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In Sochi open international economic forum "Kuban-2004".
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¬«Previously wrote the music for the people, and now for the show-business¬».
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Option C - History of Vocal House project. Option C

Group was founded in 1999, due to meet people, united by the idea of participating in the birth of dance music in Russia.

talented musician and producer Nikolai Lebedev, a well-known in the underground club DJ-country and with the nickname CJ Fly, one of the most experienced producers Sound Design - BeeJo

and a girl with a gentle voice, Katya Chekhov - a merger of the people in the creative impulse is not to have an impact on the success of Dance anthem ¬ЂPoletaev¬ї, which was issued more than 100 compilations on CD and MC in 1999.

Summer 2000 - it was impossible to submit, not a club or dance. sites all over the country, which has not played for this track. Song went to the country. Remixes from well-known producers and INNOVA Artifact, singing with a guitar in the yards, the first place of the original song in the hit parades DANCE Baltic, St. Petersburg and other cities long affirmed the success of the track.

2001 - 2002 year, so that the group is touring the country, writing new songs and engaging in other projects: BeeJo produces its own release in Australia, CJ Fly away forever from the group to record business, and now represents one of the major labels the country, Nikolai Lebedev, while continuing to write new songs for Option C, is working with a group of PPC opens the concert agency KONCERT.RU, writes in conjunction with BeeJo two albums for American artists NATA LUCKY and INNESSA RAY.

Group during this time went to concerts in cities such as Tallinn, St. Petersburg, Orenburg, Yekaterinburg, Rostov, Narva, etc.

Early 2003 - The contract for the album gr. Option C - ¬ЂPoletaev¬ї with Piterskoy by the FTC.

Participation in the 30 000 thousandth concert at a stadium in St. Petersburg, where, along with Katya lines ¬ЂPoletaev, well, let them split ...¬ї and ¬ЂI do not need a lot¬ї choir sings the entire stadium.

Track ¬ЂI do not need a lot¬ї at the moment there are about 100 options.

Remixes and Bootleg from DJs from Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Israel, Ukraine, Belarus, America played in clubs around the world.

end of 2003, cooperation with the legendary DJ-producer and the third under the nickname DJ Ivan Scretchin ', which is due to several Underground Pop √І√Й√Н√О√П√Ч, attained popularity mainly in clubs Baltic, Germany and Israel.

2004 - remix for the song ¬ЂBeing the wind¬ї BeeJo New Road Mix was one of the first Progressive House track with a Russian singing, which was distributed PR department for companies UPLIFTO Di Dzheev Moscow and Russia as a whole.

As a result of this, this and other tracks option to be heard in Setah such well-known as DJ Di Dzheev Pimenov, DJ Kiriloff, DJ Cosmonaut (Radiotrans), DJ Sveta, DJ setah in the evening broadcast ¬ЂDynamite FM ¬їand many others setah DJ-s.

In June 2004, the group prepares to release the 2 nd album of 16 tracks - ¬ЂBeing the wind¬ї, continuing the best traditions of Vocal House music in Russia.

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