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"Khloponin, my dear, the abolition of stupidity!".

While in a mountain gorge militants fired on the helicopters, the residents of Elbrus in bayonets embraced the idea of presidential envoy Alexander Khloponin not to allow tourists and their determination to protest are ready to reach Medvedev.

The evening of Friday, February 18, the owner of the souvenir shop on the meadow Cheget Abdul-Karim was waiting for the guests from Moscow. He had already handed them the house two years ago, but he remembered of all the only Vyacheslav Karoo. Approximately 19.30 Mobile Abdul-Kerim rang, and the driver Kanshal trembling voice informed that his bus was attacked. Kanshal managed to report three killed, and then fainted. Kanshal was the driver of the minivan to Sobol, who was carrying tourists Natalia Patrushev, Dennis and Valeri Belokon, Vyacheslav Karoo and Sergey Efremov. Three were shot on the spot, two - Ephraim and Valery Belokon - hospitalized in Nalchik.

driver after drinking and more with no one communicates. Shot bus seized by police.

В«Of course, I was shocked," - recited told three days after the incident, Abdul-Kerim, who is part-time imam Terskol and staunch devout Muslim. Abdul-Karim now only speculate. "She had a name Patrushev. But where those who are attacked, they knew about it? Was it all a provocation from Moscow? "- Generates a conspiracy version of Imam Terskol. Abdul-Karim, like many other locals, he remembered that the militia fighters mummers, of course, in the past, used to stop the car, but killed only if they proved to the police or FSB, which shook their crusts.

In the version that the rebels deliberately attacked the civilian tourists here do not want to believe strongly. Not to mention the observation made by presidential envoy Alexander Khloponin, and indirectly by President Dmitry Medvedev assumption about international terrorist trail.

Until recent events much of the local people underground on words is not sympathetic, but at least tried to show understanding.

В«In my house was broken into by riot police in masks, for I have a prayer mat, put on record, well that just took away my mobile" - in the colors of a local resident told Arsene , who also works part-time cab driver tourists. Arsene believes that "Forest Brothers" generates just lawlessness of law enforcement. In his opinion, the attack on tourists - the height of folly, because tourism - this is the only source of income, but for the collapse of the market, even hiding their local militias should hate them and pass first.

But the facts are implacable. Killed not only for tourists. The same evening, also undermined the upper cable car route in the meadow Azau - modern French trailers, purchased and installed three years ago, the pride of the current leadership of the republic, headed by Arsen Kanokov. The next day, tourists from the suburbs Nicholas and Zaur went with snowboards on a lift, but everything was closed without explanation.

В«We drank all day - what else could I do, and the next morning lift the lower earned", - said Nikolai. All returned to their seats, and the tourists went to the track as if nothing had happened.

quite popular version of that cable car blew due to redistribution of the business (though Kanokov press down for a tourist area and is not shared with the local), strongly refuted the Chief Engineer of Lifts Elbrus Ruslan Zalikhanov. "What is the redistribution of all cable car under our control. That, with Dombai (ski resort in the neighboring Karachay-Cherkessia.) That is, ordered? "- Skeptical threw his hands in a conversation with a reporter. "Why blow up booths at night, because the day would have been the victim and would have been spectacular," - immediately put his assistant.

, however, immediately denied himself: in the afternoon to lay the explosives under a support cable lines can not - in fact notice or tourists, or the servants themselves cable car.

Apparently, the terrorist got up during the day under the guise of tourists, hid behind the rocks, sat there half a day in -15 degrees, and then made his case, he concluded.

Third fact - mined VAZ-2110 in hotel "Turn" in the meadow Cheget - even strange. The fact that he was left 100 meters after the regular checkpoints, and this is the only road in this area - car bombs could hardly pass through the checkpoint undetected. The next day, on duty at the checkpoint traffic police, just in case, replace the Republican party Coll.

Tuesday night by representatives of local businesses and the public gathered in an emergency administration building of the village Elbrus. On the agenda was one issue - how to save the tourist industry.

В«Well, what is nonsense breccia Khloponin, though nearby states staged - wondered one of the speakers. - Khloponin, my dear, the abolition of stupidity! "

It was about the disposal envoy decisively to stop taking tourists. Those present agreed that it makes sense to apply only to President Medvedev. "And where else to turn? Send him an appeal by registered mail, "- says the gray-haired head of the village Uzeyr Kurdanov. More than anyone else in the Elbrus region is not expected. "Let there be a counterterrorist operation, but empty of tourists. We are willing to live within the established framework, but give us bread and Ira, the more we need nothing else "- he pleaded.

Kurdanov admitted that the disaster struck. According to his estimates, the flow of tourists has dropped by 75%, the loss would amount to 8 million rubles per day, which by local standards and with an average salary of 7,000 rubles a lot.

with 80% of revenues going exactly in the high season, in February - March. Incidentally, the summer arrival of European climbers who come to conquer Mount Elbrus, the hope is gone.

evening, all residents of Elbrus, breathless and at full volume listening to television news Medvedev's speech in Vladikavkaz and caught the twilight hope in the words of the president, that should restore everything quickly and do not blame only on the militants.

But on Wednesday night on a hillside outside the settlement of the onetime security forces tracked down a group of seven militants blocked the only road connecting the Elbrus region with the world. The battle ended only in the afternoon - after using helicopter gunships. It is only by the thought that was bombed almost the slope of Mount Elbrus, where skiers ride. In fact, a special operation unfolded in 60 kilometers from the holiday destinations. Efforts of hundreds of soldiers of Internal troops, half of the personnel of the ATS Tyrnyauz and Special Forces led only to elimination of the three militants, while four more escaped. Interlocutor "Gazety.Ru familiar with the underground onetime, claimed victims among the militants were not at all. Involved if these terrorists for the attack on tourists, it is unknown because, in his estimation, in the mountains of the CBD may be hiding up to thousands of armed "Forest Brothers".

Most tourists who gathered in the Elbrus region, themselves now refuse to travel there. Extreme individual tourists, still riding on Mount Elbrus, the unfolding of one of seven armored personnel carriers fortified checkpoints on the road from the airport Mineralnye Vody.

Savvy cabbies convince security forces that passengers with skis and snowboards - in fact, relatives of patients who come to treat asthma clean mountain air.

В«We burst from the battle" - told representatives of the associations Elbrus taxi drivers. One had broken through - tourist Anna from Krasnodar, who came with her little brother and parents. "They kill anywhere but here, in principle, calmly," - she said philosophically.

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