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Astrakhan increases on gas and is the leader in terms of debt compared with their own incomes.

In December 2010, Fitch Ratings has assigned Astrakhan long-term ratings in foreign and national currency at level В«B +В», given the diversification of the economy of the city, a satisfactory budgetary policies, as well as current short-term debt ..

Agency expects that the city will strengthen its fiscal policy that would allow him to reduce the risks of refinancing and default.

Indicators of Urban Economics, where half the population of the Astrakhan region, and major sectors are gas, petrochemicals, shipbuilding industry and food production, significantly higher than that of the region as a whole, despite the significant negative impact of the past financial crisis .

55,5% of budget revenues of the city bring tax revenues, while various forms of payments to the population are a major item of expenditure, they constitute 55.6% of the total expenditure budget notes Fitch. The lion's share of tax revenues is a tax on income of individuals, with little volatility. Still about a third of revenue brought grants and subsidies from the field, this part is subject to large fluctuations in the future will be reduced, said Fitch. Overall in 2010, budget revenues grew by 2.5 Astrakhan% to 4.92 billion rubles. The expenditure part of the budget has remained at almost the same level as the previous year - 4.55 billion rubles.

Astrakhan rapidly increased its debt level in the pre-crisis years and continued to increase it in 2010: if at the end of 2009 it stood at 1.4 billion rubles., Then results in 2010 - already 1.8 billion rubles. that makes 35,7% of current revenues. 93% of the total debt of the city accounts for short-term bank loans, which in the IV quarter of 2010 were fully refinanced - Vedomosti.

According to RIA Novosti, the debt of the Russian regions, according to the January 1, 2011, totaled 1.095 trillion rubles, an increase over the previous three years is almost twice, told reporters on the sidelines Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum, Deputy Finance Minister Anton Siluanov.

"We are concerned about the debt situation in the regions. For three years they have doubled the debt," - he said.

Thus on January 1, 2011, the budget of loans taken by Russian regions amounted to 340.1 billion rubles. Siluanov also reported that the Finance Ministry is monitoring not only the debt of the RF subjects, but also the businesses that depend on the regional budgets.

He also noted that in 2010 the leaders in terms of debt compared to your own profits become Kostroma and the Astrakhan region.

To improve the situation with the fiscal policy and debt, representatives of the Ministry of Finance on Friday at a meeting with heads of Siberian regions have made several suggestions. Thus, the Finance Ministry proposes to establish a special fund of 1 billion rubles, which will be distributed among 15 regions of Russia, which will show in the year quality of public finance management. Also, the subjects of the Russian Federation proposed to move to the formation of long-term program budgeting, such as those of financial plans, which are compiled at the federal level.

The third proposal was the creation of a special fund that would stimulate regions to invest in innovation and capacity-building tax. As previously reported by Finance Minister Kudrin, the fund will amount to 10 billion rubles.

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