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Black caviar: the return of ..

Earlier this week it became known that Russia is once again beginning to export caviar to Europe. However, the resumption of production of sturgeon out of the question ..

For export only submit a delicacy produced by the "domesticated" sturgeon with hatchery farms. And the wild herds of "red" fish still remain under a moratorium on fishing.


In the early 2000's we have stopped selling eggs to the West, because it came to the realization that if not stopped commercial production, the sturgeon will disappear completely. This move was forced and very courageous measure: we almost voluntarily surrendered caviar market is Iran, which did not cease fishing and formed over the years their own brand of "Iranian caviar".

However, the Caspian Sea - the sea of friendship, common to all five countries. And sturgeon here too common, they are not familiar with, where the Persian coast, where the Russian. It is not surprising that this was the moment when the supply of Iranian caviar is also gradually began to fade. As noted in the Federal Agency for Fishery in the past year, Iran has virtually stopped the supply of caviar to customers: selling was nothing.

It was then and now Russia's turn to again take the lead. Late last week, the head of the federal agency Rosrybolovstvo Quoting Andrew said at a press conference that our country after eight-year hiatus returned to the international market caviar. The first batch - 150 kg of granular dishes - prepared for shipment to Europe in the near future.

This party - 150 pounds - is very small, almost symbolic. For comparison: in the Soviet period, we have supplied for export from 700 to 1500 tons of this delicacy: But there is an important fact of the first delivery. Especially because it is guaranteed to be followed by a new party. Total in 2011 Rosrybolovstvo intends to export 2,500 kg of caviar. A. Marginal told journalists:

- On sale will only spawn of artificial reproduction (not to be confused with artificial counterfeits eggs) produced by fish-breeding farms in the Astrakhan and Kaluga.

This is the competitive advantage of Russia: we have such farms have already appeared. And Iran, spoiled by the presence of sturgeon stocks in its banks, fish farming is not developed. Now, our main competitors for the production of "domesticated" caviar - it's Belgium, France and China.

Due to the nature of technology caviar from "domesticated" sturgeon is expensive: "delicacy," withdrawn from the fish by surgery (such as "C-section), after which the females continue to live and nurture new batch of eggs. However, high prices, first of all, does not scare voters: the Europeans are willing to pay 5000 euros per kilo "russian caviar". And secondly, the high price is compensated by the stability of supply. According to a press conference Krainy, Kaluga fish hatchery regularly supplies the sale of approximately 20 tons of caviar annually.


Learn how to Astrakhan caviar is made of artificial reproduction was not easy. Variety rybokontroliruyuschie structure sent us from one organization to another, from department to department.

Most likely, the truth remains somewhere nearby. Here is what information to journalists "AB" could muster. "Home" in Astrakhan caviar mostly by private fish-breeding farm.

state structures (Sevkasprybvod, CaspNIRKh) also produce eggs - but it's not going to eat, and need to take fry to replenish fish populations. So that the market caviar from "domesticated" sturgeon is divided between private companies, which are not very willing to share information about goods produced volumes. Have to settle for these magazine Itogi. The publication reports that the 2009 fish

company "Beluga" (Astrakhan) produced 2 tons of caviar, Kazakhstan "lag" (Astrakhan) - 1,2 tons.

Moreover, as explained by "AB" in one of the fish-breeding companies, the main task of the company - yet the production of eggs for the withdrawal of fry: it is more "ideologically" right way and also more advantageous from the standpoint of payment . However, in recent years, the state does not allocate money for the purchase of eggs from private owners. So formed, "surplus" must be given in the "pischevku (since sturgeon continue to be fruitful, not looking at the budget troubles).


Despite all the enthusiasm of Mr. Far, the question of how much our manufacturers are ready to export the black gold is still open. After all, the reality is not so easy and rosy as it may seem.

And, apparently, not all of the Astrakhan fish "farmers" rush to pack the black standard of luxury for shipment to Europe.

Interesting facts revealed "AB", one expert:

- To send goods abroad, have a lot of sweat: the rules of exports as a non-standard goods as caviar has considerable rigidity. Without going into details, we can say that producers need almost "prochipovat" eggs each, in order to prove its legal origin of the legal sturgeon. Plus a pile of papers, studding the thresholds of various regulatory organizations, including the same Rosrybolovstvo. According to our preliminary estimates, in order to get in the metropolitan agencies all necessary papers needed

detach employees in Moscow on a business trip for two to three months. Under the export volumes, which are now in question, such a venture might eventually even losing money. So it is not excluded that the declared program of "return of eggs" will only "their people" - that is, manufacturers, intimate Rosrybolovstvo. Others plenty of "nabuksuyutsya" in preparation of goods for export and will spud the domestic market.

However, the prospect of selling eggs in the local market is not so sad - as the saying goes, we are here and good food. Prices for granular delicacy we are not so high as in Europe, but also quite respectable. Now in stores of the city kilogram beluga caviar costs about 87,000 rubles, the sturgeon - 56,000 rubles, sevruga - about 46,000 wooden. This, of course, not 5000 euros, but well, too.

Anna Novichkova, Alexei Kozhevnikov

you how much the last time to buy caviar?

Elena Komachkova, the guide:

- I do not remember, it was a very long time. Some visitors to our tourist phrase caviar is still synonymous with the word of Astrakhan. We respond to them, that had long ago forgotten the taste of this delicacy. They sometimes buy jars in shops, and more often on such souvenirs not cheap venture overseas.

Igor Vakulin, artist Dramatic Theater:

- lived in Astrakhan seven years, but never bought. I'm indifferent to the calf. While visiting occasionally hear stories that had caviar was cheap and it was so much, what they ate with spoons.

Yuri Scherbakov, chairman of the regional branch of the Writers' Union:

- a long time and he did not buy, and guests of our writers' organization is not treated. Today, the "cheapest" of delicacies - salmon roe. It and gain.

Rostislav daring, director of "Seeds of the AMC:

- autumn went on a fishing trip in the Lower Volga. Drove the guys on the boat offered caviar at 22,000 rubles per kilogram. It is clear that the poachers. Firstly, there is no such money, and secondly, product quality and sanitation, in which this caviar extracted,


Evgeny Makarov, commercial director of PKF "Regionavtomatika:

- By the New Year bought in Astrakhan store. I do not remember how much he gave for his portion, but one kilo cost around 34 thousand rubles. I generally prefer schuchyu caviar and black bought for the children to try. They are, incidentally, did not like.

Prepared O. Kalinina, M. Eremitskaya.

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