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Bella Swan vs Elena Gilbert.

We have before us two charming girls: Bella Swan in "Twilight" and Helen Gilbert of "Vampire Diaries". Both are lovely and self-sacrificing, both the fate (and the imagination of writers of similar books) faced with extraordinary challenges. .

Compare the two franchises is useless: and "Saga", and "Diaries" is a sufficiently large number of fans who are ready to the last drop of blood to defend the primacy of a favorite movie, and both parties will be in its own right.

Still, Bell and Helen, as Kristen and Nina, deserve to look at them more closely.

В«Vampire Diaries" have to "Twilight" saga "a significant advantage of the dynamism - Twilight characters more passionate romantic feelings, and Helen and brothers Salvatore almost every series faced with a new evil. Because sometimes it seems that Bella Swan, a more limited character, because the only creature in which she fights - it's her boyfriend, Edward Cullen. Vampire clan captures the imagination of the Olympic Bella almost immediately, and soon she did not imagine himself without Edward. Bella does not want to see in your favorite negative traits: not that he's a vampire, he once killed people, and even now is able to sometimes not very nice things. In addition, Bella once and forever take Edward for who he is, in every way she persuades him to make her a vampire, and only love and honesty, Edward did not allow him to take that step up to the critical moment.

Helen Gilbert presents us with a more reasonable and sensible style: she is afraid she doubted, she refuses to accept a situation in which unwittingly hit and does not want to give up his world in peace Stephen. Another difference from Helena Bella Swan is that the heroine of "Diaries" is not afraid of other people and not shy of their society; Elena initially very bright and cheerful style, and only an irreparable tragedy affect its openness. After gaining support, Helen is again the same - she is always ready to help, give your opinion, but at the same time get stuck into a new interesting story.

Kristen Stewart is part of its role was not entitled to excessively strong emotions, and this was reflected in her own reputation: despite the fact that Kristen is a great actress, she was a hostage of the nature of his character - flaws Bella already routinely blamed on lack of talent of the performer role. Therefore, Nina Dobrev also has some advantage over Stewart, as was a great opportunity to get used to once in two contrasting characters.

But if the actresses all more or less clear why the nature of their characters are so much different, because, in fact, they faced the same problem - in their lives penetrated something unnatural, and in the heart became Love to all-time creatures. Why does Bella Swan Edward Cullen was a shadow, and Elena Gilbert left itself? Or the actions of Bella is due primarily to a passion for Edward? But why, then, Helen, in love with Stephen, knows his worth? Encourage readers to the discussion: what is actually a difference in the characters of Bella and Helen - commercial move, or just a glitch screenwriters life ?..

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