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In Sochi open international economic forum "Kuban-2004".
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In Volgograd, a brothel covered with "mature" prostitutes.
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Streets of Stavropol patrol volunteers.

On the streets of the regional center out voluntary militias. Together with law enforcement officials, they maintain public order, engaged in prevention and suppression of crime, conduct preventive conversations with young people.

Decision to create the teams was taken by the city authorities at the end of last year, reported in the management of gosinformpolitike UK Government. To date, the PSD has already entered some two hundred residents. The biggest squad - in the Leninsky district. It has one hundred and fifty people.

- Immediately after the approval of the voluntary militias in the city of Stavropol, and other legal documentation, we held meetings with neighborhood councils, street committees, enterprises, - the chief of Staff of People's Voluntary squads in Leninsky district of the regional center Basil Bodnaruk. - Have formed a list of wanting to become warriors and the rest of the year they agreed with the precinct police station. The police checked the law-abiding candidates, the absence of their conscience administrative offenses and approved.

February 1, voluntary people's guards began patrolling the area. In the area of responsibility includes such strategic sites as Lenin Square, Bus Station, medkolledzh. According to Vasilii Bodnaruk, the squad came mostly people and responsible adults, aged 35 to 60 years. Many reserve officers. There is also a representative of the fair sex. But they are a minority - about twenty people.

each vigilantes issued memo, which lists the rights and duties, and the red bandage on his hand with the inscription "voluntary national teams." On duty, they go only in the company of police officers. Part of working with the district, a part - with the patrol. Volunteers help maintain order three days a week, from six to ten o'clock. The share of each have two on duty in a month.

responsibility for life insurance and health vigilantes in connection with the performance of their duties in maintaining public order in the city takes on city administration. Activists planned to promote volunteerism through the municipal budget.

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