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Volgograd mayor removed from office with an error.

Representatives of Volgograd Region Administration acknowledged that a resolution on impeachment of the mayor of Volgograd Roman Grebennikov contained erroneous information.


Today, March 4, held a preliminary meeting at the suit of Roman Grebennikov to invalidate regulations the Head of Administration of Volgograd region Anatoly Brovko. Roman Grebennikov himself was absent at the meeting, his interests were represented by a lawyer Ruslan Gusev. The meeting heard a petition by Roman Grebennikov and attached to the case documents. At trial, it turns out an interesting fact: as it turned out, the decision to impeach the Roman Grebennikov from the mayor was not based on duly certified copies of court decisions, and the conventional blueprint. It is this negligence on the assumption that the plaintiff's counsel, and caused a loud embarrassment: the data about one of the judgments in the text of the governor's orders were incorrect. In particular, it was incorrectly listed the year a decision - - the year 2009 instead of 2010.

Representatives of the Administration of Volgograd region were forced to admit the existence of negligence, but called it has no real significance technical error. No less interesting and the way in which Anatoly Brovko found on non-mayor of Volgograd court decisions. Replying to a question, counsel Grebennikov, representatives of regional administration named three sources: information, voiced at a meeting of the Coordinating Council, a letter to the head of regional management bailiffs and numerous requests from citizens about violations of their housing rights, the head of Volgograd.

The position of the plaintiff, of the eight court decisions, the failure of which is accused of Roman Grebennikov, in only one of the administration of Volgograd are illegal. But it can not be taken as the basis for decisions on dissolution of the mayor, because, according to counsel, this court decision was effectively enforced. In this case, none of the court decisions do not prove the fact of violations of the rights and freedoms that are referenced in its ruling, the head of the region. All this, according to the applicant and his lawyer, more than enough for the recognition of decisions the governor illegal.

Representatives of the Administration of Volgograd region have protested a statement by Roman Grebennikov, joined by a representative and mayor of Volgograd. By the way, the degree of preparation of the last eloquent of all is the fact that most of the questions the plaintiff's lawyer and judge, he responded with the phrase: "Do not know". When it became clear that the appointment of Acting Mayor Sergei Sokolov, the city administration to withdraw all previously sent a petition for a stay of execution a series of court decisions, clearly explain the reasons for this action is representative of the mayor's office could not. And the question is whether the legality of the Municipality of apartments to disabled children and orphans without a court order, he literally said: "I think rightly, although in this life anything is possible."

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