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Under construction "Putin's dacha," was cut down more than 45 hectares of forest.

Environmental Watch on North Caucasus on the basis of images from space has determined that for the construction of "Putin's dacha" at Gelendzhik were cut more than 45 hectares of forest.

The service "Yandex" open access detailed satellite images of the palace complex - "Putin's dacha - Cape Idokopas in Gelendzhik. These pictures were taken June 23, 2010 satellite WorldView-2.

analyzing the images, members Ekovahty found that for the construction of the palace, several buildings and two roads in 2005 had been cut more than 45 hectares of forest, of which about 6 ha - it plots where there are pine Pitsynda listed in the Red Book of Russia.

"The pictures are visible: the main building of the palace, summer theater, arbors, or tea houses, an indoor stadium, the complex of buildings for staff and security, parking garages," - said "Live Kuban Ekovahty representative on the North Caucasus Suren Ghazarian.

According to him, also in the complex area is likely to land helicopters. Access to the sea from the main building, standing on a steep bank, provided through a special tunnel. Fenced "giving Putin a fence length of about 3,5 km.

"Satellite image serves as evidence of gross violations of environmental, water and land legislation in Russia, made during the construction of the palace complex at Cape Idokopas" - said Ghazarian.

As reported in "Living the Kuban, February 11, members of the Environmental Watch on North Caucasus, Dmitry Shevchenko, Suren Ghazaryan and Catherine Solovyov, as well as a journalist" buddy "Rima Ahmirovu detained at Cape Idokopas (a few kilometers from the village Praskoveevka) when they were going to hold on the territory of Project South, called "Putin's Palace", a public environmental inspection of the construction.

Photo activists Ekovahty can be found here.

leader of the Yabloko party, Sergei Mitrokhin, Feb. 12 commented on the situation with the detention of activists and journalists Ekovahty and demanded the head of the FSO Yevgeny Murov return of seized things.

"Novaya Gazeta published a report that documents the construction of" Putin's Palace "in the village Praskoveevka Gelendzhik signed by the head of the Office of Presidential Affairs Vladimir Kozhin, who had previously stated that no has no relation to this project.

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