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Don farmers receive state aid.

Yesterday in the Agro-Industrial Forum of Southern Russia held their annual XXIII Conference of the Association of Peasants (farmers') farms, cooperatives and other small agricultural producers of the Rostov region.

Key theme of the conference were Don Farmer solutions articulated by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin two days ago in Tambov, the All-Russian Congress of the farmers.

According to Deputy Governor Don - Minister of Agriculture and Food Vladimir Cherkezova, who visited the congress in Tambov, along with a delegation of farmers of the Rostov region, during a meeting with the Prime Minister, the Agrarians slightly Does not the first time they had received specific answers to your most troubling questions.

- This is a truly historic congress because it fundamentally changes the relationship to the farmers' movement of the Russian Federation, and today we realize that this will give a further leap in the effectiveness of agriculture - said Vladimir Cherkezov. - For every invested ruble in farm yields good results.

According to the decisions of the Congress, farmers are waiting for various benefits in the design of land, the acquisition of machinery and equipment. State support is waiting and beginning farmers, and serious work will be to attract young people into agriculture and business.

head of the regional Ministry of Agriculture has assured farmers that the government of the Rostov region, in turn, will do everything possible to promises made at the congress of the Federal Government, were transformed into action at the Don land:

- We have already taken in this direction constructive steps. Has been increased funding for agriculture from the regional budget. Literally in the last few days, the governor decided to continue its program of subsidizing the acquisition of Don agricultural machinery, and also signed a decree on compensation for 50% of the cost of innovation in agricultural production. Now solved the problem subsidizing costs for purchased late last year, mineral fertilizers, which will be made under the current crop.

In addition, this year the Rostov region is planned to connect to the implementation of the departmental target program "Development of the Pilot family of dairy cattle farms based on individual farms, 2009-2011." Has already produced two pilot projects, 100 head of cattle each, and Bagaevskom Peschanokopskom areas. Milk production family farms will be able to implement existing processing plants - is Semikarakorsk cheese factory and Peschanokopsky molzavod.

Within farming conference, participants discussed a number of topical issues of agricultural area. The report on basic indicators for the 20-year farming movement in the Don and information about the development prospects of individual farms by the President of the Association of Farmers of the Rostov area Alexander Rodin / b>.

At the conclusion of the event, 9 heads of farms in high volumes in agriculture and in the 20 th anniversary of farms in the Rostov region were awarded Letters of thanks the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Rostov area.

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