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Russian Press: Medvedev checked the station and was surprised.

Central print media in Russia tell about a sudden visit of President Dmitry Medvedev, the Kiev railway station in Moscow, where he decided to test the anti-terrorist security system ..

Where are the police?

As the Kommersant, Medvedev, along with Interior Minister, Prosecutor General of PBS and Rashid Nurgaliyev, Alexander Bortnikov, and Yuri Chaika, the Kiev railway station caught unawares.

That test was really unexpected, as noted by Kommersant, was evident. According to the newspaper, even the snow from the steps of the station was not removed.

"The first thing I saw and what was outraged Dmitry Medvedev - tells the publication - at the entrance to the station there was not only a framework of metal detectors, but not a single police officer. In the eyes President at the entrance caught only employee Chop, who was unable to explain where the MUP and beyond. "

not found any police inside the station or on the platform. They could not find even the chief of station, whom the newspaper said Medvedev's visit put into numbness.

However, the presidential wrath in the first place went to Rashid Nurgaliev. "It's the same transport infrastructure, both underground and airports. And then the hole. To-morrow it was done. Put the scope!" - Dmitry Medvedev, demanded from the head of the MVD.

After a visit to the station president held a meeting in the Kremlin, during which instructed the head of Railways Vladimir Yakunin, within three days to clean up at all railway stations of Moscow.

President personally and really suddenly checked as executed his assignments to ensure transport security. And he actually saw his hard commands are not executed, and at many different levels.

Mikhail Grishankov,

deputy chairman of the Committee on Safety


"Unfortunately, our colleagues perceive everything literally. If a terrorist attack occurred in air transportation, are beginning to run in airports and elsewhere, nothing happens. This is, unfortunately, consequence of irregularities in the minds and irresponsibility, irresponsibility and carelessness "- quoted by Kommersant, Dmitry Medvedev.

"Even the most tragic accidents we often do not learn anything - is another remark of the president. - So, if the heads of relevant departments, companies, government agencies are not able to perceive the information adequately, not able to take the necessary decisions will have to make personnel decisions. Part of the solution to the transport sector has followed. I intend to bring this work to the end. "

"Nezavisimaya Gazeta notes that the president personally made sure that his orders to strengthen security at strategic facilities capital, including the subway, train stations and crowded places people, if met, not to the extent necessary.

edition recalls the story with a visit to Medvedev Metro Okhotny Ryad, where the president has shown a modern security system, but after the visit of equipment turned off and dismantled. This story made a splash in the blogosphere.

"I have no reason not to believe the bloggers - say on the subject in the pages of" NG "first deputy chairman of the Duma's security committee, Mikhail Grishankov. - So probably was - Equipment and showed off ".

This fact is confirmed by the correspondents "independence."

"The president personally and really suddenly checked as executed his assignments to ensure transport security, - commented Grishankov. - And he really saw his hard commands are not executed, and at various levels. "

main thing - do not quarrel

mainstream media continue to discuss the situation related to the worsening of Russian-Japanese relations on the issue of membership of the Southern Kuriles. The reason for the materials in Kommersant on this topic has become today's visit to Moscow, Foreign Minister of Japan Seiji Maehary.

as permitted publication of the negotiations in Moscow may lead to open conflict. All the more so in recent years relations between Japan and Russia have deteriorated seriously after a visit to the Kuriles President Medvedev and other major Russian officials.

Since 1990 [Japan] believed that the North direction is no longer a threat [...] As will now adjust their plans for the Japanese side - it is not clear


However, as the newspaper notes, first to the Japanese: the summer of 2009 they adopted a law that officially named the Southern Kuriles their ancestral lands. And all of Moscow's attempts to try to find a compromise, as Kommersant, Tokyo ignored.

Today, Russia intends to increase its military presence in the Kuril Islands, while on duty will be raised and the first two bought from the French helicopter-like "Mistral".

"For the Japanese it all - shock, - said Kommersant." - From the 1990's, they believed that the North direction is no longer a threat, and all the latest defense programs Tokyo aimed at pumping capabilities consistent with the "Russian Front in the south-west, to counter China. It will now adjust their plans for the Japanese side - is unclear."

However, as the newspaper, Maehara minister arrived in Moscow to try to soften the atmosphere in bilateral relations, especially as the business circles of Japan require the government to slow the tone in relations with Moscow.

In this situation, says Kommersant, Mr. Maehare and its Russian partners in the negotiations will have to work hard in order not to quarrel finally.

first vice-president of the Center for Political Technologies, Aleksei Makarkin in an editorial comment to Kommersant, however, is not surprised by the current escalation in the Russian-Japanese relations.

expert believes that neither Russia nor Japan has no special incentives for building bilateral relations, and no long-term positive agenda.

analysts say tough disputes over the Kuril Islands to the leaders of Japan and Russia have more intra-than foreign policy significance. Mussiruya this subject, they gain political points domestically.

his closer?

As "Novye Izvestia, Russians are not all equal, what goods and products to buy: domestic or imported. With reference to the research fund "Public opinion", the newspaper says that most people in the country prefer goods made in Russia.

acquire domestic products prefer 72% of the citizens. Next in popularity are Ukrainian, Belarusian, German and Baltic goods.

Some consumers are genuinely believe that our cars better ride on Russian roads

Mikhail Abramov,


"In the minds of the people live a myth that fruit, vegetables, meat and other food products during transportation and handling of losing valuable qualities and are subject to some harmful effects, - quote "NO" sociologist Mikhail Abramov. - In addition, [...] people think that foreign companies leave the highest-quality products itself, but the Russian market shed what they themselves would have not become. "

the non-food goods - clothing, footwear, household appliances - that the Russians also prefer products released in Russia. True, to a lesser degree than in relation to food. 37% of Russians prefer Russian products, 20% - German, 19% - Japanese 13% - Chinese.

As noted by Mikhail Abramov, on the one hand, the notion of superiority of foreign clothing and equipment over its domestic analogues firmly living in the minds of Russians since the late 1980's and early 1990's, when imports flooded the Russian market.

"However, on the other hand, - emphasizes the expert - and very different beliefs - that Russian products more adapted to our reality."

"For example, - says the sociologist - some consumers are genuinely believe that our cars better ride on Russian roads".

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