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"Empty Hills 2005." Day One, with Umkoy, full cup and Kimbatoy.

Ended with a unique open-air folk-rock-festival «Empty Holmy 2005».

in picturesque surroundings Tarusy (120 km from Moscow) by the Rada, Umka, «Wa-Ta-Ga», «Pakava off», «Troitsa», «Nagual» etc. Two scenes, powerful sound, high-quality light and fresh air. Today we tell about the events the first day of the festival.

Festival is a «people with backpacks». These artists have made to honor a festival in central Moscow, but the speech at the bend of the river Tarusa on the picturesque fields like no other. First and foremost, of course, for the spectators. You can listen to famous musicians, and you can walk in the woods, swim in shallow rechushke, or burn a fire in his tent.

You can not tell everything about the group who spoke at the festival, because the concerts were simultaneously at two venues, located not very close to each other. Tell you about the most powerful of the seen and heard. Pay attention to the interesting young team, who have a chance to play in front of a large friendly audience.

«Full Cup» - Rostovskaya team, playing a romantic art-rock with light admixture of jazz and funk.

Porazili especially the ability to issue high-quality sound. Songs of sadness and a large sound genre diversity, and at first it seems a disadvantage. But then things get to their seats. The beautiful high-quality rock.

«Nagual» more than is known in the narrow circles of fans psihodelicheskoy folk music. At «blank Hills» speaking of collecting from different groups, led by Leonid Pavlenko. What added irony in his voice frontmena, and improvisation in the lot of musicians. And as a result - all dance! Sometimes Pavlenok simply assumes konferans: «Now, at the request of the audience, we play reggae», and indeed has played reggae. And then the blues, and something else. Someone vyduvaet soap balls, and they cluster fly over the heads of dancers.

Sergei Kalugin has osmotivaet present, and seen to be satisfied. Having played a few of his famous ballad, and decided to sing a new song. A bit of hard rock from «orgies Righteous» vstryahnuli audience. And again - dancing.

Tamara Kozhekina with BOOGIE CHILLEN sang Root American blues. At an amateur. Barefoot on the grass a few girls staged a dance.

Due to some technical difficulties and Umke «Bronevichku» had to sing a few songs. What was perhaps a pity for the obvious hedlaynera the first day of the festival.

But Anya Gerasimova not filed and the mind. She even remembered because of what did not at last year's festival: «I, then, was on tour in Nizhny Novgorod!» And then followed by the recognition of õÍËÉ: «How is a pleasure to see the whole field of people, and all normal!» When the above Field poplyli magical sounds ballad «Station Pizdets», even neugomonnye local Aborigines have been locked zavorozhenno. But the main event, of course, was the performance of the new album title song õÍËÉ called «600». Songs energetic, politicized and very bitter. Accompanied Umku long long ovation.

I must say that Umka looks very organically on an open stage. We are all so used to see her in clubs.

And her music is a surprising harmony with wildlife. Like Anya vyskochila to snag the first increase, which took nevest connected Electric, and sang for friends.

There is a pause to say a good word to organizers of the festival. It is incomprehensible how they managed in the far corner of the Kaluga region to build the scenes to bring the sound and lighting, a generator for all this to work, to negotiate with local authorities and police, to organize volunteers to build bridges across the river, and more. And while maintaining a very kind and friendly atmosphere (as distinguished from the same «Nashestviya»). Harley and the whole team «empty Hills 2005», you do intelligent work.

With the onset of darkness, some lit torches. Most clearing pierced violet beam searchlight.

Oksana Kochubey and Life-n-Joy - so now the name of this vibrant project familiar to many of feericheskomu the contest GBOB-2004. Oksana tried to light the audience, and it succeeded. Corporate hriplovaty vocals, corporate heavy blues, the best hits of American rhythm-and-blues. Well, what else to say? One can only wait for Oksana zapoet his songs, but still would be in Russian.

«Kimbata» - incendiary African rumba.

Easily confused with the Brazilian or Cuban, but the two aboriginal from the Congo in uniform know that play. Very funny and wonderful occasion to dance. How and to take advantage of all the remaining people in the legs. In addition, the front of the stage make a real fire show. The combination of lights flying in the air and African music rozhdalo picture from a magazine about African sacrifice. But the smell of herbs and falls all night, the return to reality box and salsa.

At night colored lights glowed camp, played African drums. The first day of the festival «Hollow Hills» ends.


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