cities. With a modest number 17,823 rubles Volgograd settled at the end of the list, behind leader, almost 10 thousand rubles a month. According to the rating, the average salary of a resident of Ekaterinburg is 26,097 rubles, and our closest neighbors - Samara and Nizhny Novgorod - settled in the middle of the list with a salary of just over 20 thousand rubles a month.

Experts argue that this ranking clearly reflects the economic situation in the region as a whole. Thus, the number of unemployed volgogradians now exceeds the number of vacancies. But the worthy proposals for all labor market there.

В«At the beginning of 2011 the minimum wage of vacancies was 4330 rubles, the maximum - 75 thousand rubles, - assured the Head of the employment assistance and information Research Center Employment city Volgograd Irina Saigin. - It stated on February 1 this year, enterprises and organizations of the need for workers was 9,586 units, the number of citizens seeking work and registered at the city office of employment amounted to 8,588 persons. The highest strength in the labor market is observed in industries where the level of the proposed salary is close to the minimum. It is extremely difficult to close a vacancy with a salary of 4,330 physicians rubles, experts also not willing to work for a salary of 15,000 rubles. "

One of the causes of the current situation, experts say, lies in the fact that the level of wages depends on the level of economic prosperity in the region. For some industries it is clearly unsatisfactory.

В«If you were to assess indicators such as the level of the construction industry, among megacities Volgograd would take the latter, at least the penultimate, the place, - said General Director "Strominvest Valery Prozorov. - And it's not that the development of the construction industry most negatively influenced by the crisis. In other cities, he also was. But there already and forgot to think about its existence! To Volgograd builders much ruinous crisis was the city administration policy pursued with regard to property developers. Many companies, including "Stroiminvest" could safely operate even during a crisis. We just did not give to do that. Not only that in a city with so much difficulty allocated land for construction, because of their own yet and the selection began. I hope that the policies pursued by the previous administration of Volgograd on developers in the past. If it moves off the ground may change and the position of Volgograd in all sorts of ratings, where so far we have nothing to be proud of. "

look much more optimistic forecasts for the development of hotel and restaurant business in Volgograd.

В«Definitely, Volgograd behind megacities and other essential criteria of development - the president believes the group of companies" table "Viktor Zverev. - For example, the level of development of hotel and restaurant service, in my opinion, we are now at the end of the list of megacities. However, I am confident that under certain conditions, this lag can catch up, and if you do not withdraw Volgograd the leader, then certainly a foothold in the status of "strong middle peasants." The grounds for such optimism I draw in anticipation of the signing of a landmark for the development of our project area a national center "Victory", and in light of the forthcoming visit to Volgograd, Vladimir Putin. Recently, in my opinion, shows the keen interest of the government to change the situation in our region. I see other changes, which can be viewed as a change for the better. For example, the regional administration is taking serious steps towards development and promotion in the region of major sports facilities. In light of the upcoming World Cup and Olympic Games in Sochi in Volgograd in varying stages of completion are projects for the construction of nine hotels. "

But representatives of small and medium-sized businesses still do not see clear prospects for the future.

В«Personally, I'm such a situation does not surprise - said the chairman of the regional branch of the NGO" Support of Russia Vitaly sugars. - It is clear that a high level in this ranking indicates primarily on the level of business development - low wages are far from the upper rows. So, in terms of business development to our city has to grow. Until the green light we receive only major network companies, small businesses will languish, especially against the unjustified increase in electricity tariffs, petrol. If I talked about some kind of an optimistic forecast of the situation, it is only in the light of a full review of local government relations for small and medium businesses. When will create normal conditions for its development, if and salaries in the city will grow. "

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