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Stavropol farewell to the dead in Belomechetskoy policemen.

Stavropol farewell to the dead on Tuesday during a special operation near the village Belomechetskoy staff militia special forces police the region: Senior Lieutenant Sergey Arapova, Senior Lieutenant Maxim Lugovskii and sniper instructor.

Together with friends and colleagues on his last journey guys escorted Russian Interior Minister Rashid Nurgaliyev, the Governor of Stavropol Territory Valery Gajewski, president of Karachay-Cherkessia Boris Ebzeev, members of the Government of dyes, the heads of security agencies in the region, residents of Stavropol. Memorial service held in the lobby of the Regional Drama Theatre, the press service of the province.

- Today is a great sadness here on earth Stavropol: the situation and the actions we take, make us lose the people closest to - to the soldiers of law and order minister Nurgaliyev. - Our comrades belonged to a generation that was tempered in the struggle against extremism, terrorism and banditry, and we will continue this business. We know the value of losses and what it is. We will do everything to ensure that no extremism or terrorism or banditry was not in our country.

He stressed that the Interior Ministry did not disregard the families of the deceased and no criminal goes unpunished.

President Valery Gajewski also called this day of woe and black for the Stavropol region.

- Our Region bids farewell to three of his defenders, who by their achievement, the cost of his life was saved our land from a gang of bandits. Who knows how much trouble could mess things up this gang destroyed our land and the land of our neighbors. But now they can not, because we have these guys who are fearless in spite of heavily armed goon and go to the end, when at stake is peace, tranquility and prosperity of his native land, - the Governor said.

He recalled that soon, February 23 - a special day when many words are devoted to the defenders, the courage and heroism. Examples like this abound in the history of the Fatherland and the Stavropol Territory, and now their number is replenished.

- Our guys, Stavropol riot police in combat showed an example of non-book heroism. With honor their duties and have proved that our motherland is the real defenders! - Concluded Gayevsky.

at the funeral was also made president of Karachay-Cherkessia republic, Boris Ebzeev, who stressed that the criminals have no nationality, and also there are no national differences and obstacles in order to express our deepest condolences families, which suffered a hill, around the Stavropol from the neighbors.

- Karachay-Cherkessia mourns with you. And at this moment we realize the simple truth: Russia is huge, we are with you lot, we are very different, but we have one homeland. Each of us is in perpetual indebted to the fallen heroes - he said.

Archbishop of Stavropol and Vladikavkaz Feofan, performed the rite of funerals of soldiers killed, said the church is taken under the protection of and attention to their children.

The dead were buried in Stavropol.

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