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Under Gazprom's reeled pipe.

Vladimir Putin threatened to "Gazprom" the loss of monopoly on the use of CTA, if the company will not let it independent gas producers. .

Problem of access to the pipe is especially acute for years, but the first time was evaluated at this level. Main beneficiary of her decision to get the second-largest gas producer in the country - Novatek Gennady Timchenko.

В«Gazprom may lose monopoly on gas transportation system. "Or you'll work effectively, or we will be forced to change the current rules, go to change the law" - said Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on Wednesday at a meeting in St. Petersburg on the results of the TAC in 2010.

Independent producers face shortage of transport capacity, as those controlled by Gazprom, a monopoly puts its interests above those of the gas industry development, the prime minister said.

В«You have to react accordingly and invest in development - explained to Putin Gazprom management. - If you feel that you have and so soptimizirovana program, contact the government, think about how to do. "

Prime Minister gave instructions to Gazprom, Energy Minister Sergei Shmatko and Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin, who oversees the FEC, carefully consider the matter and come up with its proposal for its solution. Deputy chairman of Gazprom, Valery Golubev said he was ready to submit a proposal today.

В«Gazprom has a monopoly on the GTS (1997 -" Times ") simultaneously with the obligation of supplying cheap gas to Russian consumers (if the gas price was set below production costs) - resembles the head of East European Gas Analysis Michael Korchemkin. - But now the conditions are quite different. "

Now the average cost of production of 1 thousand cubic meters from Gazprom is about 600 rubles. The company also sells to the domestic market for gas is already at a price of about 2000 rubles. to about 3000 rubles. per cubic meter, depending on the region.

В«Gazprom objectively impedes the economic development of all countries, because access to consumers has most expensive gas producer,

- Korchemkin said. - For comparison: Rosneft last year was selling gas "at the well" (that is actually at the entrance to the CTA) in western Siberia for about 660 rubles per thousand cubic meters, Nortgaz - to 630 rubles. " Where to buy the gas again, Gazprom, which is very profitable.

Improved access to TCU will play into the hands of first Novatek - the country's largest gas producer after Gazprom (in 2010, Novatek extracted 37.8 billion cubic meters, Gazprom - 508 billion cubic meters).

But for oil companies, the issue of access to the gas pipe is relevant. "The problem is very serious," Gazprom does not produce the volume of flow for our associated gas - told "in one of the leading Russian oil companies. - The government sets the task to us - in 2012 to bring the utilization of associated gas and 95%, oil is now working on it. But then the gas needed somewhere to deliver. " Last year, oil companies produced about 65 billion cubic meters of associated gas, a quarter of which was burned in flares, remains roughly 50 billion cubic meters. According to the company, part of the gas (5-10%) is used directly in the fields - he becomes a raw material for local gas turbine power plants that provide electricity infrastructure in the fields. "And the rest should be sent to consumers - says the source. - This requires a pipe. "

Repeatedly attention to the problem of access to the pipe drawn and FAS, but no action against "Gazprom" has been taken. "Actually, under current law, Gazprom, in any case obliged to allow independent producers, but concern still successfully fighting off all claims in the creation of discriminatory conditions, citing the fact that in each case of spare capacity in the GTS no, - said Konstantin Cherepanov from UBS.

В«When we have an opportunity - we allow independent producers to the CTA, when this is not possible - not assume - confirmed by Gazprom. - But, of course, this work can be improved. "

Options deprivation of Gazprom's monopoly on gas transport system can be very different. "For example, the concern may be legally required to allow the pipe to the other companies under various conditions, - said law firm partner Lidings Andrey Zelenin. - Also, the state may buy the Gazprom certain sections of the TCA, they will go into immediate possession of the Federal Property Agency, and already the state will grant the right to use these sites gas producers, including himself Gazprom. First we need to oblige Gazprom to provide more information about their gas flows, then it will become clear whether the pipe has no place, said Cherepanov.

But the real action on de-monopolization CTA should not expect, I am convinced Korchemkin: "The decision on non-discriminatory access for independent producers to the" pipe "will remain at the level of conversation. The government, by contrast, will save Gazprom, raising prices for Russian consumers and restricting access to the CTA cheaper gas from other companies В».

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