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The soundtrack to the TV series Californication (Californication).

Music for the film consists of rock tracks 60-80 ..

Main character Californication - Hank Moody in a hell of a charismatic performance by David Duchovny, "analog guy in a digital age." Among the most notable soundtrack songs: a cover of My Morning Jacket on "Rocket Man" Elton John, Bob Dylan's song "If You See Her, Say Hello" (from the album Blood On The Tracks - "music for broken hearts"), remix Doors "LAWoman" Paul Oakenfold and many more.

creative crisis los anzhelevskogo writer Hank Moody is accompanied by sex, booze and a desire to restore the family. In this series, whose name in Russian sounds like "Californication" (or simply Kalifornikeyshn), I noticed a reference to Charles Bukowski, for his lyrical-debauchee Henry Chinaski also styled Hank, and he lives in LA - the city of angels and his daily diet - standing alcohol and women.

I think Hank Moody - David Duchovny, best role after starring in the TV series Twin Peaks, where he played agent disguised as a woman. As for Bukowski, you'll notice that in one scene, his book reads beloved protagonist, Karen (Natascha MakElhon). A daughter of Hank Rebecca (Madeleine Martin) looks like a golden girl black gothic American writer Poppy Brite. Several songs, performed by young Meydelin also included in the soundtrack.

As instrumentals on the soundtrack - it includes the main theme of the show-saver (guitar shoegaze).

Californication OST (season 1) - Temptation (2007)

01 The Rolling Stones - You Can't Always Get What You Want

02 Peeping Tom - Mojo

03 My Morning Jacket - Rocket Man

04 The Doors / Paul Oakenfold - L.A. Woman (Paul Oakenfold Remix)

05 Tommy Stinson - Light of Day

06 Josh Blake & The Country Gentlemen - Pain and Misery

07 Mindy Smith - Peace of Mind

08 Arco - Lullaby

2009 Bob Dylan - If You See Her, Say Hello

10 Harvey Danger - Little Round Mirrors

11 Madeleine Martin - Don't Let Us Get Sick

1912 Gus Black - Paranoid

13 Argyle Johansen - Sunny Day in Hell

14 Mexican Institute of Sound - A Girl Like You

15 Bonobo (featuring Bajka) - Between The Lines

16 Warren Zevon - Mohammed's Radio

17 Madeleine Martin - Surrender

18 The Heavy - That Kind of Man

1919 Lodger - Bad Place to Earn A Living

1920 Champion - Keep On

21 Reckless Kelly & Steve Earle - Reconsider Me

22 Madeleine Martin - Only Women Bleed

23 Elton John - High Flying Bird

24 Tommy Stinson & Friends for Done To Death - You Can't Always Get What You Want

25 Tyler Bates & Tree Adams - Hank's Theme

26 Tyler Bates & Tree Adams - Main Title Theme From Californication

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