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"United Russia" sent "spravedlivorossam" package with a hint.

Don "United Russia" on the eve of the election on March 13 was sent to the regional office of the Just Russia parcel with the current edition of the Federal Law "On Basic Guarantees of Electoral Rights".

В«The new political season" spravedlivorossy "began, as always, with claims complaints baseless charge, - said the unusual campaign director of the Regional Executive Committee of the regional branch of the Party "United Russia" Alexander Nechushkin. - The official website of Don "spravedlivorossov" February 24 appeared "indictment" opinion on the document "United Russia", presented in the territorial election commission particularly in the Azov, Millerovo, Krasny Sulin. According to "spravedlivorossov, and signatures of those documents are not furnished and well, and everything is not so - not as a" spravedlivorossov "probably.

Alas, apparently, with legal competence is not all right in the camp of the Just Russia on the Don.

In particular, in their opinion, all the candidates, "United Russia" presented to the electoral commission has not decided to establish the local branch of United Russia, and improperly certified extract from the decision of the Regional Political Council of the Party on the establishment of local offices.

Alas, apparently, "the competent spravedlivorossam" do not know what in legal science and practice has long been there such a thing as an extract from the document. Have to report that an extract from the document is legally binding original. Candidates, "United Russia" in the election commissions were represented as time properly executed statement from the decision of the regional political council of the Party on the establishment of local offices.

Also, our opponents believe that the documents of candidates from the "United Russia" is not a decision of the General Meeting of the local branch of the Party to create them, although Charter of Unity and Fatherland "is clearly stated, that this document is an integral part of the package for registration.

Dear Party members, "spravedlivorossy" need to know that the Charter of Unity and Fatherland "as the Constitution of any other political party does not set and can not establish a list of election documents required for registration. A list of documents submitted by candidates for nomination and registration, the Federal Law "On basic guarantees of electoral rights."

current edition of subparagraph "a" of paragraph 14.5 of Article 35 of the Act says that if the union election is not a legal entity, the candidate must submit to the Election Commission a document - the decision to establishment of an electoral association. All candidates from United Russia "the document - an excerpt from the decision of the regional political council of the Party to establish a local branch of the Party - was presented.

should also be noted that according to the current edition of the Charter of the Party "United Russia", local offices are one outcome of the regional political council.

The text placed "spravedlivorossami" Post says that in October 2010 in Rostov-on-Don for violations in the design documents were not allowed to elect the candidates of the Liberal Democratic Party.

Dear colleagues, there should be voters and the electoral commission in error. Candidates from the Liberal Democratic Party was denied by election commissions to register due to lack of necessary documents, but not for deficiencies in their design. In addition, the legality of decisions of electoral commissions has been verified by the courts of various instances. Judicial decisions, which entered into force, decisions of electoral commissions have been recognition of the legitimate and reasonable. Do not transfer their legal incompetence on the election commissions and courts!

В«competent spravedlivorossy" Having reported the Chairman of the CEC and the media about the allegedly existing violations. But apparently, dishonorable and unacceptable to draw conclusions about the presence of any wrongdoing, has not held court. The court held, the requirements of "spravedlivorossov" legitimizing and unfounded. In addressing the application is denied.

carefully study the legislation, colleagues, party members! В»

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