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Zaboldinskaya extravaganza.

Love, love in our country are large regional chiefs come up with big expensive projects. Astrakhan Region is no exception ..

Examples suffice: Eastern bypass around Astrakhan, the transit routes of continuous movement, recreation area on City Island, the reconstruction of the embankment of the Volga and inner rivers and canals, a new musical theater, Olya port, etc. But there is a project which, in my opinion, was invented only had nothing to do: Zaboldinskaya tourist and recreation area.

Razmahnis, the hand!

This ambitious project, which cost several billion rubles (the exact price no one will say - are too large scale), was coined Astrakhan governor for some time before the 450 th anniversary of Astrakhan. Then finish the development of the project pipeline of continuous motion. Thanks to her there, as is known, the direct and shortest route from the city center Zaboldinskuyu part of it.

Governor has decided that these huge, yet untapped and very picturesque land must necessarily be used. To build a zone of tourism and leisure: hotels, restaurants, water parks, sports complexes, yacht clubs, etc. In short, everything that the tourist heart desires.

argument he had one, but the iron: Astrakhan - Caspian Capital of Russia ". Need to go to a new level of tourist service, and all fishing hunting so soon in the delta have none but crows, will remain. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people come from everywhere, and, bypassing the Astrakhan, rush to the delta of beauty to watch. They need to "slow down" in the city. Let admired, fun and, of course, spend, ie invest in tourism.

good argument. Correct. All regions, to whom fate has presented a beautiful city and nature, so they do. Only at us, as we know, the idea and its implementation - two big differences. Come up beautifully, but when it comes to performance, starting delirium, collapse, and corruption.

Foreign Beauty

see how other cities. Take, for example, Baku. To rush the tourists arriving in this wonderful ancient city? Is just the mountains, skiing and skating take pictures? Nothing like that. First you need to look at the seaside boulevard where ends its centennial, major reconstruction. And then be sure to visit the Maiden Tower (even climb up on it) and in the old town, famous throughout the world and the Soviet people, especially since there were filming "The Diamond Hand.

Old Town since the mid 1990's has experienced extensive reconstruction. Scope of work - great. But now, virtually every house comfortable wearing a new facade, not debasing any historical appearance. Restored many monuments. As a result - the crowds of tourists every year.

Maybe the service sector in Azerbaijan is not sufficiently developed? Well, what you do. Restaurants and cafes, hotels, etc. All you need to tourists. And is not concentrated in one place and throughout the city. This is not a campsite, all in one place crowded.

Another example - Paris. The oldest part of town, too, shines with purity. Tidy facades, flower pots on the windows. No sticking around split systems and air conditioners, not to mention the satellite antenna "dishes." Champs Elysees - sample tourist paradise. Yes, in some places is dirty (smokers throwing cigarette butts), but it regularly and thoroughly cleaned.

old cesspool

What Astrakhan? Its historical part - a big mess. Let's start with the Kremlin, where the first thing tourists in a hurry? Just two years ago, authorities boast that the Kremlin has gone through the restoration of the repair it will need to do in 10 years that now surely become the center of attention of all tourists.

Really? Walking and driving past the Kremlin, perfectly clear: in many places boned plaster walls look torn. Inside the beautifully just outside the Dormition Cathedral. Walk to the far edge - all the same arsenal of broken (or as it's called), the curves track with debris asphalt, desolation and wildness. Kremlin produces the same impression that many years ago. Provincial, semi-abandoned, no one desired.

And how many meetings just inside the Kremlin! How the governor's neck gave officials there! So what? If only someone fired with a bang, and then, like a good uncle: given to the head, and forgive immediately.

Yes, wonderful idea - to the Kremlin's list of World Heritage by UNESCO. I hope the truth come out. Only agree to a European pundits put money into restoring the Kremlin and its development? Hardly. And if they give "evrov", here they successfully stolen. But let me guess wrong, let rich Europe will give money to our Kremlin! Let! And let them wisely to master the money! It would be great!

In the meantime, go further on the historical part. Admiralty Street, for example. From the Kremlin to the new bridge - crumbling facades of old buildings. Of course there are exceptions. Where a store or office. But in any case go into the yard any: dirt, trash, broken rotten porch and stairs leading to them. The same thing on the streets of Kuibyshev, Chekhov, Moscow, even the Kirov and others

Running along the Spit? Idem. On one street, I recently discovered the skeleton of the "penny". Currently lies on the sidewalk, all covered with graffiti. And no one's business. About smelly yards I was just silent.

impossible not to mention made. Embankment of the Volga, the central registry office, channels, Swan Lake. But this - the outer shell. Get thee to a hundred meters into the surrounding neighborhoods, and here it is, the historical reality.


All this - the historic Astrakhan. The one who has to attract tourists. Where they should go and wonder, staring at the facades of old houses and be photographed in their background. And then sit in the cozy restaurants and cafes, and discuss what they see.

nothing like that, it was not and never will be. Because no one would pass laws requiring the control of the company together with residents to restore the facades of historic houses, together with the regional or municipal budgets. Because:

- can not find sponsors willing to invest in this business, though rich companies (especially tourism), we have enough, and they can get help the city if they themselves unconscious;

- no laws prohibiting the hanging at the historic beauty of a split system and "plate", "decorate" their different-sized plastic windows (even to the same all over the house, because the truth is warmer, but there are all different), and still disfigure the facades and paint them as horrible;

- there is no unified program of restoration of historical Astrakhan;

- there is no strict legal framework, which requires owners of historic buildings to keep them in decent form, but for non-punitive.

Instead, the government offers investors to invest in Zaboldinsky area that Astrakhan living in the historic part of town where dirt and trash, FIG is not needed. Well, they do not need - the tourists want. Yes do not want to. What they did not see here? Volga expanses? Give them an old town. To see, to touch. And NOTHING to offer, although Astrakhan - an amazing and beautiful city. Because tourists climb into the delta - the fish catch and burst, and lotus shoot.

I made for myself a simple conclusion: Zaboldinskaya tourism and recreation - pure blasphemy. Project-mongering. Even if a sudden (seriously doubt!) It someday, the historic Astrakhan from this will in any way. Penny is not perepadet. All zahapayut greedy owners turobektov and officials. I know whereof I speak. I live in a historic Astrakhan. And see how she is dying slowly, scattering and rassyhayas. And I am very sorry it all.

And more. I am prepared to have someone competent to explain to me what about Zaboldinskoy territory I'm wrong. I would appreciate it.

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