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Jacob Black - Twilight of the wolf.

Jacob Black was born on a reservation Quileute of La Push and became the third child and the long-awaited successor since his father was a descendant of the last leaders of the Quileute tribe ..

Family lived happily, but when the boy was only 4 years old, his mother died in a car crash. At this misfortune did not end there: 10 years later got in an accident and his father, resulting in a paralysis of the legs. Jake's older sisters had already left to study in Washington, so that the boy was left alone with a paralyzed father and did everything he could to help a loved one.

with Bell Jacob was familiar from childhood, because their fathers were friends. When Bell was visiting his father, he sometimes brought her to play with Jake's older sisters when they went to Bill Black for fishing. But it was a kid, but now he met a grown up Bella on the beach in La Push and immediately was filled with sympathy for her. Friendly feeling grew into a romantic, when a year later survived a tragedy on a personal front, Bell turned to him for help as a mechanic. Even then he realized that between the firm is Edward Cullen, but still did his best to win the love of a girl.

At the same time Jacob learned that the local legends about werewolves - not a fairy tale, moreover, he experienced the first transformation, and himself became one of the wolf pack. Discover all Bella pushed him away, which further strengthened their mutual friendship, but at the same time Jacob desperately jealous of Edward. He finally realized what was the reason for his dislike of Edward realized that Edward Cullen and others read his thoughts and that it is the presence of a family of vampires was the reason that he turned into a werewolf and forever lost the possibility of a normal life with my girlfriend. Jacob and Bella's friendship ended when she married Edward, but in moments of danger Jacob always came true, no matter how it hurts.

Taylor Lautner:

В«Jacob really interesting character, because it definitely feels like a stranger to others, because he does not attend the same school, because he lives on the reservation. But Bell does not allow him to feel like an outsider. At the same time, Jacob helped Bella escape from a protracted depression. She even tried to commit suicide because she was upset. Jacob for her sunbeam. He returns her to life, pulling out of the swamp. "

In the final part of the "Twilight" found a happy ending for Jacob, and in that moment when he was convinced that all was lost. After Bell had a daughter and almost died from injuries he, confident in her death and has long been voznenavidevshy child was almost killed a girl ... But I could not. Jacob looked into the eyes of babes, and in an instant it became for him the most expensive substance on earth. Thus the words come true Bella that Jacob would let her go only when love another, but nobody could not think of who would be mistress of Jacob. The happy outcome of the tragic situation has reconciled with his father Jacob and Renesmee, because Edward had read in his mind that he does not wait for the time when it matures, but simply seeks to make her happy. Jake's not very long wait, a child becomes an adult Dampier Renesmee after seven years.

character was originally conceived by the author as an episodic, it was only to the first part of the saga to tell Bella about Edward's secret. But the character of Jake went so sunny, kind, honest and strong, that Stephenie Meyer has decided to make it more meaningful and independent.

Stephenie Meyer:

В«My favorite gift that I gave the New Moon. Jacob - the first in my experience, the case where the character is moved to a new level - an episodic character, which revealed so much character and life that I could not keep him locked in a tiny role ... From the beginning, even when Jacob appeared only in the sixth chapter Twilight, he was so alive. He really loves me. More than the cost for such a small role. "

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