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The owner of real estate agents defraud Rostovites housing.

Rostov realtor, earned about 20 million rubles, reselling houses and apartments of their clients. On its "bait" come across people who urgently need money and are in difficult situations ..

Rostov realtor, earned about 20 million rubles, reselling houses and apartments of their clients. On its "bait" come across people who urgently need money and in difficult situations.

As told in the press service of the Department of Internal Affairs for the Rostov region, CEO, Citizen Somov (name changed), eight years ago, opened his agency for the sale of real estate. Rostov and the Rostov area residents learned about the services provided by the company from the media. The agency was engaged in buying and selling residential property, and also provides its clients with large amounts of loans on the security of their residential property.

Employees of the department for combating economic crime police department for the city of Rostov-on-Don found out: Somov literate lawyer developed a simple but effective scheme, through which a long time deceiving honest people . Enterprising realtor suggested that its "bait" fall to people caught in a hopeless situation in life, who desperately need the money and want to get money in the shortest possible time at a very small percentage. And he was right.

Agency requested only 9% over the loan each month. This is two or even three times lower than the bank interest on loans. No small interest, nor that the real estate agency, in principle, offers the loan is not alerted in urgent need of cash customers.

Businessman Somov lend any amount in cash, and once in place: one and a half, two, four million rubles. The client only had to pass on bail your property. Instead, the loan agreement realtor offered to sign a contract of sale of the property. Som and his staff, among whom was his own wife, to convince people that their real estate agency is absolutely not necessary! Then told about the conditions of the deal - in the year the borrower pays a lump sum, plus interest, then the agency again concluded with a contract of sale, and real estate goes back into the possession of the client.

В«In such conditions it is tempting-suspicious people to go for different reasons. Someone pushes on the move urgently need to pay a large bank debt, someone needed money for vital operations - explains the press officer of the Department of Internal Affairs for the Rostov region. - None of the victims until recently had no idea that the director Somov and did not intend to return their property. People continue to live in their homes and regularly paying "machination" in debt and did not assume that they are already in someone else's apartment or house. "

Somov and his subordinates have repeatedly resold the mortgaged property to remain virtually impossible to return property to its owner.

В«Today in the Economic Crimes Department of Internal Affairs for the city of Rostov-on-Don asked five citizens on the fact of fraudulent action by the director of the agency. The total amount of damage on them was around 20 million rubles. However, we have information that the number of victims is much higher - said Head of Economic Crime Department of Internal Affairs of Rostov, Igor Denisenko. - Many victims have learned that their own house or apartment more they do not belong, when they came to evict the new owners with the bailiffs. "

Now the suspected criminal case under article "Fraud". The businessman is under travel restrictions, were under investigation.

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