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On the situation in the market of medicines.

In 2010, the Federal Antimonopoly Service for the Stavropol Territory the analysis of the retail market of medicines, medical products and related goods in the 26 municipalities of Stavropol.

In 2010, the Federal Antimonopoly Service for the Stavropol Territory the analysis of the retail market of medicines, medical products and related goods in the 26 municipalities of the Stavropol region, endowed with the status of the municipal district and 9 municipalities who have the status of the urban district. In the region, studied at the market, there are more than 1400 pharmacies various forms of ownership: state. GUPy, municipal. MUPy, private ownership, as represented by individual pharmacies, and pharmacy chains. You can select up to 70 drugstore chains, operating on local markets of the region. It should be noted that private pharmacies in quantitative terms prevail over state and municipal.

In urban Caucasian Mineral Waters are drugstore chains LLC "Adonis", OOO "Flora", PI Goncharov, JV, JSC "Lear" and others, in the city Stavropol act pharmacy chains such as LLC Medchesta Plus, the Stavropol city pharmacies, LLC Eksom-2, LLC Melody health ", etc. In Kochubeevskoe metro area represented Pharmacy Network LLC Melissa," in Novoaleksandrovsk. Ltd. "Rada" in Apanasenkovsky area. IP Ivanenko NA

Pharmaceutical institutions in the Stavropol region posted uneven, mainly in large cities. This, in turn, entails the unequal level of competition (up to the lack of a competitive environment) for local markets. However, the results of the analysis we can conclude that in almost every municipality of the Stavropol Territory from year to year, an increase in the number of pharmacies. The retail sale of medicines, medical devices and related products are currently developing dynamically. Only 8 of the 35 municipalities on the edge of the market are economic entities with evidence of dominance (market share> 50%).

information about economic entities with dominant position, or having studied the market share of more than 35 percent represented in the Registry, which is posted on the official site of the FAS Russia by UK www.stavropol.fas . topic Вќ Roster businesses В›.

In addition to analyzing markets Antimonopoly Service, fulfilling their responsibilities, controls the price (high monopoly prices) imposed by the economic entities with dominant position on the relevant product markets.

In this connection, FAS Russia's Stavropol Region now on the instructions of FAS Russia carries out quarterly monitoring of drug prices among economic entities with the relevant product market share of more than 35 % or a dominant position (percentage over 50%). Such entities in the region to date eleven.

from 01.04.2010 in the Stavropol Territory is valid decision of the regional tariff commission (RTC) of the Stavropol Territory on 27.02.2010 В? 05 / 1 Вќ On the maximum wholesale and retail price premiums for vital and essential drugs sold in the Stavropol Territory В›. For drugs that do not belong to a vital and essential drugs, limiting the retail markup is not installed.

monitoring results suggest that, as of 1/1/2011 at pharmacies edges (regions of monitoring) were not observed above the established RTC Stavropol limit retail margins on vital and essential drugs.

The overall situation on the drugs market is currently in the region can be estimated as a competitive and prosperous in terms of pricing.

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