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The new elite of Volgograd.

The change of elites in the political community and regional business Volgograd no longer surprising. Celestials of power and money come and go - someone to raise, who is wanted or under trial. .

But one thing is certain: by 2012 - the year of election of the new Russian president - the most important decisions in business, politics and culture of the region will take new people, the current generation of 20-40-year-old Volgograd already know firsthand how the smell of money, so and the taste of power.

compiled a list of 100 known Volgograd - not encyclopedic guide future rulers of the region. No doubt he has some subjectivity caused by a variety of views, experts involved, and the incomprehensibility of human lives in the future. Is not excluded that some of these hundreds of politicians and top managers, the owners of trendy clubs and athletes, not only will not improve by 2012, current status, but can generally get away with a big Volgograd arena. It is difficult to avoid when working with such material. And is not intended goal banal listed in alphabetical order for children and young relatives of known officials, politicians and businessmen in the region. With the help of experts, identified only by those who to date has proved himself in his chosen field and whose future prospects seem to be most significant. These are the 100 people who not only has experience of successful operation, a decent education, leadership skills and charisma, but also considerable potential to influence the development of the city.

Golden Children

В«Handsome Boy on Dad's car travels quickly on the street of happiness" ... Pass these boys and the streets of Volgograd. Bentley, Mercedes, Infiniti ... No one doubts that the boy majeure, which is happy only because they successfully born into a wealthy family, "family ties to put his feet." Respectively, and place in the elite of the city have already been registered by inheritance for him and only him.

But, as practice shows, in Volgograd, the children of successful parents do not always lead parasitic lifestyle. Among the many and those who successfully finish high school and then every day going to work. The majority of adult children of famous businessmen in Volgograd continue the family tradition, as, for example, Timur Kirimov, son of the owner of the publishing in the region of the complex, a number of catering establishments, as well as beauty salons Yuri Kirimova. Also picked up his father guide bus factories Volzhanin Alex Bakulin. Some people prefer to work for hire. For example, children of ex-Governor Nikolai Maksyuta successfully in Lukoil, the children of ex-mayor of Volgograd Yuri Chekhov found himself in advertising and banking, and his son for many years headed the urban economy Volgograd Deputy Mayor Oleg Kapustin generally went the other way and now currently headed by one of the city's clinics.

В«majeure, which live only in night life, not so much - explains the art director of nightclub CALYPSO Max Reich. - It's usually young people between the ages of 18 and 25 years who never work, but visited a large number of entertainment options. Of such permanent party people at all Volgograd no more than 100 people. In fact, no one except the parents themselves are not taken seriously. Normal and adequate child of successful parents in our town so much more. There are even some who believe that we are obliged to serve in the army. Although otmazatsya to perform services for them is not a problem. "

However, Maxim Reich acknowledged that he personally wealthy heirs of Volgograd, who managed to break themselves in life, without the help of his parents, he does not know. In any case, the family gives majeure a share capital, communication and negotiation skills. The most popular line of action today to ensure a young person - is opening their own business. In this particular fantasy nobody shows - mostly engaged in trade, whether it be clothing, accessories or cars. Some even try to open their own clubs, but most of the projects are viable.

В«I myself was majeure, - Well known businessman Leonid Semergey Volgograd. - My father was the director of the farm. And in those days it was very significant. However, I went to an ordinary jacket and worked with the fifth grade on the tractor. My son, incidentally, also like that. Once graduated from high school, stopped taking money from us. Of course, we lived together, fed him. But on the pocket money he earned himself always. "

Businessman Ruslan Sharifov

Meanwhile, a prominent businessman, and, incidentally, also the son of one of the top managers of LUKOIL Ruslan Sharifov sees nothing wrong with the modern "golden children". "They are studying in institutions of higher learning, and it's a good idea - he says. And the fact that they are able to communicate after their studies at night clubs, only adds to them today. Nobody's fault that they are now more opportunities than other young people. The main thing that the whole majors were men and had some purpose in life that will allow them to become true citizens of the city. I think that those who do nothing and just live it up, - units. Basically I appreciate the modern youth as a growing and positive generation. It has become more modern, and in this more pluses than minuses. "

However, as it turns out, the problem of golden boys and girls, particularly Volgograd not care. "Firstly, they are not so much as it seems - I am sure the head of JSC" Institute Volgogradgrazhdanproekt Andrei Kuprikov - secondly, the rich and wealthy parents - is a big problem for children. They are bred in a hothouse environment, and they are not able to fight. They can only exploit the parent resource. Thank God, nor do they particularly want to work and achieve something. After all, why should plow, if everything is already there? Most are attached to a warm plum, where responsibility and burden is smaller and more sinecures. It has always been, is and will. Units tend to be somebody. By the way, those who escaped from the tutelage of their parents, their fame and fortune, who has made himself, still can not get rid of identification with the "Dad-my mother's son." The ultimate example - Ruslan Sharif which I know well. He's excellent in school, graduated with honors Polytechnic and achieved success on their own. But the constant presence of his father, the pressure of his authority, either way, it hurt. Somehow, some envious people argue that Ruslan my father could not succeed. I'm sure that would be uniquely able to. "

В«Muscovites, we have lost

But the young elite of Volgograd is successful not only within the region. Disdaining small-town approach, in practice, they embody the principle of "The World Is Not Enough. Come from our region on the right went to the Russian business Olympus and the Olympus show business, not to mention the pedestals of the best athletes in the world.

The fact that representatives of the business in Moscow, Volgograd many, the best evidence for the occupancy of flight capital. Remaining in Volgograd businessmen flying to decide cases in Moscow, but there again the successful return to their hearth and home to business and just relax. But among the many who have achieved success in Volgograd Muscovites are the best known ex-mayor of Volgograd, and one of the most successful entrepreneurs of the country Yevgeny Ishchenko, who once flew from the city and vowed never to return.

businessman Yevgeny Ishchenko

Born and raised in Volgograd, Yevgeny Ishchenko, attended the local school and later graduated from boarding school at Moscow State University, where he met future business partner, Andrei Melnichenko and Mikhail Kuznetsov . After boarding enrolled at MSU and another from college plunged into the business. Starting with the sale of lottery tickets in the metro, and after the trade of office equipment, organized a network of currency exchange MDM Bureau, which became the basis for the creation of "MDM-Bank, and in 1998 became the owner of" Soyuzneftegazstroy. Entered politics, he also achieved success and became a member of the State Duma, and after the second attempt - Mayor Volgorada. Now, many experts think of the short-lived leadership of Mr. Ishchenko city as a "ray of light in the darkness." But then, in early 2006, the state Yevgeny Ishchenko, according to the magazine "Finance", estimated at U.S. $ 70 million, and he himself - as the 413th of 720 richest Russians. And already a few months later, Mr. Ishchenko was taken into custody as a suspect with a whole bunch of malfeasance. Send Yevgeny Ishchenko was in jail and as a result was convicted of possession of ammunition, and having served as a punishment released in the courtroom. After the verdict, which defense did not appeal, Mr. Ishchenko left Volgograd and are now successfully doing business in Moscow, while living there permanently with his wife and three children. Business interests in New Orleans, without a doubt he has remained, for example, a bank where the CDF Ishchenko owns nearly 40% of the shares. But consider the Volgograd as core assets, according to rumors, Evgeniy no longer intends to.

However, the young and ambitious volgogradians interested not only in money. New creators and singers remembers the experience of the older generation and in the field of culture and show business. Following Alexandra Pakhmutova, Irina Apeksimova, Tatiana Vedeneyeva and many other equally famous Volgograd figures of Russian culture on the conquest of the capital each year are nominated future famous actors, singers and film actors. Many of them are rightfully succeed. For example, in 1998, arrived in Moscow, so yes there and settled the current lead singer of "Viagra" Albina Dzhanabaeva. She graduated from Gnesinka, worked under contract in Korea, played the role of Snow White in the musical of the same name, and then there was a backing vocalist for Valery Meladze. By the way, Mr. Melandze by persistent rumors in show business, and is called the father of her son Constantine.

singer Irina Dubtsova

Number volgogradians who have achieved success and recognition, large, and each year continues to grow. So, for his roles in theater and film became widely known exchanged diploma Volgograd energy college on "Quartet and" Camille Larin, through the television project "Star Factory" were successful and Irina Dubtsova Prokhor Chaliapin. Began career as a dancer in the nightclubs of the capital Choreography graduate faculty of the Moscow Institute of Culture and Arts Volzhanka Julia Kovalchuk, then one of the members of the "brilliant", and now engaged in a solo project.

Former Volzhanka now lives with the singer Alexei Chumakov, but the rumors about their marriage then appear, then disappear. However, not so long ago, Volgograd could still boast of in the capital of show business and her couples. Fans across the country watched as the lead singer of PLAZMA (Volgograd, this team was better known as Slow Motion) Roman Chernitsyn made a marriage proposal participating in the project "Factory of stars - 4", volgogradke Irina Dubtsova. But, unfortunately, the marriage did not last long and the musicians are now broken up.

Undoubtedly, much more than actors and singers, known in the capital, and far outside the Russian Federation, Volgograd athletes. Some of them we have "lost" since their early childhood. This is a figure skater Evgeni Plushenko and Maxim Marinin. Other athletes also moved to the capital and outside Russia, has already received a lot of gold at the world championships and Olympics. For example, lives in Zhukovsky near Moscow, and only on weekends arrives in Volgograd is one of the most famous athletes of the country Yelena Slesarenko. Becoming in 2002, only fifth at the European Championships in enclosed spaces, it has made rapid ascent: bronze at the Universiade-2003, a victory at the World Championships in enclosed spaces, record and gold medal at the Athens Olympics, World Championship gold in indoor-2006 and many other victories.

Andrew Kuprikov, Co VROO "Business Russia": "a manager and leader - good piece!"

Can a young volgogradets succeed in the region, not having to grow old? Young leaders and managers in business and politics - the way to universal success or the path to destruction achieved? Are today's leaders in the region give way to young, and do it without a fight? Answers to these and other questions also gave entered the Top 100 CEO of the Institute Volgogradgrazhdanproekt and Co regional office "Business Russia" Andrei Kuprikov.

- Andrey, according to some experts, is now all over the country to replace the old elite, people from the pre-perestroika Soviet Union and the business end of the 80's - early 90's, comes already reached a new elite - the young, successful, educated, literate, able to conduct modern business and modern politics. Do you agree?

- The role of the party nomenklatura, who led the country 70 years, and the role of the Communist Party were leveled just once. We all remember the Congress of People's Deputies, we remember, as Yeltsin's chosen, and the events of 1991 and 1993. System collapsed, but there were people - the ones coming from the party and Komsomol elite - they have not gone away. At that time they were young, advanced and creative. But their origin was nomeklaturno-party, their worldview was forged in the hearth of the CPSU. We have a paradoxical thing - to rule and "steer" as they like during the good old "scoop", but to live with it - as in the West. In my opinion the main reason why the USSR collapsed, have been completely chopped off social elevators. Sorry, the instructors began to appear in district committees of the age of 50. CC was a board of elders of the Kremlin. The result - the stagnation and decay. In the 90's and zero - social elevators were also obrubleny. The economy and governance were planning oligarchic. If you belong to any clan - Lukoil, Gazprom or Rosneft, or to friends and classmates, Putin, then the chance you have.

Now the situation is different. Those who today comes to power, including Mr. Medvedev, who forty-odd years, have formed their worldview is in the 90's and zero. Everything good and bad, happened in front of them. Nevertheless, the Putin-Medvedev's generation, I believe the transition. They are no longer nomenclature and party workers sample the USSR, they perceive the global democratic values, but the desire to steer more totalitarian left. Behind them is a new generation of 20-40-year-olds, which sees the democratic values and philosophy of democracy as the basic springboard to develop and most importantly - get the legitimacy of the acquired property. Indeed, until now, for the past 20 years, we have rich people do not like. Moreover, they cause a sharp negativity and rejection in society. The problem of unrecognized legitimacy earned capital in Russia exist, and "guys upstairs" it understands. Therefore, the question of forming a new elite - is, first and foremost, the question of its legitimacy. At the same United States is the "American dream" - a person can get through from laborer to plant manager. A democratic society does not stop the social elevator. If you're really talented, if you want to work, if you are ready to build your career and grow, then you have to do it should be possible. Otherwise, again, 91-Year ...

- And in our region?

- Take the Volgograd region. More than two and a half million people, a huge agricultural area and a powerful industrial center - Volga and Volgograd. Nonweak area, actually. 15-20 years ago with the Volgograd Rostov and Krasnodar no one even compares. We considered the capital of southern Russia. Among the regional centers, we took the leading place. But, we are traditionally strong leftist sentiments. People to protest, brought to the front role of the Communists. This wave Nikolai Maksyuta became first chairman of City Council and from there moved to the governor, absolutely not having the relevant experience of management. Area for a long time cried out federal trend. In Moscow we were relegated to the margins. About the so-called "left-belt" in the least remembered in the distribution of federal money.

For 12 years, the influence on the formation of regional elites have provided two structures - the Communist Party regional committee in the face of Alevtina Victorovna Aparina and company Lukoil. Changed attitudes and oligarchic structures. If, during the reign of Ivan Shabunina Alekperov was sitting in his waiting room, then just a few years already Nikolai K. expecting an audience with Alekperov. Feel the difference. Given that Nikolai K. was kind enough manager, he began to recruit a team on the principle of partisanship and the recommendations of Lukoil. Is not it so? What is it? None. Everything.

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