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Cuban guest PRO-ROCK 2005 - Gumbert - Gumbert.

The "Gumbert - Gumbert" named after a character nebezyzvestnogo works of Nabokov's "Lolita."

Team was formed in February 2000 in Krasnodar, the two guitarists of the "Birds" (later - "Master of the wind"), Alexander Cherkasov and Oleg Abramov, left the latter with a view to create a new project with a modern commercial sound.

After some time, many experiments and searching for a "sound" group by mid-2002 has been a fairly well-known in music circles Krasnodar team, whose performances were held with great success.

main differences between groups could be increased melodies sound nezamyslovatye texts, and very beautiful, easily borne listening music arrangements, filled with modern electronic sounds.

Thanks to all of the above team not only earned a lot of positive feedback about his concert performances, but also recorded a single ( "13", "Cat"). They are on the right, you can take hits, because they are not long off the air of Radio Roks-region "which has ordered that the audience at the concerts on demand.

It is impossible not to mention another group of dignity - high artistry of its leader, Alexander Cherkasov, which concerts the group is almost always leave a lot of very positive impressions.


  • "13", "Kate" - 2001
  • "There is a chance" - 2003
  • "Wax" - 2004
  • Unit participated in the projects:

  • "The bright side - 2" (Krasnodar, 2002)
  • Festival aeronautics "Kuban Riviera (Abinsk, 2002)
  • Festival Ochakovo" (Krasnodar, 2001)
  • "Kinomaniya - 2002" (Krasnodar)
  • festivals PRO-ROCK-2001 and 2002 (Krasnodar), 2003 (Hot Key)
  • Festival Rock Cocktail (Tikhoretsk, 2003)
  • beer festival "Torch" (Krasnodar, 2003)
  • festival "Invasion" (Anapa, 2003)

    Group also became a party and the winner of the pilot project "Art sparring" (Krasnodar, 2003).


  • Alexander Cherkasov - guitar, vocals
  • Oleg Abramov - guitar
  • Maxim Demchenko - keyboards
  • old Alexander - drums

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