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Clearing mature by May? .

Buy card cashless fare collection in public transport and pay virtual money in public transport will be able to Rostov in May ..

Yet commercially available maps do not, and transport workers continue to sort out its relationship with the developers of the system and the city administration.

The fact that from March Rostov will ride public transport for plastic cards, during the January briefing, told reporters the Department of Transportation director of Rostov-on-Don, Gennady branding.

В«Today, technical devices equipped with 506 units of vehicles from 904, more than 50%, we plan from March 1 to start the system in trial operation. The system will initially operate on two companies - trolley "Ruseltransa and rolling stock ATP Transservice, only about 150 units. Prior to May 1 on all rolling stock system is implemented. By this time, will be issued to social maps ", - he said.

, however, clearly outlined by the beginning of the picture soon began to fall apart. A few days later, in early February, the timelines for the implementation of the system in question put the leaders of the ATP: they refused to sign the agreement, describing the condition of non-cash bondage for himself, and demanded renegotiation of the agreement.

В«They have not simply refused, they had a number of observations. Powered Conciliation Commission, a six-point three already agreed by the end of February, I think, will be achieved mutual understanding "- described the progress made at a press conference on 18 February, the Deputy Mayor Victor Kocherga.

That work is still moving and clearing era is approaching, said, "animating" the device to receive virtual money. First on the yellow box flashed colored lights and in the last ten days of February of the installed trolley devices even seemed receipt. However, on this all over again sank: the promised terminals and cards of Rostov in the first half day of March have not seen. As the correspondent of the information center of the system operator, the companies' growth in transport, they appear in the coming months.

В«May 1 will launch the official launch of the project, and then the population will be able to get maps and travel on them. As for March, then in this case it was a test mode. While you can not buy a card, and pay for rolling stock equipped with cashless payment devices can be cash, "- told a company representative. Meanwhile, the official portal transport growth has already published a list of terminals and the address where they will be placed.

lucky owners of cards can be called a senior citizens: as said Director of Social Welfare Rostov Elena Baturin, the issuance of "electronic travel" started on 17 January. Cards to pay the fare, highlighted in the bodies of social protection, on "Social card pensioner" will also be available from May 1, 2011. Following the turn - students.

В«We have handed over the money to produce cards, and for a long time, but it still did not give" - told mom class 10 student of one of the Rostov schools Elena.

However, the "mature" Whether clearing by May as soon as the card from the category of gifts will be the means of payment, is difficult to assess. By the time of delivery of article comments Director of the Department of Transport in Rostov-on-Don, Gennady Kleimenova was not available: it has, specified in the waiting room, there was a meeting. Meanwhile, as it told the representative of an ATP Rostov, a consensus with the operator and the administration has not yet been reached.

В«Just yesterday, our guide was at the meeting on this issue in the city, but the situation has not changed", - told the correspondent of the interlocutor.

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