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Suicide bombers were female students Kislovodsk college.

A native of Dagestan Asiyat Adzhiev and Aygyul Abdullayev, which media reports as a potential suicide bomber, declared wanted by police, was an ordinary student, though one of them, they fear the parents can really get under the influence.

In the orientation spread in the environment, it was reported that leaders of militants preparing sabotage and terrorist attack, and as suicide bombers could use a resident of Khasavyurt Aygyul Abdullayev. Certain suspicion among security forces and caused her friend Asiyat Adzhiev designated in the document "its closest connection", said the publication.

to the newspaper, find and Abdullayev was easy. In the orientation it was reported that one of the girls may appear to the student of Kislovodsk Medical College. The administration of the college Kommersant podverdili that both girls are their female students, and on the eve of Thursday Adzhiev seen in the classroom.

Adzhiev her teachers described as a diligent student who studies well and almost did not miss classes without good reasons. With regard to Abdullayeva something about it in college knew a little, since it only in September moved into the second year in Moscow, where she studied in the same institution. True, a week after classes begin Aygyul Abdullaev at the insistence of relatives apply for a sabbatical and went to Khasavyurt. As informally told in college, my parents were worried that their daughter has come under bad influence of radical Islamists. According to employees of the college last week Abdullayev really wanted by the police on behalf of colleagues in Dagestan, but looking for a girl not as a possible suicide bomber, and at the request of her relatives.

, told the newspaper his mother Abdullayeva, she really did not like the entourage of her daughter in Kislovodsk. "My daughter has always been modern and the clothing and hairstyles, and, of course, going to hijab, I did not encourage, even to learn the Quran and praying to her one, too, did not forbid" - she said. Both girls were detained at the airport Mineral Waters. Suspicion of the policemen at a checkpoint airport they called the fact that both were wearing head scarves.

told the newspaper source in the FSB of the Stavropol Territory, in Kislovodsk Medical College has long been a conflict over the hijab, which some students basically put on classes, explaining the need for observance of religious norms. Following the instructions of the college about the need to comply with the form prescribed for the education of medical specialization in the various offices began receiving complaints of violations of the rights of believers. In neighboring Pyatigorsk students urged to follow a strict business style and not wear head scarves.

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