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School sadomasochistic unpunished.

This is a terrible thing happened in broad daylight in the heart of Rostov. Immediately after school student middle school  79 swept over a deserted dead end for the two garages shestiklassnits and take them beat up ..

Was beaten in the stomach, kicked in the face, and then put on his knees and forced to kiss their feet. But in this mad The kids were not satisfied: pulled off one of the girls pants, and another was forced to kiss the genitals.

Everything that is happening "young ladies" with delight filmed and distributed at school. "Sado-pornorolik" immediately became the hit of the season. Its creators - local celebrities. And their victims - ostracized.

Scandalous video soon got to the teacher. Creators of the show immediately called on the carpet to the director. What was the conversation, we can only guess. But once outside the office, the girls pulled into a school toilet one of his recent victims - Nastia Zadorozhnaya (name teenager for ethical reasons to change. - Comm. Aut.) And started to beat up - hands, feet, head against the wall.

That Nastia suffered serious beatings, shows the doctors' children's city hospital  2, where the girl after inflicted injuries hit on the ambulance.

beating incident in the school toilets confirmed the content of police investigations.

However, this did not prevent the head teacher of school  79 Elena Zaitseva, confidently told, he does not think Nastia victim.

В«In the closet no one touched her, and the girls just talked to her," - commented on the scandalous situation experienced teacher.

В«On the same day we received a call from the school and asked to immediately pick up my daughter" - says the stepfather Nasty.

This has happened to the child, parents do not even explained.

alone all night girl told her stepfather, and he immediately rushed to the police.

news of the impending scandal was very upset pedsostav school  79. A terrible blow to the reputation! And because teachers prefer to hush up the hype.

В«At first I was summoned to the school and it said that Nastia herself to blame. Hardly voluntarily participated in sexual activities. This is despite the video, indicating that it to this rigor, - says the stepfather Nasty. - And then to our home bestowed a cool head and offered not to raise a scandal, citing that her daughter is still to take exams at this school. "

cool head Lyudmila Horyukina this interpretation of events categorically denies.

В«I came to visit only Zadorozhnyi Nastya and insisted that the girl needed to continue their schooling," - said the teacher told.

to the question whether punished participant of the conflict, the teacher replied, "I do not know." Apparently, the story of little agitated.

But school head teacher Elena Zaitseva said with regret that two of the five participating beating put on the account in the police. One of them, according to the teacher, completely undeserved.

Law Enforcement October district were in solidarity with the teachers. In a criminal case parents Nastia was denied on the basis that all parties to the conflict reportedly have not reached adulthood.

Probably for this purpose sixteen Olga Perov (Nasty Beat your head against the wall in the school toilets, the name is changed) "promptly" removed from the case. And only the countless complaints to the prosecutor forced the police to acknowledge Olga Perov party crime.

Materials returned for further investigation. But in a criminal case again denied by describing beatings inflicted Naste as "not harming". The record featured only scrapes and bruises. But the diagnosis of children's city hospital  2, indicative of closed craniocerebral trauma with soft tissue injury, in assessing the severity of injury was not counted as "not confirmed by objective medical evidence." At the same time make an additional request to the hospital the police flatly refused. Apparently feared that obtained from the medical re-classified information in criminal case.

to inflict severe injury Nastia Zadorozhnaya insists expert and psychologist Natalya Mid.

В«According to the results of psychological examination of the girl revealed the presence of severe trauma with symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which recognizes the infliction of serious harm to health. Child needs to conduct a comprehensive psychological and psychiatric examination. And the bodies of inquiry were to nominate her, - the expert believes.

Meanwhile, the parents Nastia Zadorozhnaya tried to fabricate the case. Two of the participating school of the conflict, a statement addressed to the police, pointing out that his stepfather Nastia they allegedly threatened with physical violence and even showed physical abuse. However, at a specified time, the ladies of the "crime" man was on duty in the military garrison in the territory and parts would not leave.

as a result of beatings and psihotravmy Nastia Zadorozhnaya require complex additional treatment. Girl and to this day is on home schooling.

parents of the second victim - Lena Bessonova (name change. - Comm. Aut.) Were forced to move to another district of Rostov and change a child institution.

But their offender with head held march through life. His main lesson they have already received - a lesson of impunity.

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