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A former police chief minister selected the medal of Kuban.

Yesterday's press-center the Interior Ministry said the head of the ministry, Rashid Nurgaliyev canceled his order awarding a former police chief of the Krasnodar Krai Sergey Kucheruk departmental medal for his services in the management "of the second degree. .

Week ago Rashid Nurgaliev personally presented the award Sergey Kucheruk, who was sacked after the massacre in the village Kushchevskaya, noting that despite the incident, it is impossible to underestimate the contribution that Lieutenant-General made to the work of the Kuban police.

yesterday's press center, the Interior Ministry, Oleg Yelnikov told Kommersant that the Interior Minister Rashid Nurgaliyev canceled his order awarding Sergei Kucheruk departmental MIA Medal for Merit in Management Review "second degree.

recall Sergei Kucheruk was removed from office by the decision of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on November 30 last year, shortly after the massacre in the village Kushchevskaya. "In recent years, Russia experienced a series of tragic events. Their reasons are including laxity in law enforcement and other government bodies, they are often the direct splicing of crime. In one of these episodes, I have decided to dismiss police chief of the Krasnodar Territory" - said during his address with a message to the Federal Assembly, Dmitry Medvedev.

Sergei Kucheruk was dismissed from the bodies of internal affairs and is currently working as a Deputy Director General for Security JSC Krayinvestbank ", founded by the administration of the region.

However, on February 22 this year, Rashid Nurgaliyev unexpectedly rewarded Sergei Kucheruk departmental medal. Awarding ceremony was held at a meeting with staff of the Minister of Internal Affairs of Krasnodar Region, dedicated to the presentation of the new head of the central directorate, Vladimir Vinevskogo. "Despite what happened, we can not underestimate the contribution that made Sergei Alexandrovich (Kucheruk. -" b ") in the work of the Kuban police, so I decided to award him" - said the Minister and personally pinned a medal to his jacket lapel dismissed the president of a policeman.

Yesterday it became clear that Rashid Nurgaliyev has awarded the former head of the Kuban policemen by mistake. "He (Sergey Kucheruk .-" b ") was awarded in breach of the rules, so the order was canceled," - explained to Kommersant, Mr. Elnikov. According to him, according to the rules "of the departmental medal may be awarded only acting heads the Interior Ministry a certain rank, and Sergei Kucheruk at the time of award has already been fired. Note that the deprivation of departmental medals (general should it pass, along with a certificate in personnel service), a small loss to Sergei Kucheruk. Previously, he was awarded the Order of Courage, "For Merit" fourth degree, Honor, gosmedalyami "For Distinguished Service to the Public Order and Zhukova, and Makarov pistol and cutlass.

According to experts, the reason for cancellation of the order of the Minister, is likely to become extremely negative reaction of public opinion in awarding master Kucheruk. Director of State Unitary Enterprise "Kuban sociological center Nick and Paul believes that the mere dismissal of the head of the regional police, which the president said during the address to the Federal Assembly - is an unprecedented event that demonstrates a huge public outcry events. "In this situation, the demonstrative rewarding Sergei Kucheruk probably angered top officials" - has assumed a sociologist.

Receive comment itself Sergei Kucheruk Kommersant yesterday failed - in his reception in Krayinvestbank told that he was at the meeting, and when released, are unknown.

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