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Japan is ready to declare war on Russia.

The Government of Japan, at the moment, considering the possibility of declaring war on Russia in order to return the northern territories. .

Receive the message: "I work in a Japanese company. During the week of the Japanese Ambassador summoned all the heads of representative offices of Japanese companies in Moscow (and they are very tight with all the power in the embassy knows everyone who works here japa expat in the face!, Tourists are not count), so here! I called and told them that they were all "out of a suitcase, ready at any moment for departure back home!

BECAUSE! "Our government, at the moment, considering the possibility of declaring war on Russia in order to return the northern territories. As the population of Japan is 125mln. Man, but the population of Russia 140mln. - It is quite comparable conditions for the conduct of the victorious fighting, taking into account that the Russian armed forces in the waning condition, and the government in a weak state before the world public order that would use nuclear weapons. " Japa at ready. So that's that. "

should be noted that this writer I know personally about any forgery can be no question.

search for information online - and here's some interesting material found in an article in the RBC Daily, dated February 8, 2008:

"Russian President Vladimir Putin suggested that Japan's new round of negotiations on the territorial disputes between the two countries. It is a notorious Kuril islands, which are de facto owned Russia, but which persist in the Japanese claim. And while the current Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda is considered a relatively loyal to Moscow politician, in that the conflict will be resolved amicably, almost no one believes. On the contrary, the growing militarization of Japan, even with the power " moderate "Fukuda - a direct indication that the official Tokyo is actually ready for war, experts say. And the main targets of the Japanese militarists are not just Sakhalin and the Kuriles.

According to experts, there are a number of facts that suggest that Tokyo will most likely preparing to wage war. "Japan - the only country in the world that survived the nuclear bombing. And only she has a psychological feeling confident that, of course, it's scary but not fatal, that is, it can survive. The Japanese have a feeling reinforced by the actual historical experience, "- said in an interview with RBC daily, an expert research group" Designing the Future "Sergei Pereslegin. In other words, unlike all the other powers that are shaking from a single mention of nuclear war, for Japan it is not a deterrent to the outbreak of hostilities.

Japan really appreciates this, his most important trump card, and because, in spite of the law enshrined in the Constitution the principle of "pacifism", have for many years has been internal preparations for war. Since the beginning of 1990 the government began to increase funding for defense, and Japanese reformers are now trying to make an amendment to the constitution of 1947, which would expand the powers of the Defence Forces. Already, the Japanese fleet is the most powerful Pacific Fleet, not to mention the fact that the country has two maritime aircraft carriers, one of which exceeds the capacity of the U.S.. In addition, participating in the peacekeeping UN programs, the Japanese military get good practical experience. "Japanese society is now mobilized, and the army is well trained," - said in an interview with RBC daily, the head of the Strategic Planning Service Association CBC Alexander Sobyanin.

And if aircraft carriers, the peacemakers and the Japanese navy ships inexperienced observers may be true is not noticeable to judge the growing militarization of Japan, just to assess the aggressive nature of popular throughout the world of Japanese anime culture and kinematorafa. "Active and aggressive young Japanese people, which is now tightly squeezed at the bottom of the social, plus aggressive anime culture - another sure sign that the explosive situation can not be avoided," - said Sergey Pereslegin.

In other words, experts say, the way Japan conducts its direct route to the war. The reason is banal fact - lack of resources, which each year will become increasingly acute. From this perspective, military action could be unleashed Tokyo in three directions. "The most important of them - this is Australia. Second in importance - the North China and our Far East (South Yakutia, Amur Region, Maritime Territory, and East Lake Baikal). And the third - Latin America ", - said Alexander Sobyanin.

And the likelihood that Japan would encroach into first place on Russian territory, reinforced by several factors. First, the lack of a legally enshrined the status of peace between our two countries. "Japan can start a war with Russia at any moment. Even if this time some peace agreements and will be concluded, it is in principle also be able to prevent Japanese aggression in our direction. In world practice, has already been a precedent attack on the country in violation of international jurisdiction - the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003 "- says Mr. Pereslegin. Therefore, the dispute over the Kuriles as the cause of the outbreak of hostilities against Japan, Russia did not play any role here, as is commonly believed.

Secondly, the Russian Far East territory - one of the most vulnerable and sparsely populated, which makes them vulnerable to external interference. "Umbrella" of the Russian missile is deployed only on Moscow and over a small part of Siberia, where the Japanese do not claim "- adds Alexander Sobyanin. However, in South Yakutia and Eastern Transbaikalia has all the resources that are now so Japan needs - oil, gas and uranium.

in Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands is only oil, however, experts say, the ultimate goal of Japanese aggression, they are not. According to Alexander Sobyanin, the Japanese army could move a few thousand kilometers into Russian territory. The fact that this little war is necessary Tokyo, virtually no one doubts. Finish Is it victory or defeat of Japan, it does not matter. The war needs of the country - even if it does not receive the necessary resources, launched its aggression will throw out the pent-up inside the last years of aggressive military capability "- said Sergey Pereslegin. In addition, it will also allow Tokyo to initiate a global redistribution of resources and reviewing the results of the Second World War in their favor. "

I believe that if Japan really vvyazhetsya now in the war (and the U.S. Embassy in Moscow has supported the Japanese claim to the northern Kuril Islands), we will begin to shred and others - to apply those problem areas now have no desire. True, start with a "but": if we do not dare to use against Japan's tactical nuclear weapons. Reshimsya?

And yet all the attention - on the top Japanese businessmen: as soon flee, therefore, to attack only a few hours ...

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