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Championship of Russia among cruising yachts started in Taganrog.

Championship opens on July 18 regatoy В«Cup Governor of Rostov RegionВ». For a prize fund of 50 thousand dollars an exciting battle unfolded.

July 18 in Taganrog yacht club had no free space. On water krasovalis dozens of yachts and small for children and youth competitions, В«adultВ» 30 to 40 feet in length. The race brought together the leading athletes in Moscow, Taganrog, Rostov, Sochi and Novorossiysk, Anapa, Gelendzhik. The program has been notified and 1 Ukrainian city of Mariupol yacht. But because of problems at the customs, the crew arrived with the ship, and watched regatoy as spectators.

first two places in the regatta at В«Cup GovernorВ» took taganrozhtsy: Skif (1mesto) Morning Star (2 seats).

3 seat won yacht crew Novorossiysk В«VisitingВ». President of Federation of sailing in Taganrog Mehanikov Vadim Evgenjevich told that in the championship 19 yachts participating in the 3 groups: 2 groups of cruise and cruise-racing. A small number of participants Vadim Evgenjevich explained bad publicity. The point is that because of organizational problems and change of leadership in the Federation, the competition is not held for 3 years. Now, as they say, everything will be on the other. Organizers promise to regularly hold championships in Russia. Over time, the competition should become a tradition and attract more participants and sponsorship money. So for the next year, according to preliminary calculations, will attend at least 30 yachts.

To date, competition allowed all classes of yachts. They vary in size, weight and equipment. Participants in the race complained that the current division into several groups, offers benefits to owners of new and more powerful yachts. This competition is not very fair. For example, when your opponent above the mast and more sail area. At the same time, the judges following the race, claiming that the human factor plays a much greater role than the age of equipment and boats. Rightly or wrongly, in the future, the Federation of sailing plans to hold competitions to monotipnyh yachts that everything was on the fair and without resentment.

According to Vadim Vikulova, chairman of the corporation agroindustrialnoy В«ASTONВ», was the general sponsor of the competition: В«Over 2 years Taganrog could become a center of yachting in the south of Russia. Our challenge to sailing became accessible to all В».

The day after the competitions on В«Cup GovernorВ», started Open Championship of Russia among cruising yachts.

Within 11 days of parties to go on the route: Taganrog - Utrish - Novorossiisk - Gelendzhik - Sochi. In Sochi on 29 July held a solemn closing competitions and awarding the participants.

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