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I am not going to shoot you!.

Today, the anniversary of the tragic death of a duel in Pyatigorsk on 15 July (Old Style) in 1841 the great Russian poet Mikhail Lermontov.

According to Stavropol traditions emerging writers, scholars, schoolchildren, students, city dwellers spend Memorial Day poet. Authorship of the idea belongs to the Deputy Chairman of the UK Government Alla Zolotukhina. Important note: action is informal, no no orders to appear at the monument and Lermontov В«participateВ». It is above all a culture event, and met last year in the central square near the monument to the poet Stavropol remember what they enjoyed the bright atmosphere. We are living today, a special duty - to connect those who have been with those who will. Cultural continuity makes people people.

There is something deeply symbolic in the fact that Mikhail Lermontov was killed in the Caucasus ... Where is the life of bullets was so rapid that quickly turned into a death.

Maybe Lermontov especially because we love that it simultaneously so genius, and so young. A young - those who did not manage to lose lives. Another reason for our proniknovennogo to the poet - connecting us to the Caucasus. Himself history Caucasian land became a place where Russia is a new tradition of self.

Imagine the young educated people of XIX century, out of range of normal life, with its secular conditionalities. And then suddenly a free people - Cossacks - self, one's own happiness. And Highlanders - are not Europeans! Caucasus before the young officers as peace on the first day of creation, this clash vysekalo spark: who am I? Because of such issues has grown В«hero of our timeВ», and later - the whole Tolstoy, formation of which occurred in the Caucasus.

Still, want to find the В«primaryВ» explanation magneticheskogo charm Lermontov. It is in the immortality of the Russian poet. Modern life with its star-odnodnevkami - alas, continuous deterioration of taste.

Immortality is our classics gives us a sense of the future.

And we should not forget that along with Pushkin Lermontov - creator of the modern Russian language in which we speak ... In the Stavropol all breathe the name of the poet. Regional Library Theater, one of the city streets identified by his name. As talk of Pyatigorsk - a city-monument to the poet. Incidentally, it is in these days of events particularly convinced of the need for professionalism, whether it is a ministerial employee, librarian, museum or academic gumanitary. The day before Memorial Day, I talked to Professor Vyacheslav Golovko MSP, who said:

- Lermontov - personality infinitely complicated. His image can be interpreted as seditious, prophetic, but it is especially attractive as a phenomenon of high culture. This means that Lermontov referred all sides of life: from the ground up to the sky. So classic and modern, that in every moment of life is addressed to everyone. And do not forget that Lermontov was thought very important for the Russian spirit:

but wants all my soul
In all come
to perfection ...

Outside of this great goal of human consciousness Russian melchaet, decreases as shagrenevaya skin, but we wonder where our lives so sick of ...

doing at that time works Stavropolski poet Vitislava Hodareva, Vyacheslav Golovko found them gathered in a unique anthology of superstitions southern Russian Cossacks amazing story. Cossacks have long existed custom clear stellar night lead of five children in the steppe.

В«See - told him the mother - the stars - this is the eyes of our ancestors who have always followed, as is a man on earth, and his every action or condemn or blessВ».

This image oduhotvorennogo moral sky appears in the monologue in Pechorin story В«FatalistВ», the key to comprehension of the philosophical novel. Legend of the front-star B. Hodarev wrote in stanitsa Chervlennaya, where at one time happened and Lermontov. This V. Golovko heritage scientist made the world, but it is important to understand more and more. The fact that a young genius absorbed in the Caucasus, a masterpiece of a masterpiece, returned to us.

No less interesting is another experience of studying the events that occurred 164 years ago. Students first course under the guidance of SSU associate professor at the Department of Cultural Anatoly Durov recreate the history of the duel and the death of Mikhail Lermontov. They examined all available memuarny and literary material, conducted an expedition to the places associated with the last days of life of the poet, spoke with the Fellows House Lermontov. In other words, the self-identified В«darkВ» and В«whiteВ» stain tragedy occurred. The logic of research has led them to create their own version of the duel, which they transferred to a theatrical language. The genre for the production of written script was selected as the unexpected: all the forgotten shadowgraph recreating only В«pointВ» - no distracting details ... My thoughts on the fate and identity of Lermontov Anatoly Durov (teacher, director, actor) has not ceased:

- In the last year of his life began transformation of the poet, the release of demonizma and the disharmony that embodies youth.

He thought about bestselnosti hostility, he regretted man, reminded him that В«the sky is clearВ» and В«a lot of air space to allВ» ... tense internal work - this is particularly dear to us than Lermontov. But to truly understand its human essence, it is necessary to remember about the last moments poet. In the fateful moment, as the first shooter, he firmly stated Martynov: В«I am in you, fool, do not shoot ...В». What is it doing? At the cost of living Mikhail Lermontov endorsed a human right, no matter what, stay a man. This neprozvuchavshy shot - a testament to us ...


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