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Astrakhan discriminate against straight people!.

Our regional center can be proud of - according to modern trends, there is even a catering business, focused only on sexual minorities - gays and lesbians (and you have to understand, and transsexuals with.

At least as claimed by evil tongues, it is the people with the not yet completely traditional sexual orientation, apparently, are the main customers Cafe Galatea.

cafe at the front door is almost always flaunts sign "Closed", however, say that when the door of someone knocks, they open up and ask whether you are a representative of the sexual minorities.

with opposite-sex couples here and do not talk - heterosexuals are probably not the place.

And if you acknowledge their affiliation with the "blue" or "pink", you may miss. Inside - the usual cafes, coffee tables, a bar, you can dance and socialize.

Despite strict secrecy, the meeting place of Astrakhan gays and lesbians has been the object of widespread gossip.

said to have known of the "wonderful neighbors, parents of children who walk with their offspring in a recreation park" Arcadia "as well as parents of skaters, whose site is located at territory all the same "Carlos", supposedly ready to express public protest against the functioning of this institution. Also, it is believed that all this is nothing like the real discrimination heterosexuals!

Although some may argue: if the "Galatea" is really going to gays and lesbians, they do not interfere with anybody, do not do it for show.

In general, our countrymen need to decide - is this all a matter of personal owners institution and its visitors, or can actually cause damage to foundations and traditions of our city with its long history, not without reason sometimes referred to as the "southernmost outpost of Russia" ...

Angelica Mayorovskaya

P.S. Meanwhile, the presence in the Astrakhan institution, which was chosen by the followers of non-traditional "love" - is not news. Previously, the city enjoyed an ambiguous reputation of coffee in the theater alley and a bar on Sovetskaya (the first refuge of "blue" was right in front of the Writers' Union, headed by Yuri S., the bar was almost across the street from the red house the regional administration) . All of these saloon-entertainment even mentioned in the reference sections of sites for sexual minorities.

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