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Sand, carrying death.

Over the Black Sea looming new serious threat. In the area's unique "Anapa banks' plans to organize a large-scale extraction of sand from the seabed.

Rosnedra hold in March 2011 auction for the right to sand mining in the Russian sector of the Black Sea shelf between Anapa and Cape Iron Horn.

Environmental Watch has learned to adopt Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin the Order  2198-p 8 December 2010, according to which in the first quarter of 2011 to be held "auction for the right subsoil of federal significance, located in the Black Sea coast of Krasnodar region between Anapa and Cape Horn Iron, for geological study, exploration and extraction of building sand. "

Organisation auction entrusted the Federal Agency for Subsoil Use (Rosnedra). The head of the agency, Anatoly Ledovskikh 1 February signed an executive order under which originally stated date of the auction was postponed to March 24, 2011.

According to these documents, extraction of sand will be a bottom way. The surface area on which mining is planned to be about 450 square meters. km and the total amount of sand mining would be 20 million cubic meters. m. According to preliminary information, the idea of sand mining has arisen due to an acute shortage of building materials for construction of Olympic facilities in Sochi.

This project will lead to large-scale and irreversible impacts on ecosystems of the north-eastern Black Sea and the resort of Anapa. The area in which it is planned to produce, is in close proximity to the resort of Anapa, famous for its sandy beaches. The state of these beaches is already critical. If the project is realized, the resulting sample of sand from the seabed will be disturbed over the centuries established a natural bottom profile, and sand from the beaches of the wave motions and "rip current will be transported into the sea. As a consequence, the destruction of sandy beaches that are the pride and the basis for the existence of the spa industry's resort city of Anapa to take a catastrophic nature. Negative examples of this "economy" already in place. From such a marine sand mining is very badly damaged the Crimean resort of Evpatoria.

Stocks of sand at the bottom of the Black Sea in Anapa area primarily due to the fact that in the past, the river Kuban is here (in the village of the Annunciation) flows into the Black Sea. Because the river channel has changed, now entering river sand in the sea near Anapa stopped. Rebuild due to sand mining natural balance would be impossible.

This project will kill and rich marine life in the north-western shallow part of the Black Sea. In the Russian sector of the sea, along with the Strait of Kerch and Taman Bay, the water area is the most valuable from the standpoint of biodiversity conservation and fisheries. Causing enormous damage to marine life - algae, phytoplankton and, above all, a valuable commercial fish species. After all, if we impose on the map to the site of production waters of the so-called "forbidden area" Anapa Bank, where Russian law prohibited a bottom-fishing method, it turns out that the site of production is about half of this area. The prohibition of production due to the existence in this area for spawning grounds some fish species, in particular the Black Sea turbot. The situation with the number of fish species in the Black Sea basin is catastrophic, and this is confirmed by published in late 2010, studies of the Institute of Biology of Southern Seas (IBSS) in Ukraine. One of the main human factors of human impacts on marine fauna Ukrainian scientists tend to think of prey fish and minerals bottom means.

Planning for sand mining on the forbidden space "Anapa bank violated the regime of specially protected marine areas. Thus, the project initially is against that, however, did not stop to take a decision on the level of the RF Government.

recent projects of large-scale exploitation of natural resources of the Russian part of the shelf of the Black and Azov seas began to appear one after another. Government and business, in the interest of profit, despite the irreversible environmental damage, leading to further erosion of an extremely fragile ecosystems of these seas, going at all costs to develop the resources of the shelf.

addition of "Priazovneft, with plans of oil in the Azov Sea to the shelf came company Rosneft, which plans to mine oil in conjunction with the American companies Shevron and ExxonMobil. In this case, planners and executors of such projects is almost completely ignored as Russia's environmental rules, and a number of international conventions. The same way they went and initiators of sand mining in the area of Anapa. The project has not passed the state ecological expertise, according to him were not held public hearings, the project has been agreed with Ukraine in the waters and living resources which will also have a significant negative impact.

Environmental Watch on North Caucasus, said the project for the extraction of sand from the bottom of the Black Sea near Anapa, in principle, unacceptable. This project is completely unacceptable from an environmental point of view, it is contrary to state interests of Russia and is directed against its people. For the sake of the 2014 Olympics can not be sacrificed to the interests of millions of Russian citizens, have a rest in the resort of Anapa to destroy the biological diversity of water areas of the north-eastern Black Sea and finally destroy the fishing in the Russian sector of the Black Sea.

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