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Pay for the electrical connection can be less.

Stavropol energy companies exceeded the plan to connect up to 700% but will drop the tariffs?.

In 2010, the network companies Stavropol hooked almost twice as much energy facilities than planned. So, according to the regional Ministry of Industry, Energy and Transport, in 2010, was supposed to perform in 2914 joining energy receiving unit to the mains, but in reality the number of connections has reached 4,943. In 2009, the difference between planned and actual was even more pronounced: 533 to 3899. Thus, the over-fulfillment of the plan was more than 700 percent!

According to the regional tariff commission, such progress has been achieved by the introduction of benefits for services in the electrical connections for small and medium-sized businesses. The decision on granting of preferences was adopted by the Government of the Russian Federation. Measures to facilitate the process of summing up the electricity to commercial sites in the Stavropol region, have been confirmed in a decision of the regional tariff commission of the Stavropol Territory on May 19, 2009  27 / 1 "On establishing the Stavropol Territory payment for technological connection to the electricity network power receiving devices with attachable up to 15 kW inclusive.

According to this document fee for joining power receiving up to 15 kW inclusive, regardless of what kind of network organization performs work for customers is only 550 rubles.

When connecting the more powerful objects - from 15 to 100 kW - fares are calculated according to the company that performs the join, as well as the amount of work and other factors. But here, you can save by choosing one of two types of payment - with an investment component or without it.

payment for technological connection with the investment component is used, if required the reconstruction of existing facilities, for example, replacing installed in the transformer substation with a more powerful, or building additional network facilities (cable, overhead lines, switchgear, distribution centers). In 2010, the value of payment for technological connection to networks of low voltage (0.4 kV) power receiving capacity of over 15 kw to 750 kw was between 5 and 289.70 rubles (JSC Gorelektroset, "Mr. St. George) to 9 470.39 ruble (JSC Pyatigorsk electricity network ") for each kilowatt-attachable power.

If for accession to the electric power facility does not require additional investment and construction of new network facilities, or the consumer has the opportunity to create the necessary conditions for the connection in the home, you can use the fare without the investment component. In this case, the connection fee would be much less. In 2010, the cost of connection was between 1,479 rubles (JSC Gorelektroset, Nevinnomyssk) to 2,108.83 rubles (MUP Budennovsk "Power Grid Company").

In addition, there is a preference that makes the process of connecting to the power grid facilities with capacity 15 - 100 kW more accessible and less burdensome. We are talking about interest-free installment payment network company. Hire purchase is available for 3 years with an initial contribution of 5% of the entire board. Debt repayment by equal quarterly payments.

Where to complain of inflated prices?

If consumers refuse to grant privileges and preferences or tariff, in its view, improperly inflated, he may appeal to the Regional Tariff Commission of the Stavropol region, a statement, filed in the prescribed manner, by address: 355035, Stavropol, ul. Peace, 337, tel.: (8652) 24-34-39 (reception), 24-34-57 (Head of tariff regulation for electricity) or 24-34-62 (Deputy Chairman).

, networking organizations, payment for technological connection is not established by a regional tariff commission of the Stavropol Territory, shall be administratively liable to fines in the amount established art. 14.6. Code of the Russian Federation on Administrative Violations.

Disclaimer network organization in technological accession, due to lack of technical capability, may be appealed by the applicant in the management of technological and environmental supervision of the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision Service for the Stavropol Territory.

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