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Mayor of Volgograd descend on the party ladder.

17 February meeting of political council of the regional branch of United Russia had decided to release the mayor of Volgograd Roman Grebennikov from the post of Deputy Secretary of Political Council. .

Senior representatives of the Volgograd "EdRa" almost in unison to say about the absence of this decision politically motivated, whereas observers tend to interpret what is happening as an attempt to remove the head of the regional capital of the levers of administrative resources.

Head of the Executive Committee of the Volgograd regional branch of the party "United Russia" Andrei Bilenko chapter explains the removal of Volgograd from high party positions purely technical reasons, in this context calls do not try to look into it some a political component.

В«Today's Political Council decided to bring to today's meeting of the Presidium of the issue of release of Roman Georgievicha of his duties as deputy secretary - said Mr Bilenko. - This is due to the fact that this post is a status, and received her Roman Grebennikov, because the reception was at the helm, Vladimir Putin. Since it is currently receiving from the leadership of Putin's released, posed the question of his release, and the responsibilities of the Under Secretary. In this case, the mayor of Volgograd is a member of political council of the regional branch of United Russia. It is absolutely routine, technical matter that has no under itself any political motive. As soon as the new leader will be determined by the receiving Putin, he will take the vacant position of Deputy Secretary. "

First Deputy Secretary of Political Council of the Volgograd regional branch of the party "United Russia" Alexander Chunakov also treats the decision of lowering the political status of the mayor of Volgograd, as exclusively technical.

В«According to the existing structure of regional political council, one of the deputies Secretary is the chairman of the political council of the regional reception Vladimir Putin - he explains. - Having lost the post of chairman of the reception Putin, Grebennikov automatically cease to be deputy secretary of the political council. This post will take his receiver in the receiving party leader, and it is logical. The solution of technical and politically biased. "

however, unanimity on this show, not all high-level "United Russia". For example, one member of the Political Council regotdeleniya "United Russia", who declined to comment on an authorized, admitted that the statements of his colleagues' lack of political motivation are nothing more than a kind of smoke screen.

В«This is clearly a political decision - the source said. - The situation should be viewed in the light of what is happening today, the governor of confrontation with the mayor. The latter has behind him a serious administrative resources, it has proved its efficiency in all elections and is one of the most important figures in the Volgograd political Olympus. He has a desire to work, and it is an established politician and held the head of one millionth of the city. Can not be said about the governor, who is the appointee and looks like a stranger in the eyes of Volgograd. Undertaken by them trying to make the mayor nonpolitical figure is absurd. Nevertheless, head of the region does not stop attempts to remove Grebennikov from the control levers of administrative resources in Volgograd, so as to consolidate its power. In this case we just have to deal with one such attempt. "

Deputy Secretary of Political Council of the Volgograd regional branch of EdRa Vladimir Popov fundamentally disagree with the conclusions of his unnamed colleague.

В«The political component in this decision - the fruit of a sick imagination, - said Mr. Popov. - The political weight Grebennikov after dismissal of the Deputy Secretary of Political Council did not diminish, it still would have the right to vote. Just someone really want to strain the situation, a conflict on level ground, and no more. "

Political analyst Alexander Strizoe, meanwhile, believes that the words of an anonymous representative of the top local "EdRa" not far from the truth.

В«It is clear that this decision is not purely technical, - says Mr. Strizoe. - Dislike the governor to the mayor is widely known. During his time as head of the region Brovko distinguished himself as an extremely ambitious person who can not work in a team and share power, which he prefers to concentrate in their hands. I would like to draw attention to the following: This is one of a chredy scandals shaking now Volgograd "EdRo. Intra-party squabbles, "United Russia" damaging the image of the party, forcing a look at them as spiders, gnawing each other in the bank. As for this attempt to remove Grebennikov from the control levers of administrative resources, the victory Brovko in this case may prove Pyrrhic. In light of declining public confidence in the "ER" these instruments may be useless for the governor. "

analyst Paul Smolyansky also does not believe in "technical" version of the release of the mayor from office of Deputy Secretary of the Political Council.

В«I would prefer in this case, we leave out the relationship between the mayor and the governor - said Mr Smolyansky. - What is actually happening? One of the important figures of the Party, the mayor of the city of three million in the year of the federal election is suspended from a high party posts. This solution simply by definition can not be technical. Of course, it is political. Nevertheless, in my opinion, the premise of this decision can hardly be reduced to one governor. But the fact remains: the confrontation inside the Volgograd "EdRa" is becoming more open, on the one hand, it weakens the party, but on the other - a negative impact on her image, undermining the credibility of the electorate В».

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